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13c Dark Grand Canyon

Much of the pain had subsided and he could tell as he flexed his muscled feline body that the wounds of the flesh had healed at least all of the ones on the surface. There was still deep burning pain when he attempted to move his wing or either of the legs on his right side but it was passing as well. It was during one of his phases testing his wing when he caught the scent of something in the air. He froze every muscle tense doing nothing that would cause any extra sound waiting to find out what might be passing him by. A moment passed then another the scent was stronger whatever it was the scent was getting stronger he smelled four distinct demons now. A little more waiting frozen at the side of the cliff and he could hear the beat of wings in the air with as much noise as they were making he didn’t have to worry about them noticing any small movements he might make. He tilted his head for a glance up at them. Four Casaganoth were heading for the cliff face, as far as he could tell they were going to land on the ledge he was currently recuperating on. As they got closer he could tell that at least two of them were injured one looked to be missing most of one leg and part of another. A second had tears in parts of one of his wings and large ragged tears in the flesh of its left arm and belly. Once they had landed the two that seemed to be unharmed caught the arms of the legless one and began to carry him towards the opening in the wall. The stumps where his legs were missing still slowly oozed thick deep red gore that was dripping into a trail behind them towards the cave mouth. The fourth landed took a few steps and them fell to his hands and knees, its goat like head gasped in pain as he spread his large bat like wings and gave a few heavy beats to move himself back up onto his hooves.
“Casaganoth...” Oristhnx thought over what he knew of the demons, they weren’t normally given to working in groups they could use magic if they had an interest in it but they weren’t known as gifted at it, not like the imps. Everything he had seen or heard showed that they were more often than not seen with weapons, large spears, glaives and scythes. He saw none of that either. Then he saw it. They all bore the slave mark of one of the various Khaults, they were escaped Raiders.
Oristhnx climbed to his feet and dropped his cloak as he turned to face his new slaves, well two of his new slaves. They froze the instant they saw him and even as they did he let forth something akin to a purr. Something deep and powerful he could see their wings reverberating as he did it. There was a brief moment where no one moved and no further sound was made the five of them faced each other. Oristhnx wasn’t sure that they wouldn’t still try and attack him. He also wasn’t sure that he would win if they decided to try it. It was all a bluff one that he was sure he could pull off. Another moment of frozen silence and he knew he had won.
“You will give me the wounded to feast on; you will drive my prey for me... I will remove the slave marks the two of you bare. You will be gone from my hunting grounds.” He stood staring at them mouth open fangs bare. Claws extended his wings flared out and his tail whipping back and forth with small cracks and pops like a bull whip. The Two Casaganoth carrying the legless one looked back and forth between the Fell Lynx ready to battle them, the fight to escape the Khault took everything they had and they knew that even fully rested and armed the battle would have gone against them. They took the wounded that they were carrying and threw him to the ground at the Kirogoth’s feet. No sooner had the legless hit the ground than they both lunged for the second wounded who was already turning to spring off the cliff and attempt an escape. As his wings spread and he crouched hurl himself off the side of the cliff. One of his former companions grabbed his legs out from under him and the second grabbed his already mangled arm and sunk his black talon tipped fingers into the wounds. He screamed and began to struggle thrashing wings bucking his hips kicking out with sharp edged black hooves on furred backwards jointed legs. They finally fought him down to the ground one smashing his head into the ground using his thick spiraling horns as handles the other crouching on one of his wings and digging his fingers into the tear in his stomach and holding him to the ground using the shredded strips of skin and muscle as a handle. Just as they settled in, pinning him down facing out towards the vast nothing beyond the ledge. They could hear the Kirogoth begin to tear into the legless mean they had thrown down before him. At first there was screaming the massive feline having started on the longest remaining leg first. Sounds of tearing flesh and cracking bone compounded with the screams of agony were bad enough. The second meal never really giving up on his fight for freedom even though he knew there was no chance of him escaping. After a few moments they both received the mental command from their new master to turn the meal around so that it could watch. Danny continued to work his way down the endless black crystal he could see his faded trail heading away up the cliff he could see where it was beginning to fade back to the natural black of the rest of the wall which he decided was promising. He worked his way down and to his right. He had decided some time before that if the Demon had continued to fall straight down that he didn’t want to end up stopping or even passing close to the same ledge it might have landed on. assuming it lived, he spent only a brief second toying with the idea of it dying from the