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15 home sweet home (for demon lady)

Eventually he did decide to start up a conversation with her. He asked her where they were headed how far it was and why the spot she had chosen there versus any other random spot they had passed so far. She told him that it was still pretty far off that it was actually more a part of the Agoth sphere then the gault was. And that she wanted a place there ever since she had first laid eyes on it. The Idea of leaving Johrahnthreavers Gault was exciting he knew that different places in the spheres could be extremely different from each other. Not like earth where the laws of physics were pretty much constant and an environmental event in one place always had an effect on another place. Here there could be a cloud of fire moving just like a cloud of miasma he had not seen one yet but Volnam told him to be prepared to see anything there and that most likely none of it would be good. They made two more breaks to stretch and then Niath stopped at what Asmodan could only register as kind of a beach. He stared dumbfounded at what was stretched out before him for are far as he could see in any direction. The sky as ever was unchanging with the same omnipresent sick light that came from everywhere at once and had no source, endless drifts of brownish miasma here and there stretching out into the horizon.  But maybe a hundred feet from where he stood the crystal floor dropped away into a churning roiling ocean of reddish liquid the crests were frothing and what seemed to spray up from them didn’t come back down it evaporated upwards into wisps that disappeared into the sky. It was insanity to watch. The Oceans at home had a rhythm waves washed in crashed on a beach and drained back out into the sea. Here they fought in every direction causing constant liquid collisions that sent the evaporating spray into the air. Further out from the shore he could see flashes of light and on further inspection he found them to be massive gouts o flame that seemed to randomly spew forth from the red liquid. Initially the Warlock wanted to assume the superheated red stuff was blood because come on how would that not fit horrifying landscape and sizzling oceans of blood? But he never really entertained the idea for more than a second. Logic kicked in and he thought things like where could this much blood come from? What would be keeping it from clotting? Then safely he decided that it could not possibly be blood but the question that was left to him was, what is it then? Finally Niath approached him as he pondered what he was looking at.
“Is it not terrible and beautiful to behold?”
“It is something that’s for sure. What is it exactly?”
“I guess it is most commonly called the red sea. Sometimes it is called the burning sea.”
“So are we here because you want beach front property?” 
“No not beach front. I want my own island retreat.”
“So you are saying that you want to take me out over that?”
As he spoke he pointed out at the monstrous sight before him.
“Yes but do not worry the flying above that will be easier than what we have done so far. The heat makes gliding much easier.”
“It wasn’t the flying over it that I was worried about it was the falling into it. That had my attention.”
“I will not drop you. I cannot, I have promised to take you back.”
“It is too easy from humans to break their words it makes it hard to believe that someone else will not break theirs.”
Niath looked like she was going to say something but did not and instead moved to pick the human up and begin their long flight. Asmodan did not like that last leg of the trip out. He saw things in the red sea beneath him. Sometimes faces not heads with faces but just faces that appeared in the water and then vanished in the madness that was the seas frothing surface. He did see demons in the liquid as well. Massive forms some tentacled others finned some winged they would break the surface and then recede back into the depths. At one point something did manage to spot them as they glided overhead.  It was a white skinned thing. A humanoid torso with a large wedge shaped head it almost reminded him of a wedge of white cheese on a thin neck but as it watched them go and Asmodan got to see it at different angles he realized it was more of a hammerhead shark shaped head than anything else but not smooth curved like the shark it was sharped edged like it was cut from steel. The head had many eyes placed seemingly at random over top of the head. He never did see a mouth and he didn’t see horns either. As he noticed himself checking it for horns he laughed inwardly at himself. Even if it had ten horns how would he get them? The thing had mantis like arms and hands, and as it dived back into the sea he noticed it was one of the things he had seen parts of earlier with the tentacles, it had several of the things he had no way of knowing how many. He did notice that they were not like the tentacles of an octopus they didn’t seem to have the little suction cups all along one side. They were smooth all the way around but looked like they had a curved talon or hook at the end of each one. The heat was intense even at the height that Niath was maintaining and each time he thought about it he noticed again that he didn’t seem to sweat at all. At one point he came close to dozing off he wasn’t sure if it was boredom or exhaustion from the heat he did know that he didn’t want to be asleep if something were to happen and he be dropped into the mess beneath him.  Finally there was an island before them it was just a speck in the sea as they got closer Asmodan noted that it was maybe a quarter of an acre and reached probably thirty feet into the air. It was more of a column than an island. It just jutted bluntly up out of the sea alone in the middle of nowhere. The warlock began to understand why she had chosen this place. It was secluded enough. Asmodan thought they were coming in to land and instead Niath began to circle around.
