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13e Dark Grand Canyon

Niath worked her way back out of the tunnel slightly confused as she went. Had the mortal just dismissed her? She hadn't accomplished anything that she came in for she had not even had the chance to see him face to face. Once she was back out of the tunnels and leaning against the entrance she felt something lift from her she wasn’t sure what it was at first it was much more subtle than anything she was used to dealing with. The Human had somehow mentally blinded her without her knowing it. It was like someone kept lowering the volume on her mind until it was so low that she couldn't hear it and it got to that point without her noticing it. She decided then and there that this mortal was just too dangerous to deal with when he was calm and collected.

Asmodan waited there with his feet braced against his small barrier long enough to be sure that she had left the tunnel if she had actually decided to leave and wasn't actually just outside the door waiting for him to drop his guard. He kept reminding himself that they had made a deal and that she wouldn't be able to let them get to her and he also kept trying to remind himself that the rest of them couldn't fit in here in the first place. He didn’t feel any of the effects that Volnam had warned him against as far as Succubi were concerned which means that the small glyphs that he had burned into the walls of his home away from home had done their jobs. He used the last of his stored up power to cut a narrow bar out of a section of the overlapping portion of his door. Once it was free he wedged it between door and the back wall. Once his door lock was in place he shifted on the floor until he was mostly laying down and drifted off to sleep he didn't need to sleep here but he didn't care, he just couldn’t think of anything else to do and it just sounded so damn good.

Oristhnx was watching the slit in the wall from as far away as he could and still see it clearly. A short time after the Succubus had entered the miasma had begun to gather again. The Kirogoth had never seen the abyssal fogs affected to the point where they just were not present for any length of time. He waited with a level of poise and patience that would have made any mortal feline seem attention deficient. When she emerged again he waited longer and when she only leaned against the cave entrance he sent her a mental image of his view of her, within a few seconds she had located him gave what seemed to be an annoyed flick of her tail and jumped into the sky. She made her way lazily towards him. She landed beside him leaning back against the wall, back far enough from the edge of the platform that she couldn’t see over it.
“Well nothing, he is barricaded in there. Far enough back into a warren of tunnels that he is sure that you won’t be able to fit into, behind a door that none of us have the ability to open.”
Niath didn't attempt to hide the annoyance she was feeling when she communicated with him. As they sat there they watched both the Casaganoth dart down from above they were in such a rush to the opening to the tunnel that once of them looked like he almost broke his wing slamming it into the side of the tunnel the fastest was slammed and shoved kicked and forced by the slower of the two until was forced far enough into the opening that he could begin to fit himself into it. When it looked like he might not make it completely inside the watched the rearmost arm of the first as it grabbed onto the horns of his struggling companion and begin to drag him inside behind him. A few more seconds of fighting to fit in completely and they were gone from sight.
“What threat did you level against them to send them in with such haste?”  
The Demoness was giggling to herself it was quite a comical sight, although the terror they were throwing off in waves was something to take note of.
“No threat was given I know that trapped in there with no chance to maneuver the mortal will most likely incinerate them. It would be a waste of two thralls.”

“Waste of what two thralls’ kitten?”
The Shreahsnogoth spoke to them from a shard of crystal that was sticking out from the cliff some fifteen feet above the ledge the demon and demoness were resting on. Oristhnx turned and was good to catch himself before he let his temper get the better of himself. It was six Shreahsnogoth, the speaker had massive red skinned wings another had four insect like wings another multicolored feathered wings like one of Order’s angles. The others could not be made out, they stood on ledges higher up in the mists. All of their wings looked different but one thing was the same on each of them, their armor they all wore the same shaped dark green metal armor with deep red edging. They also carried glaives, the handles were twice the height of the demons carrying them and sported a deep backwards sweeping blades on one end and a hooked spears tip on the other.
“I assume yourss, there were two that I came across sometime back weak and damaged, I was hungry so I ate them. You should be easier on your slaves they do you no good missing limbs.”
Oristhnx was agitated that they had managed to get this close to him without him knowing. But the fact that they managed to do it also told him a little about the threat that they posed. He eyed the hooked end of their weapons he had seen them before and knew what they were meant for. He sent Niath a mental image of one being thrown and hooking into and shredding the fleshy portions of demons wings to stop their escape. Niath had seen them before as well she had no intention of trying to flee this group. Armor almost always meant that there was the backing of a Prince somewhere no lone demon wanted to get on the wrong side of that. Slavery in a khault was the best one could hope for if they did. In fact it was probably a pretty sure thing that they were both headed for that fate right now. If one prince couldn't claim you as theirs then you probably needed to be eliminated so that another couldn't claim you for themselves.
