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09 No and yes

It was a frustrating experience, landing on his hands and knees face only a few inches maybe a foot at best from the large giant canine. Is this how the almighty runs things give someone power as a birthright never tell him about it? Then when he does finally find out tell him it’s bad then when he decides to try and do what he’s told and pretend he doesn’t have it, drop him face to face with a furred dinosaur prepared to maul him. Cold fear gripped Asmodan’s heart he could feel the breath on his face and smell its breath. The dog didn’t move it only stayed there and growled, Danny also didn’t move he only stayed there and tried not to wet himself. He thought to himself that if he had chosen the path that he was supposed to take then this beast couldn’t really attack him. What kind of a message would that send? The animal continued not to move only to growl and finally Danny’s fear began to turn to anger.
            “Well if you are going to do something then,”
            “DO IT!”
As soon as he yelled the last part of the sentence the animal did do something, it lunged he didn’t have time to get his arms up, the beasts teeth raked his face as he shoved a hand into its mouth and another hand onto his neck to try and pry the animal off. It was at least as long as he was tall. Later he would see a picture of a similar dog on television and find that it was some kind of wolfhound mix that had attacked him. The animal bit done when his hand entered its mouth he felt bones snap but he didn’t seem to register any pain at the moment his ears were pounding with his heart beat his body was flooded with adrenaline. He noticed the itch in the back of his mind as Volnam sensed something wrong and attempted to contact him he wished he could reply. In the back of his mind he knew that there were things he could be doing that this should not go this way but he kept coming up blank. Finally he tried to shove the animal away and his hand which was already in the things mouth slipped or did something he wasn’t sure what but the dogs head began to thrash back and forth his arm was jerked savagely. He kept shoving and was trying to latch on to the animal with his other arm trying to stop it from jerking so much. He managed to get his arm around its neck and started to try and choke it to death with a head lock. It spun with enough force to throw him back down beneath it. Finally he managed to force his hand far enough down its throat that it seemed to be choking on his hand and forearm. It was raking him with it clawed forepaws as it tried to dislodge his hand. Then it fell dead. Danny felt small hands jerk his mangled arm from the beast’s mouth, and he heard Volnam’s voice in his mind.
            “Stupid, stupid mortal. What are you doing?”
“You can’t be here you have to go.”
Asmodan replied before he passed out. Asmodan woke in an ambulance sirens blaring on his way to the hospital. The paramedic asked him questions, did he know his name? What day was it? So on and so forth after they had arrived at the hospital he was given a room and a short time later Algie arrived. He also had questions they were definitely lawyer questions. Was the dog on a leash? Was there anyone outside watching the animal? Were you in their yard? Was it in the street? Danny was getting tired of questions. Algie left the room and a short time later Asmodan was moved to a much nicer room, he noticed that this new room had a much larger TV and only one bed and the first room had two beds and a smaller TV mounted to a wall so that it could face one bed or the other. Shortly after he was moved Algie notified him that he was leaving for a few hours and would be back later. A doctor came in and checked him over for probably the third time since Algie had arrived and then he was offered something for the pain. He had the answer yes half out of his mouth when he thought about it; He needed a clear mind for practicing his lessons but he wasn’t going to be practicing his lessons. He looked down at his wrapped up arm he knew what it looked like under there and just thinking about it was causing him more pain. Asmodan looked up at the nurse told her yes and sounded a little needier than he would have liked. By the time Danny’s stay in the hospital was over he had two surgeries on his hand and forearm to reconstruct it he had several stitches all over his chest, neck and abdomen. At one point Algie came in with a professional photographer and had pictures of the hand taken before the first surgery with all of the bandages taken off, it was a mangled mess. Almost every bone in the hand and forearm had been broken. The skin had been shredded all the way around; the doctors were amazed that there was anything left on the forearm by the time the attack was over. When it was over with Danny was told that he would be a long time in healing and a longer time in therapy to relearn how to use it all again. Algie brought papers and waited as Danny tried to sign them left handed which took much longer than either of them would have guessed.