The Warlock’s confusion vanished as he noticed movement on top of the pillar. Something was down there. Niath knew that the human would panic if she were to let go with one hand to point out what she had spotted so instead she reached around with her tail and tapped him and pointed. He reached up and tapped her shoulder to let her know that he understood.
“I cannot let anyone that knows of this place leave it alive. Present company excluded of course.”
“Of course. So what is it? I’m assuming that you can see it more clearly than I can.”
“There are too many demons in the abyss to know them all. It is larger than either of us, I see no weapons which means nothing. Let us land and see what we see.”
“You know that killing whatever it is will be hard right? Really hard?”
“Even with the assistance of the most powerful Warlock?”
“Yeah even with that. I knew what to expect with the Kirogoth, I don’t here. Besides I’m not the most powerful Warlock. I’m the only Warlock.”
They landed on the far edge of the massive pillar giving plenty of space between them and the other demon.  They hadn’t been on the ground for a second before a massive voice boomed over them.
“Who dares invade the realm of Catabacsh!”
Niath moved to step forward and begin talks with the thing but Asmodan held out his hand to stop her. He moved towards the demon. It was a Morganoth he knew as soon as he was standing at ground level with it. The demon was gigantic when Niath said it was bigger than the two of them she was severely understating it. He also knew that it was not an uncommon caste of demon in the abyss. They were almost the common thugs of the abyss. They were definitely a product of the realm of the destroyers. Massively muscled they looked like something that was supposed to have been a bodybuilder that could never fit itself into the building to take home the mister multiverse trophy. This prime specimen was close to eight feet wide shoulder to shoulder and four times that shoulder to foot. He looked shorter due to his natural crouch. His arms were wider around than the Warlock was at his own shoulders. Asmodan had nicknamed them pitbull demons when Volnam had first introduced them to him. And that came from the square muzzled canine head. They were like hairless crop eared pit bulls or some other massively muscled fighting dog that man bred at one point or another. Its skin if that’s what the demon flesh could be called was similar to Volnam’s. It looked more like skinless muscle than in a reddish purple tint than it did actual skin. The only reason that the Warlock knew that there was skin was because the thing had no internal organs laid about on the ground. When asked about that detail Volnam assured the Warlock that there were in fact skinless demons that did have visible organs they were usually some sort of fluke a soul that began to develop into a demon but was not taken by a caste and didn’t figure out a way to properly configure its self for eternity. Whoever it was that this Catabacsh had modeled himself after had been something to behold. Danny knew that their eyes ranged from a series of reds to a few shades of yellow and this one had the deep glow in the dark red that horror movies love to fall back on. Asmodan would have loved to stare longer but the object of his attention was not looking to wait for him to finish.
“Surly a Beast as great as Catabasch is only joking when he claims a speck of an island such as this one as his realm?”
Asmodan called back as the demon began to pace in a manner similar to a tiger at the zoo when he knows someone is about to start tossing food in for him. He had his plan for the thing he just needed to get the right situation to make it most effective. They were not stupid demons if he remembered correctly but they weren’t scholars either. 
“I’ve come seeking you Catabasch.”
“Do you know of the Warlock?”
He knew that he was about out of talk time he thought he had maybe a second of two more but he was wrong. As soon as he finished the question the brute was barreling towards him. He had planned for it, was expecting it. Asmodan was learning that if he gets the chance to plan something out he usually does ok. The Demon was well within Asmodan’s arms reach which meant that he could have been yanked up by the demon at any point with in the last four or five feet such was the length of the things arms. He noticed that the mouth was wide open and that it was planning on getting its grip on him with its maw not it’s hands.
It was as instant here as it was with the fel lynx. The Morganoth froze in place in a sort of kneeling position. He could see that same look in its eyes as he did in the Kirogoth’s. But only for a second as the Kirogoth maintained a level of extreme hate and desire for vengeance, the Morganoth was showing a similar mix of hate and confusion.
“As I was saying, I was looking for you great Catabasch. I will have need of you in the not so distant future. I have had a vision and in that vision I am attacking a city in the material realm I take the city and once it is mine other mortals try and take it back from me. But they cannot and the reason that they cannot is because defending my great city is the fierce Catabasch and his army. Do you understand now why you cannot attack me once I release you? If you do you will miss a chance to do battle in the mortal realm. I am going to release you now and you are going to move back a respectful distance and we are going to make a bargain. I have foreseen it so you cannot disobey me. If you do I will command you to seek the bottom of the red sea and stay there for a million of my mortal years. You know that I can the same as you know that you had no choice but to submit when I commanded that.”