fall but quickly remembered that demons really didn't die from things like that, they needed to be finished off either magically or physically something taking the head off would usually do it, but even then in many cases if the head was reattached that could bring them back if it was done here in the Abyss. He could always hope that the impact itself blew his head off.. Probably not. It was alive somewhere down there hopefully it was severely wounded and wouldn’t be back anytime soon but it was still out there somewhere. Down he climbed. Niath had kept her distance only coming closer to the cliff if the miasma got thick enough that she couldn't see the human at all. When she saw the Kirogoth make his second attack she was confused to see the demon cat sail past his prey on down into the chasm. When she didn’t see him even attempt to flare his wings she decided to follow down after him. She followed with the idea that she was going to see if she could figure out what his plan was, was the pass simply a tease a short terror tactic or something else. When he crashed into the first ledge and began to fall down the side of the cliff completely out of control she was beside herself, what had happened? What had she missed? She could think of nothing there had been no magical exchange, Humans didn’t have the mental strength to level an assault powerful enough to kill a demon outright did they? Maybe this wasn’t a human there were other realms of existence other than the one the Humans came from. Maybe this was only a being that looked human. She was about to count herself lucky that the competition was gone when she saw that the massive Kirogoth still lived what she had thought might be his death-throws were in fact only the stubborn thing pulling itself back together. At least she now had a better understanding of how powerful both her toy and her competition were. She did not want to engage the man-thing unless she could find out what he had managed to do to the Kirogoth to injure him so badly. It took her a few moments to find the mortal again, after the time she spent watching the Kirogoth she ascended back to where she was sure she had seen him last which wasn’t too complicated since it was only straight up from where the downed Fel Lynx was hiding against the cliff. The mortal wasn’t there though after some searching she found him again. He wasn’t heading down to finish off the Demon he was trying to pass it by. Either the mortal was extremely powerful and had decided that the Kirogoth was no threat and not worth the time to kill or he was not experienced enough with the abyss to know that there was no time limit on revenge. There was a third option, being that the mortal was an idiot or in some other way mentally damaged. Niath watched him pick his way down the cliff and decided that it couldn't be the later, an idiot or some other form of halfwit wouldn't have been able to do whatever it was that he had done to send such a powerful hunter flying down the chasm.
Danny had no clue where his attacker had fallen but he was hoping that he had already descended below it. If he had then if it did come looking for him again it might go up after him instead of down which would buy him some time. Then again they could go down and possibly spot him as he went. Luckily he had done a fairly good job of making his trail light he had tried to improve on what he had already figured out but hadn’t made any further improvements on it. So for maybe twenty feet above him there was a dim orange trail where he had touched the cliff side past that it had dimmed out to nothing. He had managed to get all the random thoughts that would cause the color to darken under control and just kept working his way down. The sore areas where he had been used as a chew toy had stopped hurting at this point it felt like nothing had ever happened probably because for the most part he had stopped thinking about them. Dealing with anything here was strange and different. He was reminded that much of it was very much mind over matter, if he didn’t mind it didn’t matter. He moved on and as it always had since he had arrived here it didn’t feel like time did at all. Just the passing of distance the endless boring decent into the smog colored miasma and the nonstop wall of odd crystal it was mind numbing. On occasion he would send out his mind to check for things that might be checking for him but found nothing. Finally after the ninth or tenth eternity that he had been climbing he looked down to see a ledge covered in an especially thick and extremely wide layer of the brownish orange mist layer that was the only feature in the sky. It was actually so wide that when he looked off to his left or right he could see no end to it. He decided that there was no point in stopping so he started to angle away from it on his way down. As the distance between him and the ledge shrank he noticed that his angle was not great enough and that he was still going to end up having to stop on it, rather than keep guessing and moving further to the side he decided to just go straight down hit the ledge then go over the side of it, the shortest distance between two points was normally a straight line right? Well he didn’t really have any points there was no end above and so far there was no hint at an end below. Down he went. Finally on the ledge he started to move off towards its edge... until he found that it wasn’t there, Danny didn’t want to get his hopes up but he did check around his starting point and found that this might actually be the bottom, if it wasn't then it was definitely the largest ledge he had run into so far. It had only taken him a few minutes of working his way straight from the cliff towards where an opposing wall would be to find said opposing wall and it went off to