Algie expected to see anger or frustration from the young warlock but there seemed to be a calm about him. Algie also expected to see or hear something from Volnam at some point but the Imp never made contact with him after the initial summons to get medical assistance. Algie gave Asmodan updates on the search for a building but Danny seemed uninterested. The dog they came to find out didn’t belong to the owner of the house, the family of the house was watching the animal for a friend of the family it was the owner of the animal that Algie ended up making the target of his legal suit, luckily the owner of the animal was also the owner of a semi profitable auto body shop who had been saving up to open a second location. They ended up settling out of court for a large sum and a few other small arrangements that Algie tried to explain to Danny and was waved off one day while they were walking through the parking lot at the hospital.
“That’s great man thank you can you just handle it all like the money from the Credit union bit?”
“Yes we can manage that. Are you sure you don’t want more details there is more than just sums of money involved with this one.”
“It’s cool. I’ve got some other stuff that is keeping me preoccupied right now.”
            “Mr. LeNoir, I’ve been meaning to ask… Where has Volnam been lately?”
            “hmm oh him yeah I’ve sent him back to the Abyss.”
            “Is he looking for something for you?”
            “Wow Algie this is a lot of questions for you.”
            “I’m just concerned.”
            “Algie, you believe in god?”
“Believe in here or worship him? I’ve met a demon now, you would think that everything would be included by default wouldn’t you?”
“I met an Arch Angel the other day.”
“Yes… and?”
“If I want to eventually see my wife again I have to change everything.”
“Well what was it that you were doing that would stop you from seeing her?”
“I’m guessing that consorting with demons was the first big one that they would hold against me. It is one of the things that they pointed out.”
“The pointed out?”
“Yeah they, my Wife and the Arch Angel.” Asmodan said matter-of-factly.
“That’s your dead wife and an actual arch angel from heaven correct? I just want to keep my facts straight.”
“Yes. I contacted my dead wife and was rewarded with a lecture on morality from her and an angel named Kephrael. If I want a chance to see her again I have to stop with everything I’ve been doing, I don’t know if that means I have to go to church someplace or not, Monique didn’t go and she seems to be doing ok.”
“She didn’t consort with demons though.” Algie added.
“Yeah I will probably need church or something to go the extra mile.” Danny was looking up into the sky as he spoke he sounded distant as if he was in the middle of planning something.
“Asmodan, you know that throughout your kinds history once you learn a certain level of knowledge or reach a certain goal you don’t die of old age you live on forever. Your kind gets killed it doesn’t die.”
“How do you know? I didn’t even know that.”
“My family keeps journals. We write down what we see firsthand and any other Warlock lore that we come across that seems to hold any weight. There was a theory that I read from one of my great grandfathers had that stated that the warlock of his time didn’t die he just left and never came back.” They walked on and Algie added.
“What if you turn your back on what you are in hopes of getting to… meet your wife again but you never actually grow old and die. You will go on forever with neither your birth right nor your wife.”
“What if I get hit by a car and die tomorrow and see her tomorrow night?” Asmodan stopped and asked turning to look at Algie.
“Can it happen that fast? I mean can you be forgiven of whatever they are holding against you in this short of time?”
“I don’t think that it would be very fair that I die tomorrow while I am trying to do what they want me to do and have it held against me do you?”
“Mr. Lenoir I think that if you look at history where religion is concerned it has never been fair on any side for any of the parties involved. I hope that you aren’t falling for a big trick somehow. It seems foolish to me for you to be born the warlock and then be told to pretend that you are not. I’m sorry I have appointments that I need to keep if you will excuse me.”
Danny had wondered about the same couple of points that Algie had brought up a few times since his contact with Monique. The point was that it didn’t matter he would do what he was doing he didn’t know if he could get himself to be one of those people who spent all their time at church doing what god wanted them to do whatever that actually was. But he had money he could donate some to good causes or maybe build a homeless shelter or something. He made it to the bus stop and started the long trip home.