Asmodan waited a few seconds. His heart was racing. He knew he was pulling almost all of what he was saying out of his backside but it seemed to be coming to him like it was the truth. He looked the demon in the eyes held his stare a minute longer and then told him to sit and deal. 
The Demon did as he was told and as he sat down Niath still behind the mortal had to stop her jaw from hitting the ground. She did not think that the human had the focus to deliver the command as smoothly as he had. When he had used the word on the Kirogoth it had felt strained to her. Granted she was dealing with her own issues and was laid out on the ground some feet away. She moved over to stand behind and to the right of the human. She even assumed an air of subservience to him. There was no harm in making it seem like she was in the charge of the warlock should this all work the Morganoth might assume that she was off limits and under the Warlocks power and protection. Asmodan noticed and grinned at her, he knew exactly what she was doing. Through a long conversation mostly using the mind speak the warlock and the dog faced demon came to a series of agreements surprisingly the human did not try and bind the demon to an actual bargain but instead they came to a series of understandings. Niath was sure that most of it was stemming from the demon agreeing that it would be bad to spend a million earth years beneath the red sea. Something would most surely eat him in that time something would most likely also eat whatever ate him as well.  As it was later explained to Niath, Catabasch had no clue that it was in his future to raise an army of goatmen, shadows and Morganoth and that his force once gathered would be taken to the material realm and used to conquer and keep a mortal city that was home to more than four hundred thousand souls. But he was open to the idea that it could happen. He knew others that he could gather could force to serve him. But it would take him time to gather them and use them to gather others. It was agreed that he would need to go soon to begin and that he would await the Warlocks call.
Not long after they had finished their conversation the Morganoth rose up and moved to the edge of the island and was preparing to dive in when Asmodan stopped him.
“What weapons are used amongst your caste?”
He asked the brute. It happily went over the many things it had used to kill with over the years and they finally decided on a square edged cleaver war blade sword like item. It had no hilt the blade was a little longer than the Warlock was tall. The handle was another three feet on top of that it was mostly a rectangular bar with some notches in it so it didn't slip when it was covered in gore. At one point in the discussion of weapons Asmodan asked about the value of a weapon carved from the crystal that formed most of the land. Catabasch explained that it made fine weapons because they were invincible and could not be dulled, but that they were what they were and that so few demons actually had a mastery over fire needed to make such weapons that they were far spread and few in number many ended up being hoarded or restricted in the regions where things could be restricted. Often but randomly in the conversation Asmodan could feel the demons desire to rip him asunder break his bones and eat the marrow inside. Or to flay him and use his skin to make a loincloth out of or maybe a purse to tie at his waist to keep the skulls of smaller things in. Always the demon suppressed these urges and that was something that the Warlock was thankful for. By this point Asmodan we pretty sure that he could be cultivating a future resource. Once they were finally done and Asmodan had a good idea of how this demon would conduct battle. He moved over to the patient succubus lounging on long raised portion of the island something similar to a square edged couch or maybe a long deck chair. She did have the look of someone tanning themselves when he approached her she looked up at him.
“Ahh is the great one now going to give me the attention that I so badly need?”
She had the succubus influence in her voice turned way up. It seemed to roll off of Asmodan like water though and he ignored it completely.
“Where do you want your entryway made?”
 She was up in an instant and on her way to the tallest point of the pillar. It was maybe fifteen feet taller than the rest of the mass of crystal and probably only six feet wide before it matched up with the outer Cliffside and fell away down into the water.
“Do you plan on entertaining larger guests?”
“I would prefer it if I had a hard time making my way inside.”
“Warlock I do not want that thing knowing that I am setting up dwelling here I want none to know. We must kill it.”
She told him mentally. He shook his head at her. Telling her that he was not onboard with that plan.
“I think that I will need him later. I am sending him away from here and I will most likely keep him busy. He will not be back. What are the odds of him finding this place again anyways?”
“It is a sure thing. Most if not all demons can return to a place that they have already been. None are lost in the abyss only those who do not belong in the first place.”
“Wow look at that I am learning new stuff all the time. OK I have a plan for him and I will include you in it. But you will owe me a favor later on.”
“Out of the question. We already have a deal I’m not making another with you.”