“Only two then? And you ate both of them?”
The red winged demon had his arms crossed over his chest his glaive was now being held close to his back in the crook of his right wing.
“Did you lose more than two? If I see more and if they are worth returning where should I deliver them?”
“Hmm they have already proven week and cowardly, as it stands presently I think I may have found two others that might make decent replacements to the fodder.”
The abyss angel had taken a knee and was in a mostly resting position his eyes and mouth portrayed a playful manner. Both Oristhnx and Niath knew that his appearance didn’t mean anything and both kept a wary eye on the other five and what they were doing.
“It would prove to be a waste of time if it was the two that I think you are talking about. Keeping one fed enough to be battle ready and the others appetites sated enough to have the rest of your force battle ready wouldn’t be worth the little they would contribute back to the force as a whole.”
Niath was playful but she maintained that regardless of what was going on or at least tried to.
“I think one is overestimating her appetites and underestimating the endurance of my masters. If that is we are both talking about the same pair of demons”
He was appraising her himself as he spoke. Niath was considering working her charms on him but knew that even if it did work his companions would intervene and she would probably die for the attempt.
Oristhnx was not young he was not weak and he refused to be teased. His senses were sharp his claws sharper and his wings swift.
“Declare you intent soldier slave. I have my own games and no time for yours. Shortly I will be adding you and a few of your followers who are to slow to escape to my next meal.”
 With that the red winged one was back up on his feet and his glaive was in hand. The other three that were up higher on the cliff leaped into the air and glided down to take positions in the air behind and below them.
“So you have to temper for games of wor..”
He was dead before he was ready. He would have been correct if he had had a chance to finish the statement, Oristhnx did not have the temper for word games or teasing or much else while his own game was being put on hold by someone else. He sprung from a stance that anyone watching him would have thought he couldn’t spring from. But as with all beings of the feline form his entire body was a spring, a spring with extremely sharp things attached to it. He slammed into the leader’s chest crushing his unarmored head in his maw as he crushed his body into the cliff behind him as soon as top fangs met bottom jaw he was already shifting his legs and spreading his wings. As he used his massive weight to smash the ruined demons hips to past in his spring he use the claws on his forepaws to destroy the outer portions of the things arms severing both to flop down the Cliffside. He lunged higher than his next target sending himself above where the glaive would be thrusting in, then beat the air with his wings to force himself back down and behind the blade. This time he did not collide with the target but smashed the bony ridge of his wing into its nose and eyes and dropped to the Cliffside and darted below and under the ledge he had started his attack from. The two that remained above him could no longer have eyes on him. One because his eyes were currently smashed back and down where his nose should have been the other because all he could do was stare at the succubus.
She was the most intoxicating thing he had ever laid his eyes on. He watched as one of his companions leveled his spear was moving for her exposed back. It was wrong she hadn’t attacked anyone she was getting along with the whip master fine before the Kirogoth attacked. She could still be of use to the legion. Before he could think about what he was doing he let loose his spear and sent the blade spiraling through the throat of the one that was about to attack the beautiful lady demon. As he went down grasping at destroyed throat trying in vain to stop the blood that was exploding out of the side of his neck. The Kirogoth lunged back out from under the ledge and the wrapped his massive clawed forepaws around the shoulders of the demon furthest to the right of the two that remained in the air and bit down crushing his head in his powerful jaws. As he collided with his target and crushed him, he pulled one wing in tight to his body and flapped hard with the other causing himself to turn his momentum spin out with his hind legs catching on the center attacker’s wings and tearing a large section of the fleshy material free. The third demon having his wing torn began to attempt a controlled fall while keeping his body turned to watch for attacks from above. Niath’s new friend came to land on the platform beside her his wings out wide displaying his powerful build and wingspan. She looked him up and down grinning all the while and then reminded him that none of them would be safe and that she could not remain with him until the escaping demon was finished off. There was a confused look on his face as he tried to catch onto something that he knew was not the way it should be but nodded to her all the same and dived off the side he lowered his left arm and tore free his glaive from the throat of the demon that had last received it from him, that unlucky one laid on the side of the cliff caught between two pieces of the crystal that jutted out from the wall in his final death throws. The removal of the glaive left his head attached by only a few shreds of skin. Niath’s future lover pulled his wings in tight and held his glaive in both hands up against his body. The controlled dive allowed him to catch his target quickly. His once companion saw his approach and he could see relief enter into his eyes. The lapse in judgment allowed him to get just above the winged demon and slam the blade of the glaive straight through the center of his back out the front of his chest retract it and make a long swipe removing his good wing completely. he followed the swing through in a large arc and took the remains of the other wing as his target tried in vain to find some way to maneuver himself away. Once he was done he flared his wings and was jerked back up and away from the doomed hunter. He lazily made his way down to the floor to make sure the job was finished. No one just left an enemy behind you could never be sure of what would and wouldn’t kill someone off.
