Saturday, August 24, 2013

14 Planning the return trip

The Crispy one gave it up, once it decided that it was going to give up its broken and burnt self didn’t even bother to create a mental image of itself to communicate with the Warlock, It just opened up and any question that he pressed to it the thing just shot back a pure thought answer and maybe an image if it thought that the image would assist Asmodan. Finally after his questions had been answered Asmodan stood and asked the Casaganoth out loud,
“Are you the one that… never mind, I was debating on mercy or not I’ve decided not.”
“I now want you to tell me a way to get back to the mortal plane.”
Knowing that there was no mercy waiting for it the burnt demon thing decided that it would have another go at resistance and for a while more Asmodan was tested against a stubborn alien mind and again he decided on a General Sherman slash and burn approach. It was not long before it was again mentally naked before him and answering whatever it was he posed to it. On the topic of a way back home the Warlock say images of a horned skull with what looked like the horns of other demons attached to it. There was a ritual attached to it which Asmodan mentally recorded for himself.  There was a name for the skull artifact that he would have to manufacture it was called a formless prism gate. Once in this demons past it had donated a horn to the construction of one so that himself and a few others could have a few weeks of fun in a town in what looked in the flashes that Danny saw to be Medieval Europe the joy that the thing felt when the memories of the time spent amongst the helpless men and women and children of that long ago village worked to building the Warlocks anger back to less than reasonable levels.
“You donated a horn before, this time you will be donating a larger needed piece.”
Asmodan worked a while and managed a makeshift vault in the floor where he deposited the bones of the incinerated one and the charred remains of the other. A lid was placed over the hole and other pieces were slid into place to insure that nothing inside would be working their way out. Anyone that came into the cave would have no problem getting them out though.  He pictured in his mind the gate device that he would use to escape this place and noted that he had a skull and three of the five horns that he would need to get out. He knew that the succubus had two small horns he could extract if it came down to it. They did seem too small in comparison to what was used in the one that he had fixed in his mind.
He stood there in the darkness his door still sealed. He didn’t need any like as the floor was beginning to glow bright enough to make out shapes. Mentally he was already extended out looking for intelligences near to the cavern and he noticed one it was trying to hide itself and was doing a fair job but since it was only a few feet from him on the outside of the wall above and to the left of the cavern door it was a simple thing for him to feel out. He didn’t bother trying to figure out what it was or who. The Warlock mentally applied the fire that he had had so much luck with recently. Not the physical fire but the mental one that had been so helpful in dealing with his lump in the hole.
Oristhnx had waited for much longer than he had originally planned and as he had he felt wonderful pain and fear as it came flooding up out of the cave beneath him. It only worked to increase the need to get at the Human again. He had at one point moved out further to see that just past the lip of the cavern entrance a door had been erected he didn’t test it but he was sure that it was somehow reinforced and that he would have no luck forcing his way through it. He had at that point moved himself back to where he had been waiting previously. It was some time past this that he thought he felt a mind brush his and almost as soon as he had noticed it he was yowling in agony as his skull began to burn from the inside out. It was he knew the same mind fire that the human had used soon after they had first encountered each other but this time it wasn’t being performed by someone that was hoping it would work. This time it was being forced by someone that knew that he could kill with it if he got the chance. It took the Demon Cat too long to get its guard up and it almost lost its mind for its sluggishness. Finally with a decent block in place it got itself into the air and began to put distance between it and its attacker. He hated being forced into anything close to a retreat but that attack had been too strong and too sudden. Oristhnx was reforming his take on this mortal. It was not fun anymore it was something that was becoming dangerous he was going to have to treat this human more like a rival predator from this point on. The changes that had recently occurred had taken two lesser demons from his service; no mortal that he had ever heard of had ever come into the abyss and killed at demon. It was unheard of. Sure some less worthy denizen of the abyss would make its way to the material realm and get itself banished back or in some cases as rare as they were one would actually get it’s self killed there and be forced back that way and suffer the issues associated with that for Miasma knew how long. But he had never heard of anything coming from the material plane into any sphere of the abyss and killing a demon here.
