Monday, August 5, 2013

12 Times of learning

It was well past midnight and though the nightmares had become far fewer since he had begun his training on occasion they would come and the Warlock in training would usually end up awake for the rest of the night. Sometimes he would spend the time talking to his brother others he would start up with Volnam again, the demon was always glad to see Asmodan miserable and sleepless and willing to learn more. Tonight he didn’t call for anyone he laid in bed and stared at the ceiling and thought over the past year his time trying to deny what he was and the different things that he read about while he was trying to keep his mind occupied. One topic in particular kept coming back up he asked Volnam about it once and the Imp brushed it aside point out that a sword is not something that is used often enough in magic to warrant looking into at the present time. But there was something about the sword. He has seen way to many anime’s played to many video games growing up to pass on a chance to have his own demon sword. Beside what could something that old have to teach him, and then as he thought about it he began to wonder what it might have to offer that Volnam was holding back. Once he began to go down that line of thinking he stopped himself, he had to keep himself open to trusting the little demon if Volnam were to hold something back here was a chance that Danny could get himself killed and then Volnam loses out on his own personal Warlock. Besides that they had a deal, if Volnam was holding anything back it was only because Danny wasn’t in a state where he could put it to use yet. There had been many times he had asked a question and Volnam had told him that once he had mastery over something else that he would come back to the topic in question. Could he even get to Japan and look into getting his hands on something like an ancient sword that supposedly had a demon inside of it? He would have to look into it regardless of what Volnam thought.
He continued to lay in bed waiting out the night. He thought of lots of things he could get up and do but didn’t actually want to get up and do anything. Just lay there in his boxers and stare at the ceiling. He opened his mind up to the world around it. He felt Volnam out there and Lily’s open book of a mind as she dreamed on about… he stopped himself there too. She had made her feelings on him messing around inside her head pretty clear and eventually she would develop enough of a feeling for it with Remi and Volnam around that she would be able to tell if he was intruding. It would be best to not get into the habit of doing it now only to get busted for it later. He started to reach further and faintly felt his brothers presence it was so slight, did ghosts sleep? That was worth a few seconds thought wasn’t it? Had Remi slept or rested since Danny had bound him back here? Could he sleep if he wanted to? What if he went to sleep but since he didn’t need to use the bathroom or eat or actually need anything at all to sustain himself he just slept for a really long time like years? Maybe this was not one of those topics that he should spend a lot of time on. Really all he needed to do was ask Remi, but later he didn’t want to actually deal with anyone now. He reached out further past his own property and out into the surrounding area, the outer edges of the Raleigh down town area. There were lots of people out still which he wasn’t sure was normal or not on a Wednesday night. It’s the middle of the week shouldn’t everyone be sleeping for work the next day? They couldn’t all be living off of lawsuits and thus not need jobs could they?
Danny selected a mind that was obviously inebriated and focused there. She had had quite a few to drink at one bar and was texted by a few friends in another bar up the street so she decided to walk up and say hi. She wasn’t stumbling drunk but she wasn’t so sober that she remembered to tell her friends that she had already been drinking with that she was leaving. She just noticed that as she was a block away from where she started. Danny focused as she was having her revelation that she ditched some of her friends and was thinking about going back and telling them and instead he inserted an image of her texting them and letting them know. This was a wonderful idea once she had it. The girl pulled her phone out and sent the message, Wondered why she hadn’t thought about that sooner and then kept moving up the street. That was a fun little success Danny thought to himself. He stayed with her until she reached her destination and decided that he had had enough. Once his focus was no longer on her he stopped to think about how far he had sent himself from his actual body that bar had to be a few miles off, he never tried anything that far before.  Usually neighbors or people in the building a lot of times he practiced with the construction workers as they were doing work on the lower floors on out into the parking lot. He didn’t feel any strain from the distance. He lay there in bed wondering about his range was there a max distance his mind could not go beyond? He was never going to go back to sleep, there were too many questions and those always led to more questions. It was maddening maybe this was why some warlocks just seemed to vanish they decided to go find all the answers to all the questions that would take long enough to qualify as vanish wouldn’t it? Damn another question he thought to himself.
