Thursday, September 26, 2013

19 Power more power

“This is a waste of time. There are more important things that you should be focusing on.”
“I can’t yet. I need to get this done first.”
“This is stupid.  Your transportation is supplied for you.”
“Look I want to get on to the other stuff, I need too. But I can’t get my mind wrapped around it yet. I need this taken care of first.”
“Stupid stupid stupid… Fine make me understand why it is so important?”
“Stupid. But better.”
“How is an automobile revenge?”
Asmodan looked down at the Imp sitting on the foot of his bed staring up at him. Part of him wanted to just punish the Imp for questioning him and get on with things but he had to remind himself that they didn’t exactly have that kind of relationship, though the Warlock could make it that way in a heartbeat. The Imp as usual was naked but the warlock was in his new style of dress since returning from the Void. Long pants long sleeve shirt or hooded sweat shirt and then depending on if they were outside or not gloves. He had been using a cheap pair he had seen in Wal-Mart but had since ordered a very expensive pair he had ordered online, leather with some sort of really comfortable lining. Today he was in jeans tennis shoes and a long sleeve dark blue shirt. Lily had told him the previous day that she was going to start ordering him shirts with designs on them so that he didn’t look so plain all the time. The Imp folded his arms in front of this chest and asked again.
“So explain how an automobile is about revenge?”
Asmodan took another second to wonder how there was a word for automobile in Abysseth.
“It’s what I’m going to trap in the Automobile.”
The Imp raised an eyebrow at him.
“There is a Fel lynx that is going to be placed in the hate engine that will be powering the vehicle. He will give a service of one hundred years if I keep the deal I forced him to make.”
The Imp visibly cringed at the mention of the Warlock possibly not keeping with a bargain. At the same time he was also pleased to hear that the Human who he had trained was in a position to force a Kirogoth into anything. IT was more confirmation that he was the right choice to train. Volnam already knew that because he was rarely wrong in anything. In his time in the material realm he had learned that humans would get hung up on things that they couldn’t get past and no amount of force could get them too without suffering some sort of mental malady that would prove more troublesome than the original issue. So he decided that assisting the Warlock would be a faster course to the goal than trying to talk him out of it.
“And what exactly is it that you need me to do?”
“Find me the demonic equivalent to a fabricator or metal worker. Hell a blacksmith could probably do what I need. They need to be able to do fine and detailed work.”
“When I find such a crafter, do not worry about the level of detail they can achieve. Those that actually choose to take a skill to use to occupy their short eternity practice it for all time. Not the single mortal lifespan that most of your kind have to master something in.”
“Right right, demons are soo superior. Don’t forget I could tell you to kill yourself and I’m pretty sure you’d be dead before you noticed what was going on.”
“You are not a human you are a Warlock.”
“I’m still a human.”
“Disrobe and look at your flesh, you look more inhuman all the time.”
“Yeah well you wake up ugly every day.”
“May I use your portal to exit this plane?”
“You know how it works?”
Volnam just hissed at the insulting question and stood up on the bed. After a second he had gone through the disgusting process of growing his wings back out and glided out down the hallway. Danny stood in his room and pulled his shirt up just past his lower ribs and ran his other hand over the ravaged scar ridden skin of his belly. Looking more inhuman all the time he thought the words over and tried to shrug it off. Scars couldn’t be dwelled on forever and he was going to get even on each that had a role in his new skin.  He also thought about at what point he wasn’t going to let Volnam talk back quite as bravely as he was used to. He fought back those thoughts Volnam was the closest thing to a partner that he had he needed to keep that relationship the way it was. He looked at the Alarm clock beside his bed he had a meeting with his Engineer in a few hours, this time Mr. Leeway was coming over with some items to test the Hate Engine. Asmodan still had no intention of explaining what the device actually was and Kenny seemed more obsessed with making it work with something or anything than he was with the details of what it actually was. Once making it work with a generator was accomplished then he might become more interested with what is causing anything placed next to it to spin to pieces.
Kenny arrived right on time and where Danny was expecting him to have a truck or van full of stuff for them to carry up to his work room, the clever engineer climbed out of his little Toyota Camry reached into the back seat and grabbed a Carolina blue backpack with a yellow horned rams head embroidered on the back, smiled at him.
“We have been going at this the wrong way.”
“How is that?”
“We are looking for ways of controlling and slowing down the RPMs by adding more complicated contraptions rather than going as basic as we can get.”
The two worked their way up to what was turning into Danny’s own little electronics lab. The Engine was sitting on the table where Danny normally left it when it wasn’t being used. Kenney walked over to the engine and turned it on its side so the side that caused things to spin was facing up into the sky. He then pulled a carbon fiber disk out followed by another disk with masses of copper wire bound around it there were some magnets in place and a set of legs that attached to the disk with the copper bound to it. With permission he drilled the legs to the table and set the spinning disk between the copper wrapped disk and the engine. As soon as they had the magnet only disk near it the thing tore loose from his hand and immediately began to spin as they both knew it would. The difference here was that it was touching nothing and spinning free in the air.
“Well that’s working! Can’t beat a good magnet set up!”
“It sure is loud!”
“Yeah I know! I thought it might do that!”