Every few days Danny would feel the itch in the back of his mind and ignore it, Volnam would get the clue eventually. By the end of the fourth month Algie had finalized an allowance for him so Danny would just have a check with enough to live comfortably off of deposited into his checking account every few weeks and past that Algie stopped contacting him. He was in shape now and he had more energy than he had had in years so he finished fixing up his house began to take care of the yards even had it repainted added fresh coats of the colors that Monique had picked out for it when they bought it. He felt good but he didn’t feel complete, when he was studying he felt complete so he got a bible he tried studying that for a while but always ended up angry again. It always got him back to thinking about Kephrael. He hated that angel no matter what he tried. He decided to study the theory of magic from other parts of the planet so he began to order books from the internet on legends of sorcerers from China and Japan, Egypt and India. Danny enjoyed when he noticed parts or myths or legends that he could identify as facts that had been misunderstood or changed over the years. At one point he came across a story about a sword in Japan that had so many aspects that seemed like they made sense that he decided to stop looking into it because it had him thinking about a trip to japan to look for a sword and if it was what he thought it might be then getting into it with the demon sword would be the opposite of what he needed to be doing. More and more of his new hobby began to pull him back to what he was trying to get away from so he decided to stop. Every few weeks he would check in with Algie and ask after Lily but always instructing Algie to not tell her that he was checking on her. On one such occasion once he had gotten off of the phone he sat back and thought about when he had gone and gotten her. The explosion of power, the voice and the control. He could feel the ignored places in his soul begin to stir just thinking about it. He put the phone back in its cradle so that it could charge and dropped himself into his chair. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back and began to process of closing himself off to those feelings again, it was something he had been doing quite often since deciding to leave everything behind and just try and live normal human life. While his eyes were closed he heard a knock at the door.
            “I’m not interested.” He yelled out.
            Knock knock knock.
            “Really I don’t need anything.” He called out again.
            Knock knock knock.
            “You are pissing me off.”
            Kock knock knock.
Danny got up exhaling as he did. He jerked the door open to see no one standing there but felt someone shove his leg as the small invisible Imp forced his way inside the house.
“No get out of here, I haven’t banished you to the abyss but so help me if you don’t get out of here I will. I know how.”
“Wouldn’t that be using magic something that you are not going to do anymore.”
The reply was snide and condescending and most certainly Volnam. Once in the house the fog began to gather outside, Danny hadn’t actually seen the fog gather in a couple of months, he hadn’t really noticed it was gone until it was back. He really must be doing better, by the time he had decided to stop he would have the fog by himself if he had been practicing hard enough or was mad enough.
“They said that consorting with the demons was the big one that was holding me up first guess who that means?”
“Well you were about to be killed right there in the dirt alone with no one to save you. Did someone from a higher realm come and save you? No they did not; it was a demon with demon speed demon venom and demon magic.”
“Asmodan there are four sides to things as you should see them, most people see two sides but you have another few to worry about. Order and chaos but inside order and chaos there are the mortals all of them.”
As he spoke the now visible Imp waved a hand out the front door gesturing to the world outside the front doors.
“They are chaos they are all over the spectrum you know your own kind some good some evil all they are every other distinction in-between and there are my kind all of us we are chaos as well. Blind destruction where mortals can create demons can only destroy something that I have already taught you but then there is order and within order there are two sides Light and Dark both thinking that their approach is the only approach, if order had its way mortal and demon kind would be bound to its will regardless of what we want for ourselves. The only ones that have the power to choose their own course are the mortals they have this ability because they do not have immortality this is your kinds consolation prize. You can align yourselves however you want. All sides know that you can do this even you know that you can do this. But order is so single minded in their need to have their side chosen by all that they would have my kind destroyed because they know that we have no choice but to be what we are and they will resort to any means to make as many of your kind choose their side as possible. Using your Monique against you is a ploy that they saw and took and so far it is working with that one stroke they take one of chaos’s most powerful players away from us. The worst part is that your role in things doesn’t even affect them. Your role is to protect your kind from my kind. Why involve your wife in that think if you do your role correctly you would be a far greater tool for actual goodness than if you sit here and read books and pretend you are not wasting a great amount of time.”