Finally Asmodan was sitting on the floor of his room with several candles arranged in a series of rows and columns spreading out away from him. He reached for his lighter which was on the ground beside him and then decided against it. Instead he focused on a wick of a candle directly in front of him and relaxing forced it to ignite the amount of energy it took to bring the candle to life was almost nothing he didn’t even need to draw any power into himself to do it. Volnam had explained that once he had enough practice with power in general he wouldn’t need to focus so much on the drawing of energy for things because it would become like breathing, he would just do whatever it was he was going to do and his body would draw power just like his lungs would draw breath. Once lit the candle burned on just as if it had been done with the lighter. Slowly he focused on a path through all the candles picturing them all igniting one by one, one after the other. Finally once his pattern had been laid out and he had it firm in his third eye he gathered the energy he would use and put it to use. The final result would be most easily compared to flaming dominos; each lit and flowed into the next the flam spreading in a line that ran from one wick to the next each lighting with a green black oily flame on and on it spread until each candle in the room was burning. In unison he turned them from purple to green to red and on through any color that came to mind. After a few minutes he gathered the fire from each individual flame and pulled them from their wicks to gather into one large flame the size of a torch from a movie floating three feet above the floor in front of him. Danny moved that large flame from one side of the room to the other up and down around in circles he stretched it long and crushed it into a flat disk. Finally he stopped feeding the flame and watched it burn out and die. Now he was a little tired, it seemed that his body would draw energy as he needed it but as it stood currently he could burn it faster than he could draw it. The fire play had left him feeling depleted but at least he thought to himself he hadn’t lost it and set his room on fire. As he pictured the flame moving about the room in his mind he thought about the fireball spell he had read about in one of his roleplaying game books. What other spells were in those books that he could emulate he wondered. Danny climbed up off of the ground stretched the aches from his legs and headed out of his room and down the hallway to one of the rooms where his books were kept.
After some digging he found the book he was looking for. Sitting down at one of his work benches he began to flip through looking for ideas he ignored all the statistics and information about how things worked in the game that the book was for and just paid attention to the descriptions of what the spells were and what the effect they were supposed to have was. Finally he came across something that he decided should be easy or at least next to what he had been doing with the fire. Danny moved away from his work bench to the open area in the center of the room and began to draw in as much power as he could, he felt the rush that came with it and began to draw more forcefully. After a few seconds he had enough coming in that he could feel the faintest of breezes moving his boxers their little smiley faces drifting back and forth once he had what he thought he needed instead of keeping in his body in general he focused it into his right hand balled it up tightened it mentally like someone might physically pack a snowball tightly and then keeping with the mental snowball analogy which so far seemed to be working for him he turned and threw it, as he decided to throw it he realized that it could be potentially dangerous and tried to aim for the window as it was already leaving his hand. As he mentally released it what was at first his naked hand was instantly bathed in blue white semitransparent light that grew from what he thought was a ball to what was more like a laser beam the thickness of a baseball bat as soon as the blast was let loose Asmodan lost consciousness.

The Warlock woke up in bed, Lily placing his lunch on his night stand. He was still exhausted and had a hard time sitting up.
“What happened?” he half whispered half croaked from an extremely dry throat.
Lily gave a slight start when he spoke she was on her way out of the room when he finally made a noise and she didn’t think he would wake up for a few more hours based on the state they found him in on the floor of the blown out study.
            “That is what we were all wondering.”
            “I was trying something new out and I… passed out I guess.”
            “Is whatever you were doing what blew up the study?”
Danny began to climb up off the bed; he didn’t seem to mind that he was still in his underwear and motioned Lily over to help him to the hallway.
“I was asleep and I heard an explosion and felt the building shake. I went upstairs and the door to the room that you usually use as a study was open. I went in and there you were laying out on the floor. And across from that the window and most of a wall was gone. A few seconds later Volnam came in from the hole in the wall wanting to know what the hell was going on. Once we got you into the bed he stopped asking questions and hasn’t come out of the study since then.”