Asmodan shrugged at her.
“OK that’s on you. You could have a part time body guard or you can handle him yourself whenever he decides to show up. And in the future he will be armed and armored.”
“What are you planning to do with him?”
“That’s for me to know. Not you.”
Finally Asmodan called the Morganoth over to where he and Niath stood and told him to watch. Slowly the Warlock called his fire he focused it much like he had when he had made the small greenfire star that he had then set loose on Oristhnx’s back. Once it was something small enough that he felt he could work with it in enough detail to do details with he set to work cutting the image he had in his mind out of the side of the wall in front of him. There was no special effect the crystal just evaporated the way that it always did when fire came into contact with it. Miasmic smoke billowed up into the sky to join the massive drifts that were already present.  By the time he was finished with the first item he fell loose to land on the ground at his feet. It made an odd crystalline clanging sound when it hit. And looking at something that was thin enough to be transparent though smoke tented  and watching it fall the way that it had made him want to reach out and catch it but he did not. This weapon would never break it wouldn’t dull it would do its job probably long past the end of his own world assuming no one took a blowtorch to it.
“Pick it up and hold it out for me.”
He told Catabasch. The demon did as instructed. As the blade was held aloft the warlock went to sharpening it. He had read books on the edges of swords and blades and such when he was doing his research on the demon blade that he was sure was hiding somewhere in japan.  He knew that two fine an edge could shatter. If it was made of steel. But this could not so he focused with his mind not his eyes he created an image of something that was so fine that a mortal hand would not be capable of shaping it. And that was what he created as he passed his flame over the left and right sides of the edge of the war blade. When he was done he also cut plates of armor to fit the demon and a helmet all plain and without detail just smooth featureless plates that could be attached with hooks that were also carved from the crystal once he was finished Catabasch was outfitted with chest and back plates shoulder and forearm guards thigh and shin guards which would later need straps to hold them on. When the topic of straps was raised, the demon asked how attached to the succubus the Warlock was. He then went on to point out the flesh of her legs, wings and tail would work excellently.  Niath began to give Asmodan a look that was someplace between worried and annoyed and the Warlock finally stated that he had a plan for her much like the plan for the Morganoth himself.  This seemed enough explanation for the fiend and he turned his attention back to the blade he hadn't let his hands off of it since taking it up even when fitting on pieces of armor to make sure they were the correct size he never sat it aside.  Once everything was complete it was agreed that the pieces that he could not wear now would be left out on the open here on top of the island and once he had the straps he needed he would come for them. Asmodan also explained that if his task was completed and a functional force was raised and loyal that all the armaments that the demon currently had would be upgraded and that those that joined the force would be similarly outfitted. Finally after making the request of a gorget to cover from breastplate to helmet and explaining that among his caste going for the throat was a first, second and last approach. He finally threw himself into the red sea and began to swim away.
“He just threw himself in?”
“He does not have wings how do you think he got here?”
“It’s madness in there pure freaking madness I know it’s mad. It made mad faces at me. And the heat. That’s… that is just…”
Asmodan stopped watching the beast bobbing along in the swirling roiling liquid and just shrugged his shoulders.
“As long as he is gone. And why is he leaving some of his belongings here that guarantees that he will return probably as fast as he can find someone to use that sword to skin and make straps out of.”
“How far in that direction until he finds land?”
“That was it is twice as far as we traveled to get here.”
“It will be a while before we have to worry about him again. And look I am already started on your entryway. Notice the angles that I have been cutting at. There is no way that anything with a skeleton any larger than me can make it inside.”
From that point on they were making a tower from the top down. The entryway went back several feet and narrowed to the point where Niath’s wings completely folded up made it almost too tight for her to fit sideways into the space it then stayed that way for almost two feet and was followed by a sharp left turn that widened to the point where she could walk normally to a stairway that spiraled down ten feet and opened into the first room that room had two adjoining rooms one to the left and one to the right and in the far side of the main room another stairwell was cut. It led down to the next set of rooms. Asmodan knew he was going well beyond the terms of the deal she wanted a hidey-hole like what he had been using and this was bigger than a lot of houses he had seen if he added a few more levels down it would be close to a mansion level sized place. He was using it as a method of practice and Niath sure didn't object.  He created door panels that could be closed and then bared so that once closed she did not have to worry about most interlopers. He started cutting furniture as he went first smooth block like items and after a little bit of playing with it he was making rounded items that were decorative as well as functional.  Some of which Niath began to take and move into the upper levels that had started bare. The level of effort that he expended was close to nothing, he only needed to use fire and with a sweep of his arm he could have the basics of a room carved out in a cloud of expanding miasma, then he would use the miasma to fuel more fire and on he would go. Finally once he was feeling truly tired he dropped himself onto a smooth crystal version of a high-backed chair that he had seen in a movie a long time ago. It wasn't soft and inviting like the one he had modeled it after but it was better than the solid flat floor that was his other option at the time. Niath was looking from one room to the next walking from floor to floor. Obviously excited by the turn things had taken for her.  The Warlock stood as she came back down from one of her trips and stopped her.