At this point Volnam was standing in the same chair that Danny was sitting in before he opened the door. Volnam stood there a while staring at the human waiting to hear something back after a few minutes of the human just staring at him the Imp asked out loud. His accent as horrible as ever.
            “Will you go now?”
“Aghh Idiot human you will see, promises of trust I get from you, trust only comes from a demon after a pact has been made. Mortals are about the only beings in existence that have the ability to go back and forth on their word whenever it seems to suit them. I will not interfere with you Warlock because you are the Warlock I will wait I am old and have patience you will see because you cannot escape what you are which is the Warlock.”
“Volnam, You know what I found on the internet a while ago?”
The Imp’s eyebrows lifted a little prompting the human on.
“Warlock comes from a word that means oath breaker… I am the Warlock. Go now, if I have to tell you again I swear I will banish you, and then we will see how patient you are. We will see if you are patient enough to come and see me in a few hundred years.”
Volnam gave one of his annoyed hisses and vanished, he didn’t just turn invisible. Danny figured that he must have preset a site somewhere far away and when denied he activated the portion of the spell to return him to the preselected area. Danny closed the door locked it and moved back to the chair, sat down and closed his eyes.

Asmodan had stopped going to the gym he kept up on his home. mowing the yard, having short polite conversation with his neighbors, all of whom who had noticed in recent months that he finally seemed to be doing better it was evidently common neighborhood gossip that the reason his home had fallen into disrepair and was usually the most horrible looking building on a street where there were often holiday contests on who had the best looking front yard. Danny felt that he should have won Halloween by default each year after Monique had passed, he even voiced the thought jokingly while talking to the neighbor that he had often practiced he mind reading on only months before, now he had to force his mind to stay sealed to avoid attempting to read the surface thoughts of whoever was standing in front of him. He used to have to try to read minds but as more time passed he had to exert more and more effort not to. On occasion it would result in some of the more severe headaches he had ever had to deal with. He found that he got bored more often the Hobbies he played at to keep himself interested fizzled out usually a day or two after he picked them up. Danny was starting to think that he needed to get another job, not for the money but for something to do. He had no friends his life before had been miserable his life with Volnam wasn’t an option if he wanted to see Monique again and his life now was boring and taking a turn towards miserable. Was this what they wanted? For him to live a boring life, die and then get what he wanted? Why not have what he wanted now, and still get what he wanted later? Why can’t people have their cake and eat it too?