It was at this point that they made it to the study and Danny propped himself up in the doorway. Once he was comfortable and began to look around the room something hit him in the chest hard. He almost lost his balance and hit the ground, Standing on the work bench now visible was Volnam and he was pointing accusingly at the book which he had just chucked into Danny’s ribcage. It was the gamming book that he had been looking at before his experiment.
“Idiot Human, that is not a book of magical instruction. That is something that children use to pretend that they have power.”
“It was close enough look what I did.”
Danny pointed off at the hole in the wall, as he spoke grinning as he took in the damage. Everything was gone the supporting structures in the wall the metal supports had been bent outward into the air outside the building all the drywall and glass was gone. He had just wiped it all out with nothing but raw power; it was in effect a missile of pure magical force. He knew before Volnam was about to start the rant that the problem was that he had used way too much power and left himself completely vulnerable once he had done it. That was something that he was going to have to work out. On Queue Volnam had already started saying everything he had already figured out so Danny didn’t really pay any attention to him, he waited a minute and gave a look like it was all sinking in and that it was a lesson that he would never have figured out had Volnam not been there to hammer it into his thick human skull.
            “So how is it done correctly then?”
Volnam had been working with the thick headed Asmodan long enough to know that nothing he was saying was having any real effect, and was ready for the question when it came.
            “Like this.”
The power of the strike didn’t even manifest at the Imps hand as it had when Danny tried it the night previous it materialized directly in front of Danny’s gut. He only had fractions of a second between knowing that the attack was there and actually getting hit with it. There was a small explosion and he was thrown backwards into the hallway against the wall behind him. He didn’t hit hard enough to dent the wall and slid down against it to sit on the floor.
            “It was invisible until just before it hit me how did you do that when I did it, there was a beam of light from my hand all the way to the wall.”
            “I know what I am doing and you are an Idiot is the simple answer.”
Lily was moving over to help Danny up off the ground and he waved her off. He told her he was good and that she could go. She stared at him a few seconds and then headed towards the elevator. The rest of that day Volnam explained something that he never thought to explain and something that Danny thought should have been explained right after the gathering of energy, the efficient use of raw energy. They practiced the finer aspects instead of knocking out walls they practiced knocking over empty soda cups from lunch and pushing things rather than just knocking them across the room. Since Asmodan had figured out rough version on his own the rest came very quickly. Soon he was standing up a book and a cup behind it and only knocking over the cup. He was warned that in the Abyss that it worked slightly differently and that he would have to practice there to figure out the things that he would need to change and that usually it was better to pick a focus for the energy rather than just poor power into raw demonstrations of force and again he was steered towards his mastery over Fire. Another example of why was that with an explosion of raw force all you get is the explosion and with an explosion of fire you get the same explosion for the same cost of power but now you might have also set your target on fire. This was something that the Warlock took special note of he liked two for the price of one.
The same contractors who had done the rest of the work on the building were called back up and asked to do the repairs on the workroom. It didn’t take long before they were back and it was as good as new. Things continued to improve the nice areas continued to get nicer more refined, Having Lily on hand to take over details made things much smoother. Danny would tell her that he needed a Projector on a wall to play Video games on and Lily would take that and turn it into leather recliners with a mini fridge between them and a game controller recharging station which included surround sound. Volnam would order a quieter room to work in and Lily would see to sound proofing foam added to all the related walls from the outside of the indicated room so that they could keep studying with minor interruptions. Volnam would never come out and say it and if he did it would be misunderstood because demons just don’t see things or feel them in the same way that humans do but he was not still disgusted that she was around. She did have a purpose in the building and she served it well, and since his first few attempts to harass her mentally she had locked her mind like a steel trap. He could probably still force his way in but the attempt would render her useless to Asmodan and that had been made very clear would place Volnam and the Warlocks deal in jeopardy so it wasn’t going to happen.