his left and right, there was no more climbing down he was in something like a narrow gully or the starting edge of a valley. There were probably better topographical terms for his current location but Danny couldn’t think of them. OK he said to himself, do I want to go left or right? A quick game of e-ne-mi-ne-mo and he was moving off to his left, he kept the cliff close to his right hand side that meant that things could only sneak up on him from four directions, flying didn’t really seem fair. The floor was still made of the traitor crystal that began to glow as he passed over it. Danny noticed after a while that it wasn’t rough like the cliff sides, it seemed to be perfectly smooth so far. A short bit of hiking and the cloud that was lying on the ground where he had found the floor dissipated and he could see where he was walking. The crystal beneath him looked like poured glass as if tons of the stuff had been melted down and poured into a massive mold and left there to cool. He moved on and at almost the exact moment he thought that he should be paying more attention to what was around that could possibly kill and eat him the miasma began to build again. He began to reach out with his mind feeling for anything that might be feeling back when he spotted something standing directly in front of him. Being a human who came from earth and was raised in a country that is predominantly Judeo-Christian and seeing a being with the upper body of a man with the horned head and the reverse jointed legs furred legs of a goat along with a set of webbed bat like wings almost instantly brings up a preprogramed deep seeded fear of Satan the fallen angle the dark one. The only being that everyone is taught is capable of doing battle with the almighty. No one expects to accidentally run into such a being. Danny froze in place if he knew one of those pre written prayers that a lot of religions taught their followers he might have tried to recite it right then and there but he didn’t so he just froze and watched it. Luckily the Satan fear didn’t last long he remembered what it was from his lessons rather quickly
And began to push the paranoia of doing battle with the anti-god (like there would be an actual battle) aside. The giant demon cat had caught him off guard while climbing down the side of a cliff covered in sickly mist, the mourning star wanna be didn’t it was standing in front of him with enough distance between them for Danny to feel safe enough to start working a plan in his head. Now was not the time for a squeaky nervous voice he thought to himself.
He was relatively pleased with himself, he managed to sound rather impressive he declared himself both mentally and physically something that he was sure didn’t do any good dealing with the demon who had probably never heard English before but the mental message would have been understood. He stood there with his back straight his shoulders square and as tall as he could make himself. He was doing his damnedest to be as physically imposing as he could possibly manage and he waited. The Demon also waited, after a few seconds of the two of them watching each other the Demon crouched down low to the ground and spread its wings wide, it never took its eyes off of Danny and then it launched itself up into the air after a couple beats of its wings it was hovering just out of reach when it let out a shriek that felt like it had drawn blood from Danny ears. Before Danny even realised he had done it he had his hands up covering his ears. The Demon let out what the warlock had assumed was a chuckle it had seen all the weakness it needed, The Demon let out one more ear splitting shriek and then darted forward like it was going to tackle Danny and at the last second flared out its wings and threw its upper body backwards while whipping its lower body forward smashing its cloven hoofed feet into the center of Danny ‘s chest. He felt something snap as he was sent flying backwards onto the smooth crystal floor he hit and tumbled backwards. Aside from the pain in his chest he almost blacked out the second or third time he cracked his head spinning away he felt his elbow smash into the ground as well and finally slid to a stop in another patch of the sickly brown fog. No time was wasted as soon as he was done tumbling he was up onto his hands and knees and was trying to get to his feet he needed to focus everything came from focus. He began to search out with his mind to find the new attacker and as soon as he found an enemy mind it was already too late. A massive hand grabbed the back of his neck like he were a newborn kitten and ripped him up off of the ground, he was half turned and slammed in the stomach with something the size of the bottom of one of those large fire extinguishers that you find in old storage closets. The first blow took the wind and what felt like part of one of his lungs out of him the second was so hard that it forced him to double up on himself in such a way that he was pretty sure that his own knee blasted him in the mouth. He was jerked upwards again he heard the wings beating and was pretty sure his attacker was airborne again. He was being dragged upwards into the air, as soon as he had that part figured out he was whipped around and thrown like a rag doll back down at the ground. He hit and this time there was no rolling backwards he just slammed into the ground with another blinding shock of pain. Danny couldn't even tell what was broken and what wasn't he only felt blinding pain all over his body. Rollover... get up... look around... do something!... his mind tried to give the commands but his body wasn't listening to any of it. he finally got his hands up near his head and was trying to push himself up when a massive handful of hair was grabbed and he was being dragged along the ground. Then he stopped being dragged and was just being held there, he heard the purring sound of a giant cat and the bleating demon goat noises of his attacker. The satyr lifted him into the air suspending him by his hair Danny managed to get his eyes open just in time to see the fully extended claws of the Cat that had attacked him on the cliff slash across his face. He screamed and kept screaming as he blacked out the only