Algie had been calling him for a few weeks now but he had been dodging the calls he just didn’t feel like dealing with it, whatever it was. Feeling guilty when the phone rang and he didn’t answer it Danny started going jogging or taking walks to get him out of the house more. It was on one of these walks that he stopped at a gas station for something to drink. Asmodan had set out hours earlier and had covered more than a few miles lost in thought he realized that the sun was down and he still had the same number of miles to cover to get back home, that’s when he decided to get something to drink. Passing over a freeway onramp and turning into larger chain gas station he went to the back of the store and began to stare at the cold drinks, no really having any clue of what he actually wanted to drink he looked at sodas then the juices spent a second looking at beers then the energy drinks finally he decided on a Gatorade for no other reason than the fact that the soft blue color of the liquid piqued his interest. As he opened the refrigerated case and bent down to grab his drink he had blinding flash of pain in the back of his head which stunned him and dropped him to the ground. Putting his hands out to try and stop his fall Danny pulled several of the drinks off of the racks down onto him. Once on the ground he started to receive several blows to the chest and stomach causing him to curl up into the fetal position he managed a glance up at his attacker now that he had a chance to figure out that he was being attacked he actually considered that the initial blast of pain to the head was his worst headache yet but the though passed as quickly as it had come. Off closer to the checkout counter he saw someone with a gun aimed at the cashier. The person kicking him had stopped and was standing with a pistol aimed at him, Danny could see up the barrel of the gun could just barely see the beginnings of the riffling’s spiraling into the darkness of the weapon. The former warlock in training stayed in the fetal position he didn’t want to do anything that would provoke the jerk with the gun to start beating on him again or worse. Danny noticed that the man with the gun had an excited look in his eye he wasn’t one of those people who are that they talked about in the news that was poor and starving pushed to rob to feed himself. This guy had a look more like a skydiver or a racecar driver someone who was looking for an adrenaline rush. Briefly because there was a gun in his hand Danny made his first exception to the rule and checked into the man’s mind, what he saw shocked him more than a little. The man had a solid image of watching Asmodan’s head pop like a grape when the bullet passed through it, the more the guy thought about it the more detail the image gained. Quickly he images changed to two other people that he had seen it happen to so now he wasn’t imagining what Danny’s head would do he was remembering what it looked and felt like the previous times that he had performed the same act. Further into the man’s mind Danny found memories of fighting done in uniform with much larger guns than what was in the guy’s hand now. This guy got a taste for killing years ago in some branch of the military and had just started finding new ways to get what he couldn’t anymore. Both of his other recent kills had been men and both had the dirty brown hair close in color to Danny’s. Suddenly there was a calm feeling coming over him he realized that this man had over time become something of a professional killer, both of the other two people he had killed recently had been single clean shots to the head. He had done what was asked of him except for in these last seconds he had denied Volnam had told him to get lost, had given up his pursuit of magic stopped practicing the different mental disciplines that they hadn’t even said were one of the problems he just stopped so there could be no confusion that he was doing what they said he needed to do. Now, here, in this convenience store it would happen. One shot and then finally he would be back at his loves side he could smell her hair now, see her smile. He hadn’t even realized that he had done it but he was on his knees now head bowed, hands resting in his lap. He was calm and waiting for it. Danny heard three cracks as a gun was fired he heard a scream. He stayed as he was waiting soon it would all be over, how simple they made it for him seconds passed and nothing happened. Finally he opened his eyes to see the two gunmen standing in front of him both had faces covered in the stereotypical ski masks both looked down at him in confusion.
            “You must be pretty fucked up man.” Said the one that had already knocked Danny down and kicked the crap out of him.
“Yeah really. No beggen?” Added the second who Danny could only assume had just shot the cashier.
            “Just gonna sit there and wait for it huh?” The first chimed in.
“That isn’t any fun for us you know.”
“Yeah, ain’t out giving favors.”
Danny looked at the two of them and in what is possibly the most pitiful voice ever uttered from a human mouth begged.
In reply the man who had already assaulted him smashed the bottom of his sneaker clad foot straight into Danny’s face sending him over backwards. Onto the ground,
            “Beggen aint gonna cut it, you can’t beg until you actually have a reason. He added as his partner joined him. Both now actively stomping and kicking him.
“I think we have one we can give you.” The other grunted mid kick.
Somewhere in the back of his mind Asmodan had another image in this image was a Warlock he wasn’t sure how he knew it was a Warlock there wasn’t a sign floating above his head that said Warlock like in a video game or anything he just knew when he saw him. Beside the warlock walked an Angel he knew how he could tell it was an Angel it looked very much like Kephrael. Not exactly the same the wings looked somewhat softer less impressive well not wings exactly but the ribbons or bands of energy that give the impression of wings when seen. The warlock seemed to be conversing freely with the Angel there was no strife between them, this Warlock wasn’t squinting as if his eyes were burning out of his head like Asmodan was when faced with Kephrael. The image was clear although Danny had no clue where it was from. Was his subconscious coming up with something to tease him into saving himself? Or was this from somewhere else? For all he knew Volnam was sitting outside in the parking lot watching, hoping that this would push him in the desired direction. While his mind contemplated the image his body was doing something else something he did not tell it to do. It began to gather energy to draw it in. now almost as fast as the two could dish out damage his body was repairing it. Danny still recoiled with each kick still kept himself curled up into a little defensive ball. His face and arms had worked themselves up against the refrigerator doors; the two were now kicking him in the back and neck occasionally the back or side of the head. Finally out of breath one stopped the other followed suit a few lazy kicks later.