Once he had a great enough distance he reached out and couldn’t feel the mortals mind anywhere he landed on a ledge and began to pace back and forth working things over in its head.
“The hunter looks unnerved.” Niath called down as she approached.
“You should have let him die.”
“And break a pact? Never.”
The Kirogoth just growled and continued to pace. He was not unnerved he was finding ways to prepare for his kill this wasn’t a game anymore. It’s never a game for a hunter when the prey starts killing the hunting party.
“What is it?”
“What is what?”
“The mortal, do you think it is actually what it claims?”
“I have seen many things; I have never seen a Warlock. I have also never seen or heard of something that can force a demon with wings in flight from the sky with nothing more than a word.”
“You are useless.”
“I have done everything you asked of me so far.”
“I have held my end of the pact as well.”
“Yes and you been so put upon through our bargain which you set the terms to.”
Oristhnx was going to offer up some sort of slight but only just managed to dive aside before the area where he had been resting exploded in black non light. The spot where the explosion took place was still tracing back and forth with some sort of purple white lightning. When he landed and began to scan around for the source of the attack. He found the origin as he saw the next bolt of blackness came flying up at his current position.
“Here kitty kitty kitty.”
The demon had never left the range of Asmodan’s mind as far as the warlock knew his mind didn’t have a range he aimed it in the direction of what he wanted and it was there in his third eye calling him to where he needed to go.  As soon as he was sure he was close enough to hit come close to hitting the thing he launched his attack. He didn’t know what it was or exactly what would happen when he loosed it he kind of came up with it on the fly. The bolt of shadow energy was gathered from the surrounding miasma and turned into what he wanted and all he really wanted from it was something destructive and seeing as how the blast seemed to be sizable it was giving him exactly what he wanted.
“You cannot run from me we should just handle this now and get it over with.”
He called out to the demon cat.
“Lady demon you should go as far as I can tell I have no reason to destroy you.”
Niath looked over to the Kirogoth who immediately contacted her telepathically.
“Go down and distract him I will take him when his attention is diverted.”
“If he is what he says he is it would not be wise for me to make an enemy of him. Perhaps you could strike a deal with him.”
“Go down to him or I will devour you as soon as I am finished with him.”
“Our deal was did not cover this.”
She stated as she took wing and glided down to the Human who was far beneath them, as she covered the distance she was surprised that the human could even see them from this far below. Then she noticed that his eyes were closed.
“Warlock, I am come to distract you so that the Fel Lynx can attack you while you attention is diverted.”
“Is that so?”
“Yes. Are you adequately distracted?”
“You could say that.”
As he communicated with her Asmodan opened his eyes and turned his head to face her as she landed beside him. The whole time keeping the cat firmly locked in his mind’s eye, watching it as it moved from one spot to another. Slinking to a position where it could have him in a single lunge. The warlock laughed out loud and raised a hand in the air while calling out.
“You are mine then!”
As he spoke a wide cone of his green and black flame enveloped them. The rest of the world was gone as far as he was concerned. Nothing was getting through that wall of fire. Niath screamed in genuine fear as the fire which started directly behind her and then spread around the two of them appeared.
“Calm down already.”
“I am calm I was merely going along with your ruse.”
“Liar. I can smell your fear as easily as you can feed on mine.”
Niath glanced down at the ground for a few seconds then back up at him.
“Well I am yours for now what will you do with me?”
She started to work her charms into the air around them, her body already beginning to make the changes that it felt he wanted in her. Ever so slowly she started to take on the physical features that she instinctively knew that he preferred. She could feel her powers taking effect on him as she could feel that he was distracted by something else. He looked away for a second off in the direction where he was sure that the cat was lurking. She was waiting to make eye contact with him as soon as he looked back and she wished that she hadn’t. As soon as their eyes met she say deep into them and what she saw was the Pit lord deep in the blacks of his eyes looking back out at her, laughing. She realized right there that she may have just consigned herself to death. Immediately she withdrew all influence that she had been exerting over the mortal. Asmodan had not noticed when she began to put her spell over him but he did feel that something was off and he knew exactly what was going on when she snapped it back off of him. He glared at her a second and realized that she had taken it off not pushed to add to it.
