Tuesday, July 23, 2013

10b Brothers

A month passed and in that time the pad had been finished. It did everything that they planned for it to do. The first two floors made most visitors sick Algie donated to the cause more than he already had by paying to have an elevator installed. Between the effects the lower levels had on him and the stairs he had decided that the building was going to kill him so he offered to have one put in and Danny jumped on the idea. They decided to have it installed at the center of the building that way once someone was made to feel completely wretched they got mostly refreshed before they made it off the elevator on the third floor. All the furnishings had made it in. Volnam’s and Danny’s rooms were all taken care of with what was already at Danny’s house. The guest rooms and Lily’s room were all taken care of by Lily Danny had a bank card made for her that had access to his accounts and sent her off to wherever in one of Algie’s cars and she just took care of it. Danny didn't even know what she did to them he never asked he was wrapped up in his studies. She was thankful that he could just have her do things like that. Danny usually found her at some point in the morning before he went up and locked himself in a workshop with Volnam and told her what needed to be done. Once she was done the rest of the day was hers to do what she wanted with. She could have guests over as long as they never left the third floor. But by the time the recreation room was finished with the tiled floors the wet bar, hot tub and Pool table it was like she had her own dance club although she really didn't have any friends anymore. Her time with Larry took care of that, he isolated her from all of them. Friends, family she had no one now they even warned her as it was happening and the whole time she told them they didn't know what they were talking about.
Now she was here working for a man that she didn't really know aside from working near him for a few years and that he was really messed up after his wife died. He didn't talk much and on occasion would answer a question just before she asked it. As quite as Danny was around others, Lily would catch him talking to himself from time to time. Whenever she caught him doing it she would cough or something to let him know she was there, he always acted like he had been caught with someone and would go straight into telling her what he needed done for the day then go lock himself into one of his workrooms usually after that happened she wouldn't see him again for the rest of the day.
Danny was very different from how she had remembered him when he worked at the Credit Union he was in much better shape it was apparent that he had started going to the gym and he had lost that hollow look that people who use a lot of drugs get after a while. Everyone that worked with him was positive that he had to have been on something but nothing ever got stolen and he was always nice to the people that dealt with him so everyone left it alone. There were enough other people in the call center that were on drugs that were completely miserable to work with and a few of them had worked their way into middle management positions. Stress in a call center could get rather intense and the credit union had fallen into not giving drug tests for fear of having to fire people that would actually handle the stress and not leave a month into the job. People had always just figured that Danny was one of the mellow druggies a few that took the time to talk to him on a break when he took one knew that he had been married and that his wife had died, that had pretty much filled out the rest of his story for everyone that cared to know. His wife died he couldn't handle it, turned to drugs and is going to be in the call center until he finally did something to get himself fired or overdosed on whatever it was that he was taking. Winning that lawsuit had really done something for him though looking at him now. He still seemed lonely and the talking to himself might be left over from the drugs or just because he really was lonely. He had defiantly changed, before when he looked at something he had this look of total hatred, it was towards everything around him. If there was a coffee mug sitting in front of him at his desk and he was staring at it he actually looked like he hated the coffee mug. Now when she saw him looking at things he looked like he was figuring out how it all fit into some secret plan that only he knew. By this point he must have decided that she fit into his plan along with everything else, now she just had to wonder how, and what exactly that plan was.
“You know you are gonna have to explain all this to her sooner or later if you are keeping her around right?”
Renault was leaning against a wall of the workshop and Danny was hunched over another of his now countless black and white composition notebooks. Danny stopped his reading and leaned back on his stool and looked over at his brother.
“You know. The stacked blond you have working for you now? Your executive personal assistant or whatever you decided to call her.”
As he talked Renault pointed down at the floor indicating the third floor where she most likely was.