Asmodan’s mental jaunt to the bar with the drunk pedestrian had also come back up with Volnam and that turned into a longer discussion about astral projection and that led into a much more detailed lesson on how he was going to be making his first few trips into the Abyss and what was going to have to be done to make that happen. Danny began to make plans for another room. This one was called the Vault, its design was to be such that once he was inside and all of its features activated he would be completely shut off from outside influence and could then work spells that would take the highest level of concentration and it would also serve as a safe area where he could be protected from attack if his body should be left alone for extended periods of time like a trip into the abyss where he could be gone anywhere from a few hours to months on end. Once he knew what he wanted to use it for he and Volnam devoted the odd hour here and there to planning it all out.
Asmodan was now getting to a point where all the practice of basic things and all the lecturing and memorization of processes and rules began to fit together into things that were astonishing to him and to both Lily and Remi on the chance that they happened to be around when he figured out something and put his theory to the test. When he started running everything by Volnam the little Imp only pointed out that if Danny would have done as he was told and spent more time listening than he had asking questions that they would have arrived at this stage of his education sooner maybe even months sooner. By learning how and why things worked and how they were related to other things Danny didn’t have to learn page after page of the specifics of how each and every spell worked. He could have a revelation and put together his own and refine it and do it all much faster as he shaped the spell he wanted rather than learning something that was almost the thing he wanted from someone else. The young Warlock admitted that the delay in time might be his fault but that he believed that there was nothing wrong with asking a lot of questions when you were learning something. Volnam pointed out that telling someone that they were right and you were wrong and then adding why you were still right didn’t make any since so Danny just dropped it all together. There were so many small realizations that he could apply to so many things. The mechanic that he used to cause wood to ignite into fire could be used to ignite air he could also use that same thing to cause water to steam and evaporate, Ice to turn into water. Wet cement to harden and these are all things that people already understand how they work because someone told them in school but none of the people who know how that works can wave a hand and make it happen at will. Once they moved into things that elementary school science doesn’t cover Danny didn’t make quite the leaps that he had been. Such as power over light and darkness these things took much more practice but he was soon getting them, he could stand in a shadow and cause the light to make him more ignorable where he would first just have been standing in the shade now Lily could look at him and not notice he was there. It wasn’t Volnam’s ability to turn invisible but as far as Danny was concerned it was really freaking cool. Asmodan was constantly forcing water out of the air into glasses which Volnam explained that if they were not in an area a humid as North Carolina would not be as easy but could still with effort bring water in the desert. All these small things were always something that Danny would figure out how to scale up and use to make into really big things. Pulling water out of the air is a step down from making it rain. Causing water to evaporate is not far from making clouds; a thunder storm isn’t far off if someone was persistent. On things went and the whole time Volnam kept explaining that these things many of which were becoming toys for Asmodan now would work a little differently or not at all in the Abyss and constantly the Imp was trying to keep Asmodan’s focus on the Abyss because the little Imp knew that when the time came the Warlock would have a hard time once he arrived. Volnam also believed that even if he were to leave the human alone now and never instruct him again the mortal would end up becoming one of the most powerful beings on his world. Time and practice and practice and time the Imp knew that was all it was a matter of now.
            The Demon sword was brought up again, and Volnam finally told Asmodan that he would look into it after the Human warlock finished what was to be the something similar to his high school graduation. Which was when Volnam began to teach the young Warlock about the area of the Abyss called Jorahnthreavers Gault there were the spheres which Asmodan was already familiar with there was Agoth the realm of the destroyers there was also Nath the sphere of the corruptors there was Kilung which is the sphere of the subjugators and he knew of elemental spheres and their corrupted opposites the realm of fire and the corrupted sphere of flame and so on for the other elemental power which he had either learned about or played with frequently. But there were places in between which were akin to islands not so long ago Hawaii wasn’t part of the united states of America it belonged to whoever had conquered and kept it before the united states came along and acquired it. This was one of those places its physical make up was mostly similar to Agoth which was why Volnam had spent the majority of his education on the abyss focused in that sphere and the denizens that inhabit it. The goal of sending Asmodan there was that he would get the full experience but with a much reduced chance of running into one of the power structures that could bring him to the attention of something like a Balelord. No matter how strong Asmodan was now or would be by the time he had entered the abyss and made it back out again he would be years and years before he was on a level to deal with something on that scale. After some time spent learning about the place Asmodan had shortened its name to Reavers Gault. Volnam had expected some sort of a name change at some point, he had noticed that when something bothered his student he often did something to personalize the subject to make it more his own and less imposing or powerful feeling. He could name whatever part of the abyss he wanted to whatever he wanted he had better maintain the same level of fear and respect for what it could do to him once he actually set foot there. This fact he pointed out to the young warlock as often as he could. Volnam knew that this was something that could kill the human and he most certainly did not want to lose his investment in the mortal but he knew that if he could not survive this small trip that he would never make it in the rest of the abyss.