Thought that seemed coherent was that he was now blind they had taken his eyes. In the time that followed his capture Danny thought he had managed escape twice. The first time, one of the Casaganoth had tricked him into thinking that they had struck a bargain and that if the demon helped him escape he would be allowed a week on the physical plain. What Danny did not know on that occasion was that had Kirogoth not been present the demon goat would have made good on the deal but since the bargain said that IF the demon helped him escape he would be allowed out of the abyss. The demon had only to not help and was released from the deal. A loophole that Danny would realize too late when they allowed his blind self to wander about in the chasm helplessly with only the faint hope that since he was free he could manage some way home. He managed to attempt the spell he used to gain access to the abyss but as he suspected it did nothing. At one point he managed to begin to heal he ruined eyes and it was at this point that his observers “re captured him” and began his physical torture again. The second time he thought he had his freedom he had spent forever probing with his mind, his eyes worked but the area where he had been being kept was so thick with the miasma that it was pointless to have eyes at all. It had been so long since he had felt the presence of another mind that he had
tricked himself into thinking he had been forgotten about, he began to venture out away from his corner of hell he didn’t know how long he had worked at it, he was climbing up as far as he knew he was going up the same side that he had come down of course he had been watched and this time when he was as far up as Oristhnx had decided he had fallen they had attacked him, his leg broken as well as an arm smashed against the crystal walls with hooves that were almost as hard. Danny began to slip down the cliff and was grabbing at anything he could with his good arm his fingers found purchase and he thought he had a chance but at that instant he felt the taloned paws of the damned hell panther shred their way into his abdomen and shoulder and he was flung from the wall. That fall would have killed him the Demons had either overestimated the durability of a human in the abyss or Oristhnx had gotten over excited in the rush of terror that had be let free from the human when his thralls were set on him. He was irritated when he felt the weakening of the mortal once it had finally hit the ground. As he came to land next to the pulverized human he had decided that he would just eat the thing and be done with it when he saw the succubus standing just far enough away that he was sure she thought he couldn't just pounce and end her. She was wrong but she didn’t need to know that yet.
“You have decided to end your fun then?” Niath asked without moving any closer than she thought was safe.
“No the thing is simply not up to the physical requirements of my extended attention.” Oristhnx added a mental sigh as he replied to her. He was aware of his thralls on the cliff further up and behind her if he moved on her and managed to actually miss they would have her back down to him almost instantly. The Satyr were known for their fondness of Succubi when they could get their claws on one, after the fun was exhausted they usually consumed them. The Fel lynx wasn’t interested in the fun and would not be interested in the meal once they had had their fun. If they had the meal they would most likely be strong enough to make him remove their marks sooner they he would like.
“You were warned the last time I saw you I believe.”
Niath decided that she could attempt he push into things at this point. It was obvious that the pretty kitty had no means of keeping the mortal alive for further fun.
“I was that is true, but the fun you were having with him was such that even with you and your slaves all feasting on it there were enough leftovers for me to enjoy from a distance, It is a shame that you would end your fun now.”
“Enough you are delaying my meal you cannot escape if you would not be the plaything of my thralls stay there and I will finish you as soon as I am done with this thing.” The massive Black Panther pulled his wings in tight and turned to feed, he had already gotten the humans hand and most of its forearm up into his maw and was beginning to crunch down when the irritating whore began her interruptions again.
“I offer this for my life then. If you would have you fun with him last, I do have a small talent for healing mortals, It is one that my kind learns sometimes if one of our  playthings becomes injured before we are ready to end our fun. I only ask that I be allowed to be closer while you play with him.”
When the ability to heal the human was mentioned Oristhnx dropped the hand back out of his mouth and turned his head to face the winged tease. She had gotten more comfortable hips tilted and hands resting in a manner to bring attention to her thighs and what was between them her barbed tail flipped back and forth behind her and occasionally slid slowly down a leg before falling behind her and slowly moving back and forth in the air again.
