Thursday, January 30, 2014

24 Very upset with you.

Volnam sent his mental image he made it violent so that the mush minded Warlock did not brush it aside he wanted it to shock the human so that he paid it as much attention as he could get out of him. For a second he thought it worked, time seemed to freeze for a second as Asmodan digested what Volnam had shown him. He expected that in any second there would be an explosion of sweet violence and he waited to taste the anguish the torture that the enraged Warlock would inflict on the Demoness for taking advantage of what Volnam considered to be the Warlocks greatest weakness. The anticipated violence and the lust for it was amplified by the pool of venom he was trapped it. Finally that frozen moment passed and he heard the Human declare that Volnam was capable of taking care of himself and then he assumed they were gone. It would not have taken more than a second to pass back through the gate to the material plane. Volnam thought his liquid filled ears heard something though he heard the sound of the dark crystal locking bar sliding free of the groves that held it in place over the lid to his small prison.
It took a few more minutes for it to sink in that he could press up on the lid and it would slide away it took almost twenty more minutes for the drugged Imp to actually open the lid and sit up. The world spun, shook and shimmered before his eyes as he moved. He sat still and waited for it to stop its chaotic dance its beautiful twisting chaotic dance. Finally he stood and grabbed the edge of the hole before he could tip over, he attempted to grab the edge but it was part of the dance and it had moved out of his grip before he could get it and he fell face down into the pool he was standing in. he began to laugh but had not yet turned his face out of the vile and wonderful substance and chocked up a lung full finally he threw himself back and landed half out of the hole. Volnam passed out with visions of Niath with her wings having the flesh ripped from their ribs dancing in his mind’s eye.