Danny still found time for his side projects just not near as much of it he had started reading up on automotive design he spent a lot of time on learning about the internal combustion engine and how it transferred power to the wheels of a car through the transmission and so on until he had a solid understanding of how it all worked together. He had sketches and pictures pulled from the internet all of the Demon car that he had seen the day he had been out with Lily along with every other stitch of information he could come up with on the car all sorted and kept in one of his many notebooks, he had learned what things like turbo charged and V eight meant. Different types of suspension and how they worked he had learned everything that he could from the book side of things but had no hands on experience and had decided that he would have to change that. In all of his car studies it did end up turning him back around to his Warlock studies as he was asking Volnam about different methods of powering things worked he knew that not all Magi in history powered their skills on themselves alone or what they could gather for use it would take too long to do anything significant.
Given that his primary source of power had always been himself or what he could pull from the environment Volnam had begun to teach him more about the different places to store power or tap to gain power Strong emotions had always been a demons went to for power and Danny had stumbled on it on his own more than once now he was shown how to refine that source as well. This came down to trying to power a computer with regulated power from a wall plug or trying to strike the computer with a lightning bolt to get it to turn on Danny had been getting ok results with the lightning bolt but Volnam showed him the wall socket method just so that things didn’t end up in random explosions. Volnam also showed him how to tap into the emotions of people around him, on a trip to a Shopping Mall Volnam had him begin to gather from the mass of people that were milling around. Just a small bit from each and Danny felt like he could level the building if he wanted. It was only after he had gathered the power that Volnam explained that you could not give it back once it was taken from a group. Danny was mad at the Demon when he noticed that the young in the crowd had had to sit down and some had simply lay down on the floor of the mall and gone to sleep. The adults swayed a second and some grabbed onto each other or nearby rails for support as one everybody looked back and forth at each other all mutually knowing that something had happened but no one knowing what it was. Some of the larger stronger adults checked on the teenagers that lay on the floor trying to wake them. Security had been called and were beginning to work into the crowd which was on the verge of mass panic. Danny knew this was going to end up in the news. Mass waves of weakness affect patrons at local mall, or something similar.
“What if there had happened to be a baby in the group?”
He demanded as he stormed off towards the exit of the mall.
“I believe your kind call it sudden infant death syndrome? When a baby dies with no known explanation that is what they call it is it not?”
“Don’t ever put me in a position where I can kill someone without telling me what can happen first.”
“If I did that you would get weak in the knees every time I tried to teach you something new.”
“You ever make me a baby killer and I will finish my education with your skull on my workbench you got me you little rat faced toilet log?”
“That was a good one I liked that one. You need to be more graphic in your threats it gives them weight.”
 “It wasn’t a threat, If and when I actually kill someone that will be my choice not something you tricked me into.”
“Get over it already, you have already killed someone. The fool who gave us Lily.”
“He didn’t die he made it to the hospital.”
“He wishes he was dead then.”
“Probably but not my problem he got what he deserved.”
“As the Warlock wills it.”
“Shut it, I’m still pissed at you.”