“You can beg now.” The first chuckled still gasping for breath from exertion.
Asmodan didn’t answer. He laid there deep inside his mind. Watching the Warlock and the Angel walk and talk at this point he could tell they were inside some sort of garden there was greenery all around them the Warlock smiled the Angel laughed. Watching an Angel laugh was something that cannot be described except for maybe comparing it to the full bodied laugh of an infant. A naked baby seeing its mother for the first time in an hour the complete and all-encompassing joy of that is as close as someone can come to what it makes one feel to see an Angel laugh, it was infectious the Warlock whose smile quickly broke into a laugh was as genuine as that of his companion.
            “Is he out them?” one of the assailants asked.
            “Hey!” the second asked with another kick to the back.
            “Hey didn’t you stomp his face?”
            “Yeah why?”
            “Look at it.”
They looked down at what should be a bloody mouth and nose only to see the same plain face Danny had when he had walked into the gas station. They nudged him over and he rolled onto his back. A calm almost serene look on his face.
Asmodan watched the Angel and Warlock walk on they turned down another lane of the garden and walked on out of site. Slowly the garden darkened they sky turned to night during a storm the plants withered and died Danny was no longer just watching the garden he was standing in it. The ground before him began to shake he almost lost his footing but managed to keep his feet. Quickly the ground split and all the horrors of the pit were open at his feet. He heard the screams of things that he worked hard to shield from himself. He recognized this part of the vision as being from his dream in hospital the same time he met Algie for the first time. The same as before a hand reached up from below and then another. This time unlike last time he did not wake up before he could see the being that climbed from the depths of the pit. The horror rose until he was exposed from the waist up. Flexing his arms and back extending his massive wings out in either direction almost as if shielding the two of them from the sky above. The Demon lord looked down into the almost warlocks face.
            “Why?” it asked in a normal almost mortal voice.
            “Why what? I don’t understand.” Danny replied.
            “Why laydown and die?” It elaborated.
            “I thought that this is what was supposed to happen, Isn’t it?”
“That one of the most powerful beings of the mortal realm should lay down and die in a gas station? No I think that in no one’s plans is that how it is supposed to happen.”
The lord of the pit laughed and it was a terrifying thing. For as close to mortal as the voice could come there are something’s that it would never be able to do and good natured laughing was one of those things. In that laugh there were tortured souls.
            “You seem to know me.”
            “I do.”
            “I have known all the Warlocks.”
            “Really, all of us?”
            “Well not the first he was before my time.”
            “How long has your time been?”
“You have no reference to understand it on. It is not relevant. I am charged with protecting you until you finish your training you are making this a tedious task Warlock.”
            “I have a plan that does not include becoming the warlock.”
            “You were born pink were you not?”
            “What? Yeah, wait what? What does that have to do with anything?”
            “Did you have a choice on if you would be born pink or ebony?”
            “Umm no.”
“It is the same with the Warlock, you don’t decide on if you are or are not, you already are, you just don’t know how to do anything, if you never learned to walk you would still be a mortal human you just would not be a very effective one would you?”
“I want my wife; they said that I can only have that if I follow the path that I have chosen.”
“The keeper of the borders of the highest realm has told you that the only way to have your woman back is to die in a gas station?”
“Well no.”
“If a human chooses to do evil will he be punished?”
“I don’t know you tell me.”
“Warlock trained or warlock untrained you are still held to the same rules as all other mortals when and if you finally do pass on.”
