Thursday, July 18, 2013

06 The Abused

Lily had gotten home early but when you get fired you usually don’t end up working late. She kept going over it in her head she threw the door open to the stairwell because she heard a scream and she happened to hit Danny with the door the thing was that when she threw the door open she managed to hit him with the door and break something. He sued, the credit union settled out of court and she got fired.

“It was just a stupid accident.” She muttered to herself.

“I was the only one to go see if he needed help doesn’t anyone care that I was trying to help?” the muttering turned into a whining and then to a sobbing she really needed her job if she didn’t do her part if she didn’t bring home a check it would be bad. She pulled her beat up corolla into the back parking lot of her apartment complex the buildings were nice but because of that the rent was high, everything in Cary seemed expensive. They used to live in a nice little place in a town called Garner but when she got her job with the credit union and the money got a little nicer her boyfriend wanted to move to a better area. He still wasn’t making any more money he was then but he lost his job and hadn’t found anything that he said we worth his talents. It wasn’t his fault he wanted to work she reminded herself. After she turned her car off she sat there at the wheel trying to calm herself down she already got enough stares and looks from the other tenants in the complex mostly because they were always trying to interfere with her personal life telling her how mean Larry was to her once she told them to mind their own business enough times they finally left her alone. Larry wasn’t mean to her they just didn’t know him; he had a hard time dealing with things. Once she felt collected she checked herself in the rear view mirror and climbed out of the car she had a box full of everything that she used to have at her desk. She picked it up and headed towards her building the parking lot was empty for the most part. That was odd she checked where Larry’s BMW was usually parked and it wasn’t there. She looked to see if it was anywhere else in the lot and it wasn’t. It was actually gone. She thought about it as she continued towards the stairs. Then she got a warm feeling in her stomach. He must have gotten the job he applied for, he must be at work! She thought to herself. Then she didn’t feel so bad about her losing her job she would still go out and get another one as soon as she could, her father and uncle taught her young that she had to pull her own wait and that there was always a way to work. But at least if it took a little while to get a job it would be OK. She made it to her landing on the third floor and finally to her front door. While holding the box with both arms she fumbled with her keys until she got the door open and used her backside to open the door the rest of the way. She got in and could hear the TV on in the bedroom. He always left that thing on it would be nice if he could remember to turn stuff like that off. There was always the power bill, she had to get them to let her work overtime for an extra week to cover the last one that showed up. She hated checking the mail. She placed the box on the table in the breakfast area and got a glass of water from the kitchen before she went into the back room to change out of her work clothes and turn off the television. Larry was sprawled out on the bed still asleep. Half clothed with yesterday’s hair gel still matted and flaking off in his hair. She rushed to the bed and started shaking him.

“Larry.” She was nudging him he groaned at her and rolled away from her.

“Larry, wake up its important, your car where did you park your car?”

“Larry.” Still shaking him she started to talk louder.

“Larry where is your car? It’s not downstairs.”

That statement woke him up almost instantly. He rolled over and pulled a pair of pants on grabbing a nylon shirt that he liked to go dancing in but hadn’t washed in a while and thew it on as he headed for the door.

“What do you mean, my car is gone?” he was grumbling at her as he made his way into the living room.

“You stupid or blind I parked it right there last…” the words died in his throat never making it past his teeth. He stared down at the parking spot where his car was not.

“Where the hell is my car?” he yelled or at least tried to his voice broke as he did. He sounded like an angry sixteen year old just then. Lily made her way to the answering machine and saw three missed messages. A few moments later they knew from the calls from the bank that the car had been repossessed. He opened the front door and slammed it shut again then the same until he was slamming it open and shut just to do it. He wasn’t yelling or screaming just slamming the door.

“Dear please stop.” She whispered there was no way he could possibly hear her over the constant slamming of the door. She went over and laid a hand on his shoulder which must have scared him because he jerked and brought his elbow straight into her face. She stumbled holding her mouth and nose backward and tripped onto the couch. He turned and looked at her. Her left cheek had already began to swell and was taking on a deeper color.

“Great how are we gonna explain that at work?!” he shouted at her. She just sat there on the couch almost exactly as she had fallen and didn’t answer him.

“Well?!” he was facing her fully now voice booming he wasn’t a large man but he was a loud one.

“Nothing.” She whispered her face was burning from where the elbow had landed. She could smell blood in her nose and taste it where her teeth must have cut the inside of her lips.

“What do you mean nothing? you can’t just not say anything. You gonna just tell them your

Boyfriend beats you and hope they shower you with sympathy?” his voice was quieter now and he was making it as mocking as possible. She didn’t understand, she scared him and he hit her on accident. Why was he getting madder at her? Did he feel bad was he upset about it. She sat up.

“It’s OK don’t worry about it … I know you didn’t mean it.”

He just stared at her for a moment unsure of what to say.

“It won’t come up at work I can’t go back there anyways.” As soon as she said it she was sorry.

“Why can’t you go back there?” his pale brown eyes staring through her.

“Remember what I said about the guy in the stairwell at work?” she was gaining some comfort in the fact that his face seemed to calm down. He still didn’t answer or acknowledge her in anyway. She went on.

“Today I got called into my VP’s office and told me that I was fired. I came home and your car was gone I thought you and gotten a job and that you were at work… that we’d be OK.”

He walked off into the bedroom she wasn’t sure what to do, and then she heard things getting

Thrown around and then a loud crash she got up and ran in to see what had happened. The TV was on the floor the screen was smashed. She wanted to cry she had worked forever to save the money for that, it was her birthday present to him after they moved in.

“You jerk!” she screamed “You idiot! You lazy bastard!” he turned and looked at her his eyes hardened and he balled up a fist, Lily stared at it then looked into his face. He was on the other side of the room from her.

“What did you think? That you had a free ride? That I was gonna keep working and you could just do what you wanted? That BMWs are free?! Move in with mommy and daddy you want someone to pay for your free ride! cause I’m not doing it anymore!”

She was in a rage and he wasn’t doing anything to slow her down she was gonna tell him everything she had been afraid to say for years at that moment and he was gonna take it all.

“You’ve been a free ride alright and I’ve been able to ride anyone else I want too! But you’ve been too stupid to notice haven’t you?” He had a massive smile on his face now.

He enjoyed watching her face melt at the admission. She didn’t know what to say to him. She didn’t know. All this time she made excuses for him, took care of him. He was cheating on her? Using her? Her face was still throbbing where he had elbowed her it was causing her to get a headache then for some reason she knew exactly what she wanted to say to him.

“Like father like son huh Larry?” He hated his father. He had beaten Larry’s mother as well as his brothers and himself. He was lazy he stayed at home and made his family work to support him. Larry was the same she had just never had the nerve or the desire to call him out on it before. He exploded across the room. He didn’t say a word he rushed forward and landed his balled up fist straight into the center of her face sparks of white pain flashed in her vision she fell back but tried to keep her balance, stay on her feet. He hit her again in the stomach she doubled over gasping in pain and for breath. She looked up at him, her already swollen tear streaked face begging him to stop. He didn’t. He brought his fist down again and again, when she was flat out on the ground he kicked thigh and ribs one kick managed to slam her in the side of her head. She instinctively began to curl herself into the smallest ball she could manage. The fetal position the only act of survival she had left. Larry stopped kicking and began to stomp once she was rolled up. Shortly after he started stomping she felt another blow to the back of her head and finally passed out. There was only darkness and even then the occasional flash of pain managed to reach all the way through the gap between consciousness and unconsciousness.

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