He found the body, head smashed to bits across the ground. Good there would be no one between himself and his, he couldn't remember her name the harder he tried the more apparent it became that he never knew it. He tried to remember where they had met, only a few seconds ago he was positive that they had known each other forever. Then the differences began to flood back to him. She wasn’t even in his Khault. He turned and looked back up towards where he had left her just in time to see her hips come down to face level her long smooth legs tight inviting thighs as his attention was drawn inward he noticed a second too late as the thin black tail shot up between those perfect legs and buried its tip in his left eye. As her tail pumped his skull full of her venom Niath forced his head up his remaining eye locked with hers she could see him strain to bring his glaive to bear but she shook her head no and he gave up. She landed on the ground her tail wasn’t long enough for him to remain standing and the slightest tug brought him to his knees. Once she could see the deep violet of her unique toxin draining out of his nose and mouth she jerked the barb of her tail back out and whipped it back and forth a few times to rid it of any nastiness that might have held on while she drowned him in poison.  

Oristhnx came to land next to her not long after. His face and paws covered in blood none of which was his. The fel lynx paced back a forth a few times in agitation before sitting down, at which point he began to clean himself.
“And the legend of your prowess spreads.” Niath said to him sarcastically. His only reply was a deep chested growl that caused her wings to vibrate against her sides.
“So does that count as sport as well?” she asked.
“No it counts as a hindrance and annoyance. When they don't return others will be sent for them.”
“It could have been handled differently had we known they were there. But then again it might have gone differently had you not decided on your course of action so quickly.”
She made sure to keep that comment as purely observational and have none of it reflect any level of criticism at least not the part about him choosing his own actions. She did include a mental flash of the two goat lords cramming each other into the mortals hiding hole without any level or warning. The massive panther now clean and the succubus semi restless made their way to the hole that the two cowards had mashed themselves into and found them sitting outside leaning on either side of the opening one with half his face burnt off and the other a thick stream of blood flowing down the left side of his chest just below the shoulder. Beside the bleeding one was a bar of the crystal that had two points on one end still giving off a slight amount of the glow left over from where the human had a hold of it before he gifted it to the current owner.  
                Both Casaganoth looked down and away as the other two approached. Niath chuckled to herself as she walked past them.
She said and neither of them so much as looked her way. Both attempted to both look at but not make contact with the Kirogoth who was now sitting directly in front of them.
“You ran from the forces sent to retrieve you without any warning to us that they were even near, only to be beaten by the mortal while you were cowering in his hole?”
“Did the scary man-beast attack and run you out of his fortress?”
Niath was laughing the entire time she spoke. She was making no effort to hide how much fun she was having while mocking the two. One of them finally glared at her and commented on the fact that had she talked him into exiting the tunnel as she was told too they would have already moved on and none of this would have happened. The other then pointed out how confused she looked when she came out of the tunnel and wanted to know how it felt to have been manipulated by a mortal. He wanted to know because it had never happened to him. Niath was no longer interested in mocking the goats.
They waited outside the entrance a little while more and Niath came up with a plan to get the human out.
“You must go.”
She instructed the others. When Oristhnx cocked his head to the side and turned both his ears towards her showing his interest in her scheme she went on.
“The mortal had to have heard or sensed some of what happened out here. If you are gone I can go to him and convince him that you have fallen to the retrieval force and coax him into taking this as his chance to escape.”   
“You could try and then you could end up staying in the tunnel with him as his mate. Or whatever else he decided he wanted to make you do. He has already proven you to be inferior to him mentally.”