“You are happy with the place then?”
“You do not know what you have made in this.”
She purred to him in response. She was moving towards him as he spoke. She moved so slowly so smoothly. The warlock was beginning to get drawn in by the rhythmic sway of her.
“OK knock that off or I turn it all to smoke now!”
She stopped as quickly as she had begun.
“I am sorry it is hard to not seduce it is kind of what I do. I’ve never had to hold it back this long before. I just let it do what it wants and see where it takes me.”
“Yeah well with me you will learn some self-control or you will pay for it,”
“I do not understand. I was not controlling it earlier and it had no effect on you.”
“I think it has to do with my focus. But it’s not for you to test. If you ever cause me to do anything with you that you seem to want to get me to do with you I will incinerate you. I’m not kidding I know I’ve made the threat before. But my heart belongs to someone and it always will and if you ever cause me to betray that her I will level you and whatever landmass you happen to be on or over or in when I do it.”
“Calm Warlock calm. It is unintentional I assure you.  What I do is as natural to me as your flames seem to be to you.”
As she spoke she pointed to his hands which had begun to gather a greenish halo around each and from each halo the distorting effects of heat played in the air. Asmodan looked down at his hands and gained a slight understanding of what she was talking about. He was getting to the point where a temper tantrum could light up a house and he had only been doing this a short time. Demons do what they do from the time they become whatever it is that makes them that way and keep on doing it until time ends or they die. He could understand her being excited and having some form of that excitement bleed over into the surrounding area. He noticed himself sympathizing with her and then caught himself he couldn't give her any slack she would just use it to hang him with when he let his guard down.  He knew he had reminded himself of all this before and if he didn't do something to get rid of her eventually he was going to slip. He knew he needed a ride off of the succubus’ little island but after that he was going to have to get rid of her.  She did suggest finally that they be done with the carving of her new home when Asmodan had finished the final room it was the farthest down and he had managed to take it so close to the external walls of the island that the crystal was transparent at some points. The transparency didn't matter at most points the liquid was dark and the crystal had the brownish tent to it but now and then off in the distance the seemingly random blasts of fire would cause a dull glow to be seen.  This last large round room seemed to Asmodan to be almost forty feet beneath the surface. He had stopped to rest a few more times between the finishing of this room and the almost fiery exchange he had earlier. Niath asked that this room be left perfectly round and that he add a shallow bowel shaped indentation in the exact center of the room. When he asked if she planned on using this room for ritual and scrying she nodded and complemented him on how perceptive he was.
Finally when there was nothing else to be done no little trick he wanted to try and no piece of hardened crystal she could think up to have him craft they decided to fix a trick door that could be closed and would have a latch fall to hold it secure with a small slit that one would have to know about to use to open the doorway to gain entrance. The entire door apparatus was set up just past the sharp turn in the main entrance where someone would be moving sideways and packed as tight as they would be. Niath would be able to use her tail to open the door she would not be able to maneuver her arms to open it. After they had finished with that they took once more piece of crystal that had been cut to just lay over the outer opening to work as more of a visual deterrent a camouflage as he explained it to her. From a few dozen feet away the doorway wasn’t noticeable. Once Niath tested it from the sky and was sure that it was all but invisible she landed and approached the Human.
“Let us go back inside. It is time to learn to levitate.”