“If I find that you have done anything to me. I will punish you for it later.”
“It was a temporary lapse in judgment, force of habit really. It will not happen again.”
“When I drop the wall I am going to cause an explosion at your feet fling yourself back and away as far as you can, land hard make it look real. If you don’t get far enough alone it will hurt you this isn’t a parlor trick.”
Niath nodded that she understood once he had explained what he was going to be doing. The human held up three fingers and began a countdown as his last finger was dropped so to went down the cone surrounding them. And in that same second he dropped a massive blast of the shadow stuff he had been throwing at the Kirogoth. Niath was a demon with a demons reflexes and she didn’t really have the time needed to get clear she pumped her wings as she threw herself free of the blast and she still felt the cold burning life draining energy scream its way up her legs and part of the way up her legs. She flipped full in the air and just managed to use her wings the bottom edges of which had also taken damage in the blast to stop her from crashing horribly. She managed a few rolls to disperse the impact and finally came down against the bottom edge of the cliff side as it climbed up towards the spot where she had been talking with the demon cat a few minutes before.

Asmodan watched her fly through the air, he could have used a smaller amount of energy for the blast but she had been putting the succubus whammy on him she would need to not do that in the future and if she saw that blast as him trying to not kill her then maybe she would wonder what he was capable of had he actually intended on killing her. He knew that as he watched her the Kirogoth would most likely take his chance and pounce and he was right. As she was rolling away on the ground the warlock watched the cat launch itself at his back. He never turned he just flung his hand out into the cats face as he unleashed the blast he had begun building as soon as he loosed the one at Niath’s feet. But unlike the one he had thrown at her feet she was not the same baseball sized jolt of power he had been using this was a continual lance of blackness. The Kirogoth sprang like a cat but unlike a cat once in the air it was not at the mercy of gravity until it landed. As the lance sprang forth from the Humans hand he beat hard with his massive fleshy wings and hurled himself away to the side pulling hard to his right the mortal’s left. The Warlock turned his wrist and the lance swung to follow. The initial explosion was massive. The Fel Lynx was flung across the small gap between the two cliff faces and slammed hard into the jagged crystal wall. The beast rolled to the flat hard ground and was on its feet at once. The warlock could tell that the demon feline was damaged but it was doing a hell of a job pretending it wasn’t. With a growl it was coming at him again. Was it crazy pulling a bull rush all of a sudden? Asmodan flicked his hand and a stream of what looked like flaming liquid green fire sprayed forth covering the beast in streams. Oristhnx was committed to its course and was flying at face level toward the human. Asmodan ducked under the flaming feline missile as it darted towards him. He was clear he thought until he felt claw shred flesh. Asmodan felt his shoulder light up with pain as the cat reached down to try and grab him on its way over. The warlock drew a connecting line in his mind between the pain he was feeling and the power he was supplying to the fire that was currently burning wildly on the Kirogoth. The raking of the claws up his back threw him off balance and had him face down on the ground for a second before he pushed himself back up onto his feet. He turned to face the Demon cat and was already too late. The draft horse sized cat was already on him. Jaws clamped down on his left shoulder the mouth so large that the arm was trapped at his side and the right side of the feline’s mouth rested against Asmodan’s cheek. The Warlock knew that it could kill him then and there but instead it began thrashing him left and right. It was still a demon after all and had to get whatever it could as far as pain at fear before its kill. The problem with its actions now was that Asmodan had moved past the place where he was stopped or slowed from action by either pain or fear. The Warlock reached up with his right hand and grabbed the side of the cats head and began to let his shadow energy build. He was about to loose the jolt that would most likely blow the Kirogoth’s head off its shoulders but at the last second the cat must have felt something and tossed the Human away. The blast hit the far cliff wall and the resulting explosion threw both of them against the side of the near wall. Asmodan noticed then that if he had set that off on the Cat while it was holding him he would have probably just killed himself as well.