The Casaganoth sitting nearest to the Panther commented. Oristhnx turned and growled at him.
“She at least has a plan. What have you contributed other than a battle and a meal and the new need for urgency?”
The Satyr looked back down and shrugged. Oristhnx stretched as he got up and nodded his head towards the sky.
“Come on. We’re going.”
The two goat lords stood the burnt one remained burnt. He would not heal from his wounds but the one that had been stabbed grabbed his crystal rod as he stood rotating his shoulder trying to loosen it up. The Kirogoth didn't look to see if they were following him or not he knew that they would. He lunged into the air and headed down the canyon a moment later his two minions were flapping to catch up. Niath watched the burnt one glaring at her as he moved off. She laughed at him as he went and turned into the tunnel had he kept watching her he would have laughed back if he had seen the shock on her face as she jumped. When she turned from watching the last of her companions leave she saw that not five feet back from the entrance the human was there in a low crouch grinning at her.
Once Asmodan saw her jump he knew that the female demon had seen him. He stood up and walked to within a few inches of the entrance but stayed back far enough so that if someone looked they most likely wouldn't see him.
“Don’t waste your effort trying to sell me the lie about the Kirogoth being dead. I know he isn't. ... It was a good idea though.”
The warlock kept his position a little away from the entrance and just watched the Demoness he knew she had to be going over different ways to cover for herself or working out a plan to try and regain his trust. What she didn’t know was that there was no way he was going to give it to her in the first place.
“So that plan isn’t going to work. I will try this one. The three of them headed that way. I do not know if they will continue that way or not and per my agreement with the Kirogoth it would be unwise for me to actively do anything to hinder his finding you.
“Give me his name.”
“He has not given it to me.”
“Do you know it anyways?”
Asmodan sighed and dropped his shoulders a little.
“I’m going to have to kill you now. Aren't I?”
For all the confidence that he was showing as he said it he felt the doubt as to if he could actually pull it off, it was buried deep inside but it was there. Niath caught a whiff of it but decided that she didn’t force the issue the human had shown to many surprises so far. It would be in her best interest if she let the others find any more such surprises.
“I would prefer if you decided not to. I have no reason to get involved with you directly. Actually there is no reason I can’t tell you what my role in this great game is.”
Niath was standing with her arms crossed and was absently rubbing right thumb over her left breast. She saw that Asmodan had noticed but he was keeping his eyes locked on some middle distance and was doing a fair job of ignoring any effect she was having on him.
“Well. I'm waiting.”
“Fine fine. My job is not to hunt or hurt but to heal. Consider that if they accidentally hurt you past what you can bring yourself back from then their fun is ended. I simply get to enjoy their fun from a little closer if I keep you alive when they go too far.”
She wasn't trying to sell herself as a friend or anything she was just stating facts. She was however hoping that they were facts that might discourage a conflict that she might not survive.
“Another pact lady demon?”
He asked. He still had the detached stare that was effectively muting all of her natural charms and he wouldn't look at her face at all which was negating anything she could try that would be more forceful. She arched her eyebrows. She was interested in hearing what he had to offer.
“You give them no information that will help them locate me in anyway. In return when this game comes to a close I will not kill you with the others.”
There was finality to his voice. He wasn't looking to negotiate this with her.
“It could cause tension with the others.”
“No, you have already acted outside the bounds of the original deal, if it was only to heal me. You would simply be sticking to the exact terms of the bargain. In return for only doing what you have already agreed to your existence is guaranteed not to be ended by me when I decide that this is over and destroy everyone else that has had a part in it.”
“Do you really think that you have that power?”
“Does your kind have legends of the Warlock?”
Niath laughed when he asked. But her kind did have legends of warlocks and if any of them were true she needed to control this mortal, make a long lasting pact with him or kill him now. She caught herself and realized that she was actually giving the whole idea real consideration and for what? A bluff being played by a mortal trying to intimidate his way into a bargain. Niath laughed at herself and nodded to the human.
“You have shown some measure of magical talent and have displayed amusing levels of telepathic ability but do I think you are capable of enslaving or destroying demons as a whole? No mortal man, you are not the Warlock. I do however enjoy feasting on your misery so I will go ahead and accept your bargain. I will not help the others in any way I will only heal you when they request it.”
“Outstanding. Then when the time comes for me to destroy the others you will be spared.”
“I already feel more secure.”