Kenny reached into his bag and pulled out two sets of ear muffs and handed on pair to Danny. They put them on and then Kenny pulled out a pair of heavy gloves that looked to Asmodan like they might be rubberized or something. Then he pulled out some thick cabling and attached one end of them to the set up that Danny had installed and was going to be attached to the generator and then attached the other end to the carbon fiber deal that he had just put in place. Other than a seconds worth of flickering lights and the new high pitched sound coming from the spinning disk. Nothing seemed to change, so Kenneth grabbed an expensive looking metering device of some sort out of his bad which Danny was beginning to think was magic just because once the disks came out it looked empty and he kept pulling more out of it. The took two leads from the device and pressed them to the terminals that he had attached the cables too. The engineer looked dumbfounded put his meter away and disconnected the cables rolled them up and put them back in his bag. Once done with putting things away he motioned towards the door Danny nodded and they both went out into the hallway.
Kenny leaned against the wall next to the door once it was closed. Danny looked at him expectantly and finally asked.
“Why did you disconnect it?”
“I need to get thicker cables.”
“Yeah to be on the safe side. But other than that its good man you already paid for what looks like a really high end system to be installed in there I just want to go up on the cables and it should be fine.”
“Awesome, I was beginning to think that it couldn’t be done.”
“there are things out there that spin faster and put up more force they just aren’t normally as small or confusing to think about.”
“What’s confusing about it? You put something next to the appropriate side and it spins. Seems simple to me.”
“OK man I really gotta know now. What is it?”
Danny was quite for a minute mulling things over in his head and then he nodded to himself.
“I killed a demon ripped its heart out and placed it in a magical box that I made and now it makes stuff spin due to a demonic word that I wrote on the side in blood.”
“OK fine don’t tell me… that’s kind of a dark story to come up with on the fly.”
“Yeah you’re telling me.”
“I’m going to get the cables I will drop them by tomorrow.”
Danny told him that it was fine and showed him out. He could tell at the end of the walk to the door that Kenny wanted to ask him about the hallway on the first floor but the educated young man decided not to. They shook hands and parted ways for the day.
Asmodan went back into the room where the little magic generator was whirring away and smiled at it. He moved to a white board on one wall and grabbed the Marker that was resting on little tray that was attached to the bottom of the board and walked over to the table where the legs of the generator were screwed down. He slid the hate engine out from under the rest of the apparatus and the spinning portion immediately stopped and fell to the table top. Grabbing a compass from the tabletop The Warlock drew a perfect circle and then two more.  Each slightly smaller than the last and then began to mark them out with the sigils that he knew would handle the upcoming problem. Once he was finished he slid everything back into place and set the stator disk to spinning again. He smiled to himself again as this time there was no sound. Asmodan thought about it a minute wondering if maybe he should have waited to make that move after Kenny had left the following day, then decided that he didn’t care.  The Warlock did have more than a few ways to handle things if the Engineer didn’t drop things when asked to.
The following day Asmodan was quite pleased with the way things timed out. Volnam had returned with the name of something that the Warlock could contact to accomplish his demonic smithing needs. Kenneth also returned with the cables that he said would be thick enough to safely handle the little generators output. When they went into the generator room the Engineer took a few minutes to look over the markings that Asmodan had made around the setup. Finally he looked up at the Warlock and stated flatly.
“So you used a spell to eliminate the sound from the spinning?”
“So you actually have a demons heart in the box?”
Asmodan wasn’t sure of exactly how this was going to go and crossed his arms over his chest as he again answered.
“That’s pretty intense man.”
Kenny looked kind of shaken. But held his composure, it was at this point Asmodan knew that the engineer could call him a fraud and any other name that meant about the same. Or he could just go with it and believe him. Danny could see him working things over in his head.
“So can we open it and let me look at it? I’ve never seen a demon heart before.”
“Sorry my friend you are going to have to take it on faith that it is what it is.”
“Man I hate faith. I want to poke a prod until I’ve measured and weighed and put it in a box with a notecard on it.”
“I’ve already done that part you are gonna have to take my word on it.”
“Not just a peek?”
“Nope. sorry. Hey try this. You figure out everything that can’t be in there, doing what you know it’s doing and when you know that the only thing that you can’t disprove is in there must be it right?”
“It’s way faster if you just tell me.”
“I did.”
“lemme see it.”
“Nope and if you keep pushing I’m going to have to use magic and make you forget ever knowing me.”
Kenny froze at that. The largest part of him wanted to call the man’s bluff but just enough of the rest of him was scared that it could be done.  Maybe forgetting this little device would be a good thing he thought to himself.  He finally just looked up at Danny and nodded.
“You have any other projects that need worked on?”
“Not just yet. But there is something in the works. I am hoping to get it done on my own but I will probably need your help at some point.”
There was a little more prodding more of it as jokes than anything else. Asmodan decided that he actually did like the engineer and told him that he would use him as a consultant on future projects. Shortly after that Kenny left. Asmodan was now interested to see what kind of correspondence he could expect to get from his power company and how he would handle that once it came.  But the power bill for his large building was now handled he hoped. Asmodan knew that he could skip many expenses if he was smart and planned ahead for things, but powering his building was something that he didn’t want to have to worry about anymore. As he thought about it he began to wonder why it had become such a pressing issue for him in the first place. He wrote it off to the need to put the hate engine to use rather than just have it sitting around gathering dust.

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