            Next on the list was something called the Zhrayed Hughden in abyssal its first name on earth was something similar to Prisme Ame or Ame Prisme in English it is Soul Prism and to Asmodan’s discomfort it was a warlock’s primary source spell power aside from what he had learned already. The soul prism was literally a person’s soul taken at the time of death and locked away in a small reddish black crystal that fit in the palm of the hand. Volnam seemed to start to salivate when he began to talk about the crystals. They were indestructible and eternal as the mortal soul that they contained. They could be depleted to a point but would still give off a trickle of power forever. If depleted someone would just have to wait and given enough time it would store up more power. Given enough time they could store enough to power magnificent magical works. Others could use one but only the Warlock could create or destroy them and he could do that at will. Volnam went on to theorize that a Warlock could destroy them so easily as a safety mechanism against someone getting one and trying to use it against its maker. Danny was interested to learn that these things could be used in barter in the Abyss and were worth insane amounts in trade. It was also explained that they could be used like the people in the mall, if he had fifty crystals he could pull on all fifty at once, letting him spread the need out over a greater number gave him access to exponentially more power as well as made it much harder to deplete his existing supply. The draw back as Danny saw it was that he couldn’t bring himself to trap a person’s soul forever in crystal. He asked Volnam if the soul was sentient when in the crystal and Volnam shrugged it off he had never seen one in person to experiment with. It was also rumored that if kept together in large groups that the crystals regained their power faster as if their ability to create power was a cumulative effect. Once the basics had all been explained and Volnam explained how to create the item Asmodan had him move on. He didn’t dwell on the topic any longer than he needed to for the simple fact that at the current time he couldn’t see himself ever making one.
            Volnam seemed to have the same lust for the next lesson as he had for the last one. Kyateah Zhoser the hate engine and from what Danny took away from the lesson it was close to the same thing as a soul crystal only it is made from the heart of a demon not the soul of a human.
“The heart of our kind is not just a muscle like it is for yours. It is the font of unending hate and cruelty that makes us what we are. It is where the need for lust or destruction that can never be satisfied comes from when we drink in your fear and your pain this is where it is drawn.”
The Imp explained. He went on to explain that unlike the spirit crystals from mortals which are entirely magical constructs the Kyateah Zhoser is largely a mechanical device requiring parts assembled in a certain configuration with the beating heart of the demon placed inside and sealed. Some demons he went on to say, will actually barter their heart for a set period of time in exchange for things often an even greater period of time granted to them in the material world. The size and type of the demon also mattered Danny learned. If a massive demon with an equally massive heart was used that heart would put out more power than a smaller demon.
“So it isn’t just the motion in the ocean huh?”
“Shut up fool, pay attention.”
            “So a baby pit lord would be more powerful than a fully trained smart ass like you?”
            “… Yes. But there are no baby pit lords they are as they will always be and have always been.”
            “But there are young ones and old ones aren’t there?”
            “If they want there to be new ones then I am sure they will raise them up. I do not think it has ever happened. They are from the beginning.”
            “Wait they raise themselves but they are never for lack of a better term babies?”
            “You have seen the larvae?”
            “Yes why?”
“If I want a new Imp I could go take a Larvae and hold onto it, eventually there will be a new Imp. If one of the Lords took one and did not immediately eat it then it would eventually become a Lord of the Pit.”
“Man I bet you are pissed you got picked up by your mommy and not momma pit lord aren’t you?” Danny started laughing.
“Idiot. This is stupid we are done for now.”
Volnam sprouted his nasty little bat wings and coasted to the door of the study. Headed outside and was gone. Danny looked over his notes on the Soul Prism and thought about being trapped inside something like that for ever gave a small shiver and then looked at the scribbles about the Hate engine. He did take a minute to notice that the hate engine was just as horrible a tool even more so if he really thought about it but it still didn’t seem to bother him as much as the idea of making a soul prism. He wished he could practice these kinds of things without actually having to do them. Who knew when he was actually going to have the chance to make something like a Soul Prism, he knew what Volnam would say, he would tell him to head out into the street and make one right now. He would then probably try and get Danny to give it to him. Danny wondered if the little Imp would be so quick to offer Danny a chance to make a Hate engine, most likely not.
One night later the same week as the lessons on the prism and the engine, Danny found himself sitting in the fun room watching TV in one of the recliners that Lily had had put in for him.