“What about the whole consorting with demons and practicing dark magic’s thing?”
“At the point that he was talking to you he was consorting with a practitioner of the dark arts wasn’t he?”
“I think you might be twisting words with me now demon.”
“Do not start treating me as a common denizen of the lower realms Warlock that is not what I am or why I am here. You will begin to take responsibility for your birthright and your life or I will begin to do it for you, I can walk at your side and kill everything that I deem might be a threat to you and I can do I openly. There is nothing keeping me from completing my mission that way. Is your world ready for one such as myself to walk its face openly again?”
“Do you know for sure what I am?”
“I have an idea… what is your name?”
The Demon lord simply laughed at him for asking. The laugh was a bad this time as the last time. Danny was beginning to feel that he was going to have nightmares over that laugh if nothing else.
“Gaining my name will not be that easy. Know this Warlock and know that I have no need to lie to you, you can continue your training and you can if for some reason you really want to, choose to exercise morals in your use of your power.”
“What if I decide to do it? What would I do next?”
“If it were me I would flay the skins of my assailants I would display my power for the invisible world to feel in my punishment of my enemies. Then once my vengeance was sated I would move on, in your case you might want to contact you puny worm on a teacher that he might continue your training. Contact your agent that he might set you up with a suitable lair with which to master your skills as best as you can before you come here to the place of demons to display your mastery. That you might continue the cause of chaos in the realm of demons.”
“Why is it so important for the Warlock to come to the Abyss and harass the demons?”
“If you don’t come and keep them focused on you here what stops them from leaving and going to the mortal realms and entertaining themselves?”
“It’s almost impossible for demons to get to earth isn’t it?”
“Is your concern only for your realm? Or the others who do not have such a thick veil to protect them from the dangers of the Abyss?”
“I had no clue that there were places that demons could get out to.”
“Of course you not. You know nothing, you stopped your training and started hiding and all based on the words of an embarrassed hand servant.”
“So then, wake up, get even, summon Volnam?”
“Unless you have a back up tutor?”

Asmodan suddenly sat up; the two watching him had just rolled him onto his back examining his face trying to figure out what he looked like they hadn’t just worn themselves out stomping the crap out of him. He looked up into the eyes of the one that had hit him first and dug deep into his mind, he knew he didn’t really have the skill to do what he was doing but he didn’t care. At this point there was nothing that could happen that he was worried about. If he really botched things the guy would be a slobbering mental mess for the rest of his life. If he did was he was planning on doing correctly then the guy would end up a slobbering mental mess living in nightmares for the rest of his life. Deep in the man’s mind he found the first conflict the first war the first battle the first time he hid and was terrified and hoped that he would live out the next ten minutes of his life. He found that memory and then the next one he dragged them all to the front of his mind and left them there; no longer hidden in the safe place he had built to hide them from himself. Then he added something far in the distance away from the dirt and brick built buildings of the fighting he added a tear in the ground something that lead to a far darker place a pit. Danny floated in the air above the ground looking out over the battlefield military Humvees pinned in a narrow street the left side under attack people firing from behind tall walls and atop building set far back from the narrow street. Soldiers looking for cover behind and inside their trucks as they tried to find people to shoot back at. Far behind the village where the battle was taking place from the tear in the ground there was heard a laughing a horrible thing something people didn’t survive hearing for long.

Danny stood up he felt sore but like he had just had a good hard workout not like he had just had the crap stomped out of himself. Both men lay on the ground staring at the ceiling Police were rushing into the building at this point. They ran to Danny and arrested him on the spot and why wouldn’t they? He was standing fine while one man lay dead and two others looked to be in some form of catatonic state.

They took him back to Smithfield the nearest town and placed him in Johnston county jail for the night he slept and called Algie the next morning the security footage handled the rest, it was decided that the assailants succumbed to some sort of drug induced psychosis. A week later Volnam was summoned and after what felt like a year’s worth of complaining things began to move forward again.

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