Niath turned in the direction that the others had gone and took wing.
“Too bad she doesn't believe me.”
Danny said, speaking quietly to himself.

                In the time that followed the Demons that hunted Asmodan learned that if he was pressed constantly never given a real chance to rest he lost his ability to focus. In time he became so frayed at the edges from constantly trying to hide to heal himself from the short encounters, that his mind began to come undone. As the time came on he finally started to have his own mind play the tricks on him that the Demons themselves were constantly playing at. Finally when he no longer even attempted to get away he was taken to the first cave that Oristhnx thrown him in and kept as a plaything. He was tortured small parts of him were eaten and he would be left alone. His own subconscious would heal some of the damage enough to save him. Once Oristhnx learned this he held off Niath’s healings, keeping her around much longer than she would have preferred. At one point the Kirogoth and his two Casaganoth had to leave the cave to leave traces and clues in places to draw off the legion that was still looking around for the missing patrol and the missing Casaganoth they had gone to retrieve.
                The others had gone Niath was sitting in the upper chamber of the cave enjoying the pained mutterings of the all-powerful warlock. When she heard him mutter something to a Monique. The human had never said this name before and there was so much emotion that flooded out of him when he said it that Niath was completely saturated with it. The intensity and the sheer volume of the emotions actually made her empathize with him for a half of a heartbeat or so. She tested him mentally and he was completely broken down, more so than ever before. Niath checked out the entrance of the cave she probed out mentally to be as sure as she could that there was no one else around and then she went down into the chamber with the human.
                Niath Positioned herself against the back wall facing the entrance. Once she had made herself comfortable it was a simple thing to slip into the unguarded mind of the tormented human. She couldn't help thinking to herself what a fool he was to have so much confidence in himself here in the abyss. The Demoness did not actively seek anything out she only did the equivalent of stand quietly in the corner and watch the show. There were streaks of color dark and sick colors things that if given a chance to try an artist could not reproduce in the physical world. she knew these to be the random feelings and impulses that were running rampant in this broken mind there would be no way to know what each color meant in this one mind, they were different from being to being. she would catch glimpses of faces in the colors as they moved by her some at blinding speeds in the form of solid light and other that would drift by lazily in mists similar to the miasma outside the cave they were both sitting in. there was a face that she started to notice more frequently than the others. A female, a human female Niath wasn’t sure why that was of any significance to her this man probably only knew human females. She saw the face a hundred different ways some smiling some sad some laughing. She exerted a small amount of force to nudge the mind more completely towards the woman. The colors that drifted by began to slow and then stop as they blurred together to make different colors, new shades and hues she realized that they were forming a picture around her. Niath still stood in her mental corner but now it was also an actual corner. She stood in the corner of some sort of small dwelling. The Male sat in the floor he was casting some sort of charm she couldn't tell what kind. She couldn't feel any of the actual power in the air of the memory. Finally he spoke a name three times, Monique. Ahh the mortal females name, why would he need to summon her was she not mortal after all, maybe another Succubae like herself? The woman appeared before them, the mortal man was summoning the dead back to himself, she was a loved one that he had lost and he even managed to pull her to his presence in the physical world there was a guardian somewhere that was made to look the fool over this incident, just shortly after Niath had the thought there in the living room with them appeared an Archangel even with the power removed in the memory the being of light’s presence made her skin crawl. As soon as the Angel was manifest the memory began to break apart into rifts of blinding red and orange it was as if she was watching a star that fed on hate and rage, break apart the memory she was standing in. No it wasn't breaking apart the memory itself it was destroying the angel and there was just so much of it that the rest of the memory couldn’t hold. She would have liked to see how the rest of the scene played out but she was back in the broken landscape of the mortals mind. She spent a while there just letting the waves of his emotions wash over her. Here in his mind she was at the source everything she had felt standing in the cave as the others had their fun was a watered down insult when compared to being bathed in the fear and the pain and the hate and rage here at the source. The mortals mind the place where all the things that the demons craved came from and could never completely capture and keep. Even when captured like this one had, eventually they would die like this one was. Niath was preparing to withdraw when she noticed something far off in the mind-scape it almost looked like the wings of a pit fiend it peaked her interest so she went to it. traveling the almost endless distance took seconds distance in a mind was not a concept that was strongly attached to anything it was like time in a mind, someone could bring up a memory and travel to that instant a lifetime ago as if it had just happened.