“I was wondering why you wanted that stuff put in; I thought I was the only one that ever used it.”
She commented as she walked around the back of one of the other chairs and sat down with a large drink from a fast food place. She sat the cup down in the cup holder which was built into the side of the chair. And put the feet up.
“Whatcha watching?”
“Nothing. Mostly just zoned out… hey can I ask you something personal without you getting all emotional on me?”
Danny shifted his position in the chair so that he was facing more in her direction.
“I guess. I’m not feeling supper emotional right now.”
“Ok. Larry right, I know that he’s not a topic you wanna talk about. But I’m trying to figure something out in my head. See I apparently have another snazzy little trick that can be really helpful in the long run but is like the most horrible thing that I could ever think of doing to someone. Apparently the human soul upon death is something that can be grabbed if someone is moving fast enough and once grabbed can be kept in a crystal like prison.”
Lily was looking at him blankly, like she was hearing what he was saying but it wasn’t really sinking in.
            “So you stop them from what, going to Heaven?”
            “Or Hell. Depending on their disposition I guess.”
            “Forever or what? How long are then in the crystal thingy?”
“Yeah I mean I can break the thing and let them go that way I guess, but besides that they are there for keeps. The thing is it’s supposed to be really powerful but I am having a hard time wrapping my head around actually doing something like that to somebody. Now that’s why I bring up Larry is something like that something that you could see doing to someone like him?”
“Lily was quite for a while, I don’t know I kinda always hoped that he would just die and end up in hell. Maybe that would be letting him off lighter than he deserved you know? Cause spending forever in a crystal doing nothing has got to be better than spending forever in hell doesn’t it?”
“So doing it to someone bad would actually be doing them a favor?”
“Well yeah if you think about it. But then who decides if you go to hell or not?”
Danny’s chair jolted a little bit as Volnam landed on the back of it. Settling down like he had been invited. Danny who was agitated that the demon always perched on the chair like a bird and had left talon marks on both of the chairs glared up at him.
            “What do you want?”
            “You are both assuming that everyone that goes to hell does not want to be there.”
            “It’s an eternity of pain and suffering and torture why would anyone want to go there?”
            “Who told you it was this way?”
            “It’s just common knowledge I guess.”
Danny answered not completely sure of himself. Usually when Volnam was weighing in on something like this it was because he thought Danny was making a decision based on bad information or at least not all of the information available. Danny did still wonder how much weight he should give a demons information in the first place.
“It is common knowledge coming from one side of the argument your churches are all established on gaining power for Order not chaos and good not evil, of course they would tell you that if you do not choose the way that they would have you choose that you will go to this horrible place that they have dreamed up for you. But if you choose to serve another master then would that master not also reward you?”
“I guess but most of the people here aren’t always polarized that way. It’s not I choose Satan or I choose God its usually I choose to be a dick and nothing past that.”
“Good good, more for the abyss.”
The Imp rubbed his hands together as he spoke.
            “So if we don’t choose we go to the abyss?”
Lily asked leaning in her chair.
            “When you die if someone does not speak for you than your soul will go to the abyss and wait. It will become fuel for a spell it will be turned into a demon or it will be eaten as a snack.”
The Imp licked his lips as he went over the options.
“Those aren’t the only options Lily. There are other gods they just don’t have many followers here on earth but there are other places that have more of a variety than we do, It is actually kind of like Indians they have gods for all kinds of stuff and when we die we wait for something close to like forty-nine days and in that time a representative from your god will come and get you and take you to where ever it is that you are supposed to go. If you did a bunch of stuff that your chosen god doesn’t like then he can choose to not send someone for you and leave you there. Once your waiting time has passed its open season on you.”
Danny threw another dirty look at Volnam as he explained it as he understood it to Lily.
            “Open season?”
Lily asked,
            “Yeah all that other stuff that he said.”
            “So wait that means that since most people today don’t really pick and seriously follow any religion devoutly then they are just going to end up a demon or something?”
            “I guess.”
            “So then by making people into the little crystal things you are stopping future demons from being made?”

            “She does serve many purposes.”

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