                At some point he lost his focus or the Oristhnx made some move for himself and the flames were gone and what remained was a burnt mass of skin stretching in large swaths across its back and sides. Smoke still rose from the edges where the fur had been burning. Oristhnx was already on his feet and lunging up into the air as Asmodan was springing up onto his feet. He lashed out with another stream of fire but the Kirogoth was already rising up out of the prepared range. Asmodan could tell he was trying to hide in the Miasma but he could still feel where the demon was and still had the ability to focus and see exactly what he was doing. He let the Fel lynx play its hiding game a little while and drew in his power and focused it on his wounds. He could feel odd sensations as things that were fractured or broken reknit and rips and tears sealed.
“It’s a shame that you are missing your horns I am currently looking to collect them!”
Asmodan taunted up at the sky, he intentionally didn’t look in the direction that he knew the demon to be in. He did try to use his understanding of wind to harass the demons flight but as he expected there was nothing exactly the same as air here so wind didn’t actually do anything. He spent a second wondering if the Miasma could be used for what he wanted and decided now was not the time to start playing with new ideas.  Slowly he began to focus his power draw it in and prepare it. He wanted something far more controlled than wild spats of fire or massive destructive blasts of dark power he channeled and gathered and concentrated and finally feeling the word burn up out of his throat he commanded.
There was no pause or delay as soon as the word left his mouth he turned to where he knew the Kirogoth to be and saw it glide down out of the mists and land smoothly going from gliding to walking. The beast moved directly towards him wings tucked in to his sides and laid down head on the ground between his forepaws. Asmodan could see and feel the war going on inside the cats head. He knew his command over the voice was not complete yet if it was from what he knew of it there should be no conflict in the Kirogoth. The body was obeying him but the mind was in total revolt. He knew it shouldn’t be able to happen but he was sure that if he dragged this out to long the Fel Lynx might break free and continue the battle.
Staring hate into each other’s eyes the Kirogoth laying in subservience the Warlock standing hands on hips head high in victory.
“You have two choices Kirogoth. One I incinerate you and blast the ashes throughout the spheres. Two you make a bargain for one hundred years in a Kyateah Zhoser after which I will release you back to the abyss this very spot if you wish.”
Asmodan didn’t waste time waiting for an answer he held up his right hand and the green fires began to build first large and wild streaming up several feet into the air but slowly he pulled them in. focusing them into a small green and black baseball that was intensely bright and though the Warlock felt none of its heat Oristhnx felt the fur on the forward half of its body begin to singe. The baseball sized flame grew more intense and shrunk to the size of a golf ball. As it got smaller the demons burning became worse. It was everything Oristhnx could do to stop himself from immediately answering and his self-loathing was second to none when he pictured himself laid out on the ground before the Mortal. But there was a deep fear in this demon and it was the fear of not being.
“One hundred years in the Kyateah Zhoser and ten free in the material realm.”
“No this is not a negotiation this is a simple decision, option one or option two.”
The Kirogoth offered no reply. Asmodan looked down at the demon and shrugged. As he turned to head towards Niath who had not moved from the spot where she had landed as he turned he tossed the ball of sickening oily flame onto the cat’s hind quarters. Where it instantly burned its way down through the beast.
“Kyateah Zhoser! Kyateah Zhoser!”
The Kirogoth screamed in his head, again and again. Asmodan felt nothing but the fear of dying from the demon now.  He turned and looked down at the Fel Lynx.  Everything from the hips back was ash the heat working its way up through the stomach. The demon screamed out loud as he was incinerated slowly. The fire itself had not spread to the Felines body but the heat was so powerful that he had the appearance of slowly evaporating. What was still intact was racked involuntarily spasms along with its screams.
“What was that?”
“One hundred years… Kyateah Zhoser… returned…  Nath anywhere in Nath.”