                When she had arrived she was surprised to find that it was a pit fiends wings how had this human come across a pit fiend? Well he had apparently already met an archangel a pit fiend shouldn't be much of a surprise. The Abyssal master demon hulked around in the mind as if looking for something. Was he actually in here with her? How? She was considering leaving then and there when the massive demon turned and looked directly at her. His massive form was nude with skin that looked like it was carved from obsidian he had no eyes only holes in his head that leaked flames from his skull and up his forehead and into the air a few feet above his head. When he saw her, his eyes narrowed and he flung himself at her before she could even turn to flee or pull herself from the mind to escape he was on her. one massive hand rapped itself around her crushing her wings into her sides and trapping her tail against her back. One of her arms was not at her side when he grabbed her and she almost went into a panic having to feel it snap like a twig as it was forced down and back at a wrong angle but she worked furiously to remind herself that this was not her body just a mental projection of it. but at the same time she could not free herself.  As soon as she was being crushed in his grip he began to smash his fist into the ground. she was being thrashed she felt like soon she was going to lose consciousness which she hoped would sever her link to the human and free her from the whole situation. As she thought it he must have heard because the assault stopped. He lifted her to his face she was only a foot from his mouth at the farthest there was nothing there but wide sharp teeth and the same fire that burned in his eyes and now that she was close enough to see it, his nose as well.
“What part have you played!?”
He screamed into her face. As he did it was as if a furnace had been thrown open the pain was unbelievable she could smell burning hair.
He bellowed. Before she even had a chance to try he began to crush her again.
“Sav... Saved hi... him.”
She muttered.
The crushing stopped again and she was held a little further back but still at face level. He glared at her as if waiting for more. She explained to him her deal with the mortal and her deal with the Kirogoth. She tried to keep herself calm and look for a way to get some level of control of the situation she knew it wasn't going to happen. A pit fiend, there was really no reason for her to still be alive now. After a silence that dragged on forever he tossed her to the ground. She couldn't put her wings to work on her way down. She couldn't even feel them she just landed in a heap at his feet. She began to climb to her knees when she was viciously kicked she spun through the air and landed on her back and his foot was on her chest. His massive taloned foot covered her entire torso. There was a claw digging into the ground on either side of her head and one digging a tinny hole through her forehead.
“He will live. You will see to it. He will get out of the abyss. You will see to it... Or I will see to you.”
With that he was gone. Niath laid there cowering, it took her forever to gather herself enough to stand. What could a pit fiend possibly want with this broken mortal? How was she going to do what he commanded of her? The human’s spirit was broken as was his body. even if she tried to heal him he was willing himself to death at this point. How far was the fiend she wondered? When the mortal died how much of a head start would she have to run? She didn't know where he was if she tried to run there was always the chance that she would head straight to him. He had spared her this time that was proof of the fiend having some sort of scheme the masters of the pit normally didn't spare anything. They were among the most powerful, most feared of the abyss. They were without a doubt the cruelest. Given the current turn of events perhaps she should just tell her partner about the command of the Fiend, there is no way that the Kirogoth would disobey, would he?

“These were commands he gave to you, no one dared to command anything of me.”
“Dared? Are you a fool? It was a pit fiend.”  
She sent images of the fiend as she communicated to the unbelievably idiotic cat. She knew that there would be some level of bravado from the Kirogoth he had proven himself to be very cunning and very powerful but to think that he was any match for something that his claws couldn't even scratch.
“You are right there would have been no daring to it. You would have been told and you would have complied and if you did anything else you would have been destroyed. It was near enough to be in his mind with me. So it is near to us now. Say that you would have stood a chance that you would have put up a fight. if you are soo powerful let’s hear it.”  
Niath was taunting him now she wasn’t being sneaky about it there was no tease to her thoughts as she sent them just a blunt challenge to him having had dealt with the fiend first hand she wasn’t about to just sit back and let this kitten play the lion when he wasn't the one that had been given the worst physic thrashing he had received in the last hundred years or so. She felt his deep growl vibrate in her chest as he let it roll out. Oristhnx moved to stand so that his face was more or less level with hers. His eyes looked straight into hers and he said out loud at the same time that he projected the thoughts out into the surrounding area.
“I am not intimidated by any demon that I have before or will in the future encounter. I will bow to none of them.”
He noticed the two coward goat men looking nervously around the insides of the cave as he spoke.

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