The next few hours were spent with the basics of the spell being explained. Asmodan noticed that by their natures Succubus were much more likeable teachers then Imps. She was patient she had no problems with questions and she wasn’t the slightest bit insulting. All things that Asmodan had never had in a mystical instructor. As he thought about it he realized that he was thinking about Volnam with a grin on his face. There was something wrong with that he didn’t know what it was, but he knew there was something wrong with that. Evil little fox faced… the Warlock caught himself and refocused his mind on his current teacher. She was demonstrating the application of the thought process and began to float about four feet above the ground.  Asmodan had done enough with gathering focusing and using power here in the abyss to know that that part wouldn’t be a problem. She went over everything again and this time had him try. As usual with most people’s first attempts at something, nothing happened.  The persistent Warlock continued on through his second third fourth and fifth failed attempts and on the fifteenth attempt he floated up about a foot. Once in the air he held it for almost thirty seconds and then was back down on the ground again. But now that he had succeeded the progress came quickly and soon he could rest his head on the roof of the room they were practicing in. once he could sit with his head against the ceiling and safely lower  himself back down to the ground they moved back outside where he could practice in the open.
It didn’t take long before Asmodan was sending himself up into the air like a rocket, ascending with such speed that the skin on his face was pulled down with the force of it. He also practiced with elevating himself a bit cutting the spell and then reactivating it before he hit the ground. He was just fast enough to drop from five feet and stop himself a few inches from the ground. Niath who had had a perfect mastery over the spell for longer then she cared to remember was impressed with the speed that he learned the spell and then began to modify and play with it. She was also slightly terrified with the swiftness and intensity that he could instantly have power on hand to manipulate into spells. Finally when he stepped off the edge of the island and lowered himself down near the surface of the raging liquid and raised himself back up and stepped back onto solid crystal they decided there was nothing else that he needed to learn about the skill and decided that after a nap they would return to the point above the demonic settlement that they had left to get to Niath’s little private island. They went inside and for the first time in what felt like forever Asmodan was about to rest in an area that he felt almost safe in.
The Warlock slept in the third floor down from the entrance. He was in one of the large matressless beds that he had carved and as smooth and inviting as it looked it was still solid crystal. Not long after he had laid down on it, it began to glow with the odd rainbow of lights that accompanies his unguarded touch on the substance. He had only planned a nap and he knew he didn't need to sleep in the normal sense of the word but he did anyways. Just let himself drift off past a restful meditation into a deep sleep. Here in the abyss there were no nightmares for him this was just normal restful sleep and some part of his mind loved it while it lasted. At one point he wasn't sure when exactly it happened, he hadn't had a need to keep track of time in so long. He began to have a nightmare. It was Monique she was waiting for him calling out to him it felt wrong to him it felt very wrong he needed to get to her but he couldn't he ran for her he flew for her chasing her and he could not catch her. Her hands were reaching for him he was stretching for her he was almost forcing his arms from their socket he reached so hard and she would just get further away. Then all of a sudden he could see who was keeping her from him. Kephrael that damned archangel the mass of wing like tendrils of power spilling from his back and causing the only light in the dream. For a second the wings were not that of the archangel but were instead those of a leathery winged demon and then they were gone again. He decided that he would need to kill the Archangel and began to set loose a blast of dark energy to cripple the legs of this always too fast enemy and then he woke up. He sat up in bed on the verge of a rage.
Niath felt the instant she knew her Human guest was about to wake and was well on her way back down the stairs to the rooms below. Her mind was locked tight he shouldn't be able to feel her as she moved away. Seeing how this human can play some of the games with demons, tricking the Morganoth into thinking that it was part of a vision. She was wondering if there had not been some mind game involved in making her think that something like a Pit lord about that was keeping an eye on him. She would be careful but she could not pass on a chance for the human to take her out of the abyss and give her a chance to roam in the Mortal spheres she understood the basics of what was driving this mortal. If she was careful she would be fine with that.
Asmodan did not get back to sleep so instead he began to meditate.  As he did he closed off whatever piece of himself it was that cause the crystal to glow so fiercely. When he had woken up the room was lit up with the colors coming from the crystal of his bed. Once he had begun to meditate the colors dropped to barley noticeable and directly beneath him so that if he was sitting as he was they could not be seen at all.
Sometime later Niath returned and was surprised to see Asmodan awake at least she seemed to surprised.
“After all your work I had assumed that you would have slept longer.”
“I slept longer than I have since I got here. That’s enough for me. I’m ready to head back now. Are you?”

Niath motioned for him to head up the stairs towards the exit. Asmodan thought about insisting on ladies first but decided that this was certainly no lady and headed up the stairs. As he moved through the floors he looked at his work. If he could get electricity up and running here he would be able to build himself a way bigger place that he had currently. The lack of internet and cable television finally brought him back down to reality and his dream of a billion dollar almost indestructible mansion died. Finally they were up top and Niath was wrapping her arms around his waist to haul him off the island and back to the agreed upon cliff.

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