There was begging now. Full and complete mental begging. It was different then when someone begged out loud with normal begging there was the tone of voice sometimes the look on the face and then it all depended on the empathy of the person being begged. With telepathic begging the beggar’s whole self, poured out the need the desperate all-encompassing need for whatever it was that they were seeking. No empathy was needed to feel how badly they felt they needed something you knew it as surly as they did. With Oristhnx it wasn’t the need to be placed in the Kyateah it was the need to have the pain stop and the looming end of his time delayed.
“Deal, you will avoid me completely and not hinder me in anyway while I remain in the abyss you will not knowingly allow anything or anyone to hinder me in anyway while I am here and once I have returned home I will contact you and finish our bargain and from that time in one hundred years you will be returned to a place I find for you in the demonic sphere of Nath at which point you will be free to go and do as you please.”
“You have … Bargain mortal.”
“Warlock. It’s Warlock.”
“You have a bargain… Warlock.”
As soon as the bargain was made the fire extinguished. Asmodan was ready to do it as quickly as he could if he completely toasted the cat there would be nothing to work with later on.
“Lady Demon, I am curious if he any threat to you in his present state?”
“No not hardly. I am sure that physically you are much more capable than me. Could you possibly do me a favor?”
As they spoke Niath got up off of the ground and made her way over to the Human. She had already healed from most of the explosion that sent her sailing through the air.
“I suppose it depends on the favor. And it would be a favor I think I am done making any arrangements with anyone else for the time being.”
“Could you possibly move him into the cave we were all staying in recently? I can’t have him out in the open in his current state, if something were to get to him and finish him off in any way I would be out something I very much want.”
“Even the Half of him that is left is huge this would be quite the undertaking.”
As he looked over the half burnt Kirogoth he had to agree with her. The thing was the size of a large Clydesdale and half of a huge freaking horse is still two or three times the size of a healthy man.
“You know anyone we could get to assist?”
“You reduced them to ash as far as I know.”
 Again Asmodan looked down at the half demon laid out on the ground. Oristhnx had a look of contempt on his face which was one that already came naturally to a normal mortal cat. Looking at the same look on something vastly more intelligent was almost unnerving. It would have unnerved the Warlock had he not be able to remind himself that he already beat the massive thing. It was remarkable the ends of the burnt flesh were already showing the first signs of regrowth.
“What is a safe name to call you by Kirogoth, I’m not asking for your full name or any name of power over you.”
“Well Oristhnx, do your wings still work?”
“I need my… hind legs to spring up into the air first.”
The Fel Lynx mentally spat at him.
“Well since you can’t help yourself she is not obliged to help you and I do not have the required bulk to drag you up I guess you are on your own until the time that I can call for you. Unless you work something out with her. I will summon you when I am ready.”
With that Asmodan turned and walked away.

Time slid past and the Warlock didn’t bother to pay attention to it. He moved along the cliff bottom as sure of himself as he had ever been. If any demon nearby had glanced the surface of his mind they would at first think that they had run into a demon prince for all the cocky self-assurance that he was exuding . He felt things on the edge of where his mind could reach and if they were near he tried to find them many seemed to move away once they knew he was moving towards them. In the abyss if something was moving to you it usually had a reason. He kept on with his search. Asmodan had plans now, a way to get home and a way to get Monique back. Parts of his memory were getting to be fuzzy he knew he had the detail straight but things were taking on that dream quality when he thought back on them. 
The Warlock moved on and on. Hunting for another set of horns he knew he needed to find some way to close distance with something quickly otherwise things were going to just keep outpacing him when they felt he was coming for them. The ethereal miles passed by as he walked. Asmodan had no clue that the length of these canyons continued on for so long. Often he looked from side to side and contemplated ascending one of the cliff walls and he would remind himself how easy it was to get picked off of one of those walls when you didn’t have the ability to fly yourself. If he had some wings that would be something, or mastery over some sort of flight or levitation.