“Lily? Tell her what now?”
“Wow all this magical stuff has turned into one of those absent minded wizards in the dungeons and drakes’ books hasn't it? At some point you don’t think it is going to come up that she is not only living with you but with your ghost brother and a demon? You might wanna tell her about it before she comes across something on her own and flips out.”
“... yeah I probably should shouldn't I? How do you go about something like that anyways? I mean when I got let in on all of it I freaked out fell down a few flights of stairs and had my arm broken. I didn't have to tell Algie about anything he already knew everything.”
Danny had his fingers interlaced behind his head as he leaned back and stared at the sealing.
“I don’t know you could take her out for a formal boss employee business dinner and explain it all to her then explain that if she isn't cool with it she is gonna have to... I don't know keep quiet and go away? What would you do if she did like freak out and go tell someone?”
“I don’t know I don’t want to hurt her if I did I wouldn't be any better than that prick I got her from. Her human mind isn't really supposed to be strong enough for me to play around with and make her keep quite. I could like make her brain broken I think.”
“Listen to you all powerful and worrying about her poor weak “human mind” man what are you a superhuman now or something?”
He held up his hands and made the air quotation marks with his fingers as he thought the words human mind.
“Do you need the quotation marks for a word that you aren't actually saying? I mean you aren't actually speaking and don't really have a mouth or anything you know?”
Danny chuckled as he leaned forward to pick his notebook back up.
“Your apparition is right you should tell her that way I can tell her what to do too and I can stop having to hide all the time.”
Volnam had woken up from his nap and was plodding across the floor over towards the workbench that was currently the place or study.
“Really you think I should tell her about all this too? What if she freaks out?”
“Then break her. Your people have many places to put away their broken. Or give her to me I can take care of her she will not give us anymore problems.”
“No Danny. Whatever we end up having to do, you can't let that thing have her.”
There was a serious tone in his brother’s thoughts that Renault did not normally carry.
Don't worry man I know that. Volnam would eat a baby if he thought he could get away with it. He knows that anything like that would get him kicked back into the abyss forever but I don't want to think about what he would do if I actually gave him permission.”
The mental exchange was private but the grin on Volnam’s pinched little face told Danny that he had gotten the gist of what was being talked about.
“You need to learn all about what would be done, you need to prepare yourself for what could and probably will be done to you when you fail, after you send yourself to the abyss.”
“When I fail? I can’t fail I am Asmodan the all-powerful Warlock right?”
“Are you?”
“Aren’t I?”
“At this point you shouldn't be asking me. You either know that you are, or you aren’t. You will want to know for sure before you make any long distance trips.”
“Pretty sure that I am.”
“Just sure?”
“Oh go away, both of you. I will tell Lily but not right now. Right now I’m studying the exciting world of Meteorology and Astronomy in relation to Necromancy and Lay lines. And that reminds me, Volnam I am going to need more books than what I can write down from your long winded lectures. Aren't there like spell books or ancient tomes of power or something. You know like what they get ahold of in the movies and everything?”
“Ahh stupid pink fleshy little... movies, books, and video games always something always something idiotic...”
The stream of curses and insults went on and on as the Imp made his way to a window opened it and jumped out.
“That one gets him more often than not.”
Danny grinned as he watched Volnam disappear out the window.
“You really need books like that for all this?”
“Well yeah think about it, all these notebooks I have been using are all my own notes I can’t learn anything new from myself. When I need something more I have to realize I need it. When I see something that my notes don't cover and if Volnam doesn't know the answer I have to figure it out with a logical guess or wait for him to come up with the answer with a trip to the void. Then if he can’t come by the answer easily we have to find something that does know the answer and make a bargain for the information which is something that I’m not a pro at yet. With demons you need to be better than a southern used car salesman to come out on top at all. But a book written by someone who was an expert in the subject would cut out a lot of that. But it’s not something I can pick up in the mall you know?”
Renault was patting the air in front of him with his hands.
“Ok ok I get it. Magical textbooks would be a help. I’m gonna let you do your thing and see if I can catch Lily in the shower or something.”

As he said it he began to float down through the floor. Danny just shook his head and went back to his notes.

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