He did notice that her wings were ever so slightly flared and there was tension in her legs though she was doing very well to hide it, she was ready to try and spring away should he decline the offer. He could feel the torment, the agony of the mortal as it was coming to grips with the fact that it was dead already and just waiting for the pain to stop so that it could move on, there was something else there as well, a deep remorse that was almost stronger than anything else that was coming from it. This regret he was now getting from the man thing was richer than anything else so far it was absolutely torturous and it was self-inflicted he hated himself for something, what was it. He tried to pry the cause of the emotion from the thing but even dying its mind was like a safe box nothing could be forced out. He sighed to himself as he turned his attention back to his former desert.
What are your terms for this?”
“I want the promise of my safety from you and yours, and the right to be close while you play.”
“That was quick, you had that all planned out ahead of time didn’t you?”
“I needed to be ready to get it all out should you have decided to attack outright.”
“I want more than one healing then.”
“More than one? How many do you propose?”
“I ask only two favors, two healings.”
“You ask for your life, the right to share in my fun. As well as for me to forgo a meal and delay another. Four healings.”
With that the Fel lynx prepared to pounce he was not going to waste any more time with this pest. Niath got the feeling that things were about to not go her way and held up her hands as she shrugged.
“Four healings then, I will give four healings in your service I will be allowed to stay with you and your servants until you are finished with the mortal and my safety is guaranteed by you. Agreed?”
Oristhnx had noticed that while she talked her legs became ever so slightly more tensed and her wings were just a little more flared, He decided that he wanted to see if his prey could actually force him to give chase. Without any further comment and with supernatural speed that only one such as a Kirogoth could manage he lunged at her. she thought she had her timing correct she was up but the Lynx didn't aim for where she was standing he was lunging for where she was going he slammed into her almost ten feet above the ground slamming his maw into her chest and pinning both her arms to her sides with his massive paws. The impact ripped her from the air and he landed on top of her several feet from where they started. Her arms were still pinned to her sides and his paws had her wings stapled to the ground, her legs had her own tail trapped and he had laid himself down on her as soon as they hit the ground, there was absolutely nothing she could do or could have done to keep herself away from him. Niath flinched her head to the side for a fraction of a second and then looked up into his eyes. Her own soft deep black orbs were glowing with an inner light.
This isn't new, well not for me. I could roll over if you would prefer something more traditional.”
Oristhnx could feel his thought start to cloud over she wasn’t all together unattractive, she did have a rather nice tail and... He caught himself before he got any further. Niath could feel her spell taking hold if she could hold his gaze a second more. It was over, one of his massive paws came down straight onto her face the gaze was broken she was surprised when he didn’t push down. This beast could easily crush her skull. She thought about it a second more and realized that he hadn’t used his claws in the air and hadn’t attacked once he had her down.
“So you accept the bargain then?”
“Attractive to some... intelligent to less. get up save my plaything or there is no bargain.”
He leaped off of her and extended his wings out to glide to a low ledge on the cliff behind her once he landed he turned a few circles like any house cat and laid down facing the mostly dead mortal. Niath needed no more coaxing than she had already received. She got up and headed over to the tangled mess of human and began to work the few healing spells she knew. At first she was positive that she would not know enough to save this one but once she started she caught on to the fact that he had already started to heal, it  couldn’t have been enough to keep him alive but it was more than any mortal she had ever seen would have been capable of. She allowed his own healing to direct hers and soon the numerous places where he had been bleeding had sealed. There was a strong hatred in this man very strong the more life force he regained the stronger it grew. Succubae have a talent for the minds of mortal’s especially female succubae for male mortals. this she used she slipped in and out when his mind was working at saving its body there was a love at one point a love that was stolen and there was something else but what... ahh there it is he feels responsible for this love being lost, no not for it being lost but for reclaiming it. She waited she poked around a bit longer there were deep crevices in his mind that were open for her in quick flashes there was something with a family member it was also a regret and more love but not the same love. Then there was something else something deep and menacing... that gave her pause she had never felt anything to cause her to feel on edge over a mortal. Especially a mortal that she had witnessed do some of the foolish things this one had. She tried to force the locked away secret forward but it would not move, another minute and she found that it was demon in origin at least in some small part. She decided that he would live and got up and turned to her “Partner” who was still lying out and watching her work rather intently. She had seen predators waiting for their prey to stop playing dead and run so that they could give chase again and this is exactly what the Kirogoth looked like now.
“He will live. If you let him live long enough I believe he may become more than a simple game.”

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