Finally the Cliffside to his right dropped away and the pathway he had been following tapered away until he was standing at the edge of a ledge and had the option to climb down or to climb up. Time was spent trying to come up with a way to decide which option was the better of the two and eventually he decided that there was no good way.  Down was the choice he decided, if he headed down and he fell then he was making fast progress if he went up and fell then he would be losing ground.  The decent went as easily as it had when he had first entered the Abyss.  He never seemed to get tired or hungry and as he moved now he could play with the near limitless power that just flowed around him. Instead of taking breaks on ledges he cut odd shaped holes in the cliff and went inside braced them shut with a bar as he had learned to do in other little hidey holes. He would meditate rest his mind and then move on. He got to the point where if he saw a ledge ten or even fifteen below he would hop free and drop the distance and begin the downward crawl again.

After his extended decent he began to feel a swarm of minds. All dark all twisted; there was something similar to a village or town somewhere beneath him. He stopped and made another of his improvised invincible hideouts and just about the time he finished he felt a mind actively looking for his. He waited and soon the Succubus came gliding down out of the miasma to begin hovering before him. Flapping her wings just often enough to stay a little above him.
“You have covered much ground for one that cannot travel above it.”
“Yeah wings… those must help out a lot out here.”
“Oh they do. You should pick some up when you get a chance.”
The warlock looked pointedly at her wings and smiled.
“I think I could work up a glider if I got my hands on the raw materials.”
“No no those would not do near as much good as you would think. You need to be able go up as well as down and you don’t have any slaves on hand to carry it for your long assents.”
“Depending on where I got the raw materials I could get a slave at the same time don’t you think?”
“What would stop them from flying off with your glider while they were hauling it for you?”
“Is my Abysseth so bad that you will only talk to me with the mind speak?”
“It’s not bad it’s just…  Did you learn from an Imp?”
“Actually yes my umm partner is an Imp”
“You partner with demons instead of enslave them?”
She finally said out loud. Asmodan had moved back off of the ledge some to allow space or her to land, as he did he motioned for her to come land beside him. Flapping once more and then gliding down to land softly beside him. Her wings folded down over themselves once as they pulled in tight to her back once fully retracted it almost looked more like a ruffled black leather backpack than a set of full sized bat like wings.
“I am curious as to why you have tracked me down.”
“Actually I ran into you by coincidence, I was headed below and noticed your presence. I then decided that it might be in my best interest to garner some favor with the great and powerful warlock and warn him against the city below.”
“It’s a city is it?”
“Yes if we were to attach that meaning to that gathering down there. It might not be wise for you to enter there.”
“You don’t think I would be able to handle myself below?”
“I do not think that you would want to gain the attention of whoever is in charge below. You may be vastly more powerful than a few demons but how would you fair against legion?”
“I would imagine that if the legion could hear me then the legion would obey.”
“If you could work out the word I suppose that it might be true. What is it that you seek down below?”
“I seek lady demon, three demon’s horns.”
“Any particular demons a certain caste? Or just three horns from demonic heads.”
“Are you familiar with a formless prism gate?”
“Yes though I have never used one. You need to take the horns from those heads yourself if I am not mistaking.”
“Wow so I guess I am the only one who just found out about those.”
“Well master Warlock you cannot possibly be more than a hundred or so, there is still much for you to learn. I am much closer to four than three.”
Asmodan laughed at the part about a hundred or so.
“I am actually maybe only a little beyond a quarter of one.”
“You are wondering about here in the abyss so young? Are you mad?”
“I’ve done ok so far I think.”
“Really you believe that you have done ok so far? You have spent the majority of your time here being stalked and tortured.”
“Ah come on you don’t think I was ever in any real danger do you?”
“As bold a bluff as I have ever heard.”
Asmodan thought that he did a good job of hiding the bit of embarrassment that he was sure just tried to rush across his face.  The succubus didn’t show any sign of having seen it but he wasn’t sure that she would even if she had. Knowing that he had been out of his depth or close to it might help her out later on. She might even be planning something out now he always had to be prepared for that, he knew that always suspecting everyone was going to eventually make him really paranoid but it was the only way that he could be reasonably sure that he would get to see something like a centennial birthday if that was even possible. For Niath’s part she wasn’t actually sure he was bluffing or if he knew what power was backing him up. In the time that she had been gliding about the spheres she had never personally come across one such as a Lord of the pit. She was never sure about the naming of the caste the pit usually was associated with the cowardly devils and they twisted adherence to order, but the pit lords were as chaotic as anything in the abyss could be. She had heard stories in Nath of random lords deciding to stay in a populated area go about a routine for some time great lengths of time and then one day just decide that that was enough and leave and there were other stories where they were in the same situation only decide out of the mists that they were going to consume, burn or smash everything in the immediate area. None of them actually answered to a prince or any other higher power in the abyss. They only did what they wanted when they wanted to do it. How a child warlock had one working as a hidden guardian she could not even come close to guessing.
“Well then, if I am not to enter the settlement below then how am I to gather my horns? I assume you are not going to volunteer your own to the cause?”
The Demoness reached up and ran her fingers over her own smooth slightly curved horns.
“No I don’t think I will donate them willingly.”
“Think you could charm them off someone in town for me.”
“You really should get them on your own, from what I have heard about the device you mean to build you need to gather the items yourself if you want to get the most out of it.”
“Most out of it?”
“You would not want to have the gateway deliver half of you would you?”
“I see your point. Well then lure out some demons for me.”
“And I would get what out of this favor?”
“Favors are favors you don’t get anything for favors except maybe the chance of having someone do a favor for you later.”
“There are no such things as favors here; you want something you make a deal.”
“You stopped me from going into the settlement thingy for nothing. That was a favor.”
“Maybe I stopped you so that I could propose a bargain?”
“And what would you want from me?”
“Time in the physical world.”
“That All? Just a bit of time to run loose with your wanton ways?”
“It’s what we do I guess.”
“And what would I get in return for giving you this time?”
“There have been others that just wanted the same as I did. Maybe a pre tasting of the treats I would be giving out on once I was let loose.”
The almost playful back and forth chat and Asmodan’s somewhat playful look on his face vanished there.
“No deal.”
The pause seemed to set him back on track mentally. He had to get down below so that he could get his plans underway. She was in his way, she was playing polite but she wanted something from him and he knew it. She wasn’t trying to hide she fact. She was actually rather open about it.
“Those types of treats I only take from one dish. Now if you will excuse me.”
“Wait. I wish to have you make me a domicile in a cliff face of my choosing and in return I will teach you to levitate in a manner that will make ascending and descending the cliffs much simpler. Agree and I will fly you to the place I wish to have the dwelling built and then I will bring you back here once you have learned the trick of the levitation. What do you say?”
Now she had his attention. Being able to levitate would save him massive amounts of time.  Cutting a home out for her would take next to no time in comparison.
“Deal. Let’s go.”
Niath moved around behind him and wrapped her arms around his chest beneath his arms. Asmodan was aware that at that point she had him. She could take him up as high as she wanted and just drop him or she could just squeeze. A Succubus would easily have the power needed to smash every bone in his chest and leave him limp on the floor. They went up almost vertically until everything was lost in the lazily drifting murk of the miasma below. Once they had reached whatever elevation it was that Niath wanted to maintain they set off gliding the since he could not look her in the face to talk to her as they traveled he decided to talk to her telepathically but then decided to not communicate at all and just enjoy the flight. After a while his arms and chest began to get sore from hanging by them for however long that they had been in the air eventually she selected a spot on one of the saddle tops a long ridge between two higher points and landed there.  As soon as they were down she let him go and they both began stretching Asmodan his arms and chest and Niath her arms and wings.
“You tired already?”
“I am carrying more than twice my own weight. If I remember correctly that’s not something that your people can do is it?”
“Sure there are lots of humans that can carry more than their own weight. “
“And they can do this while flying?”
The Warlock shut up.
“I am good again, are you?”

Asmodan looked around and then nodded. Niath picked him up the same as before and soon they were once again ascending to her chosen gliding altitude. 

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