Danny walked hand in hand with Monique back into the work room mentally fighting back and forth with himself. He knew that Volnam didn’t want him to get Monique back because of the major distraction she would be to Volnam’s own plans what if the Imp had made the vision to trick him into killing her outright and getting rid of the diversion from his own schemes. So much of the Warlock wanted that to be the case. He knew that it was not, if it was there would be no way that Danny wouldn’t kill the Imp and Volnam knew it. Danny worked as hard as he could to keep the smile on his face and his mind locked tight. Monique knew nothing of mind reading but a succubus would be very good at it. They stood together in the workshop and let go of each other’s hands. There was an awkward silence they both stared at each other. Danny wasn’t sure what to say. What did someone say to someone who they loved so much lost had been gone for years and then managed to bring back from the dead? There wasn’t really a set way to handle situations like this, throw in the fact that he was already sure that she wasn’t actually her and that she was in fact a Demoness that had tricked him into freeing her from the Abyss. Still he tried to tell himself that it wasn’t really the Succubus that it was Monique but the more he fought it the more he noticed that was not right with her. She seemed to be faking her reactions she seemed not to be actually nervous but looked nervous, it was hard for Danny to put his finger on.
“Yes Danny?”
“You wouldn’t happen to be a Succubus who tricked me into bringing you into the material plane would you? Because I don’t know how I would handle that.”
                There it was the shocked stare at the directness of the question she did really well to cover it almost instantly making the shock part of the absurdity that he would think that it was possible. She opened her mouth to tell him something he figured she would say anything but the truth. Asmodan closed his eyes for a second took a deep breath and then opened them to see the white dress discarded and Monique standing before him wings outstretched and tail waiving menacingly off to her left.
“You know… I’m very upset with you.”
“Are you sure you do not want to take this chance to work something out with me?”
“I think that there is nothing to work out.”
“So it is to be a divorce then?”
                As she asked Danny watched this winged desecration of his beloved wife’s form continue to distort. Her nails and teeth lengthened and came to sharp points she raised up on toes that pulled together and hardened as they darkened into hooves. Finally two small points broke the skin at her forehead and sprouted into thin black horns that raised a few inches straight up then angled back and away. She whipped her tail once and it cracked the air. The venomous tip aimed directly for the human’s chest, they both knew he was in easy reach of the thing. Danny took it all in; the loss, the betrayal so much more than that Danny took it all in. As Danny broke down inside Asmodan stood tall and laughed.
“We were on good terms I thought.”
He laughed at her.
“But this, this was your last mistake.”
                Niath’s tail streaked forward at blinding speed and incinerated in a wall of green black flame. She pulled back a smoking nub at the end of her tail screaming. She used her wings for quicker speed using them with all the skill and precision she had gained from untold years of life in a place that was only violence cruelty and on occasion lust. Far out to the side and clear of the wall of flames she darted in at him. He dropped the wall mentally allowing it to burn itself out. When she was close enough to touch him with the tips of her nails he unleashed a blast of energy on the center of her chest. The Succubus was thrown back and away slamming on the far wall and down onto the workbench below it. She scrambled up onto hands and hooves and looked around her, she noticed the large crystal ball and grabbed threw it as hard as she could. Had her aim be better the throw would have smashed Warlock’s head to pulp on his shoulders. The sphere whipped through the air and slammed the human in the left side of his chest moving between his arm and ribs it spun him from his feet and continued through the air to embed it in the wall beside the door.
                As much as he wanted to Asmodan did not cry out. Quickly he pushed himself up with his right hand and looked to see Niath dashing towards him. A few feet out she leaped and with a downward flap of her wings dived down at him aiming both hooves to crush him down to the ground. He let himself fall flat back down and then rolled towards her. As she landed smashing into the floor Niath was already turning towards her victim. The Warlock was up on one foot and one knee right hand outstretched and she slammed him onto his backside with her left wing. As he moved to sit up she whipped him across the face with her thin tail.  Once she was over him she placed a hoof on his chest and pinned him to the ground with it.
“See, I do not take you for a Warlock. All the legends of Warlocks that have ever been told would not have you down before a Succubus in a battle.”
                Asmodan glared up at her, she slid the hoof over to the side where the crystal had hit him and began to grind it back and forth. The Warlock laughed through the pain. Niath frowned not understanding the joke when suddenly she was blown off her hooves into a full flip to land on the ground. The stunned Succubus reached up to feel the back of her head which was in immense pain she pulled back a bloody hand and looked around to see where the blow had come from. Asmodan was back on his feet and floating a few inches in front of his outspread hand was the Crystal ball a line of blood running down one side to drip off the bottom.
“I will kill you.”
“I will do so much worse to you.”
                She hardly had time to blink and the sphere smashed into her again, she tried to ward off the blow with a wing and the blow broke two of the ribs that support it. She spun with it to try and dissipate some of the energy only to have the sphere slam her again in the lower back as she turned. Had she been human her back would have been shattered but demons are a resilient lot. Niath screamed with the hit and fell to her hands and knees. The sphere flew back to wait a few feet in front of the Warlock. Tears flowed down her cheeks her back arched oddly.
                She cried out to him. The Warlock felt sympathy for the broken thing. He was sorry that things had turned out this way and a small piece of him wished that they could go back to the working relationship that they had had before. He could probably bind her force her into a bargain that would make it impossible for her to act against him again. He was about to offer such a deal when part of him caught onto the change that had come over him. He went from wanting to inflict things on her that he himself would have nightmares about later to wanting to make a deal? Asmodan began to laugh again.
The Warlock focused and slung his left damaged arm out in an arc over her. From his hand fell what looked like liquid fire it clung to her and the ground around her and it froze as it burned she slapped and swatted at the flames only to have the burning places she batted at shatter from the impacts. She screamed and thrashed the flames did not move they stayed exactly where he had left them. Niath began to sputter out something in the form of begging. He watched her mouth try and form words through the screams and the sobs. He watched Monique’s mouth with demons fangs he saw how twisted in pain she was he knew it was not his wife but it was the face of his wife. How she would look had such things been inflicted on her.
“How dare you wear her face!”
                He screamed at her. It was no deep or man like yell it was a shriek and his voice cracked as he delivered it. He threw his hand out again and this time the burning freezing fire sprayed over her face she grasped at it and only burnt her hands as well. At one point as he watched her Niath managed to get onto her hooves and she lunged forward he wasn’t sure if she was trying to get to him or not she obviously couldn’t see at that point. Asmodan took a half a step to the right to make sure he was clear of her and as she went by he sent the crystal full force into her side he slammed that sphere into her with all the force he could muster. Her screams stopped temporarily as all the air was blasted out of her. He noted that it was funny that air mattered somewhat to her here but didn’t in Agoth.  He also half laughed half cursed when the blast from the crystal sent her through the far wall and out into the parking lot.
“You better not have scratched my ball!”
                He yelled out at her as he came to the window. Niath continued to roll and scream stupidly against the magical flames back and forth on the asphalt. Asmodan scanned the parking lot until he found the sphere and mentally tugged it back up to him. He looked it over saw that it must be somewhat invincible and reached out to take it in his hands. After placing it on the workbench beside him he mentally plucked her up of the ground and brought her back inside. Carried her to the center of the room and dropped her there. Renault who must have been present for some time just out of Asmodan’s focus  made himself known.
“What the hell is this man!”
“It’s the bitch that had me thinking that I was going to bring Monique back. She is a Succubus that was wearing Monique’s’ face until I set it on fire.”
Asmodan heard Lily moving down the hallway as she called out for him. She was worried he could tell. Her voice seemed panicked. Asmodan motioned with his right hand and the door closed and locked. He then looked at his brother and told him not to let her in and to go back down stairs and they could still hear the screams from there to go someplace else. A movie Algies place it didn’t matter just not here. Renault nodded and walked through the door to go to Lily. Asmodan heard Lily try to argue to find out what was going on and eventually she stopped and they left.
                Niath kept screaming but that was probably because Asmodan kept doing things to her. He would let the flames die out in one place just to splash more of them on her in another. He removed her wings one he plucked out himself the other he made her rip off with her own hands. Once Renault came back to check and see if it was ongoing. Asmodan smiled as his brother let him feel his approval for what he was going. Monique wasn’t just Asmodan’s wife she was also Renault’s sister in law and between them that bond was more akin to blood brother and sister. Before he left the specter went and stood directly in the same space that she occupied. Asmodan watched the heat drain from her body, watched as she turned pale and blue before he left to go back to Lily and tell her that they could not return home yet. The third time that Renault arrived he told his brother that more police than normal were moving in the area and that if he was going to keep this up he needed to take it someplace else or quite her down he needed to do something. It was then that Asmodan realized that Renault had not been visiting him randomly he had been coming once a day. The Warlock could not believe that he had been torturing something, anything for three days straight. I’m done he assured his Brother, I just need to find a way to trap her he explained. Renault gave him the mental image of the hate engine that powered the building. Asmodan shook his head in the negative. There was a kind of peace in those boxes there would be no peace for this one. Renault left and Asmodan began pacing, eventually he looked at Niath and extinguished the flames. Her frost burnt fire scorched broken form fell still on the floor for a few seconds then managed to roll itself over on her back. Her ruined head looked up at him.
“Even now you could take me if you wanted.”
                She teased him, mentally sending him images of him having his way with the destroyed being at his feet. The Warlock sneered at her.
“Silence or the flames.”
“I am kind of disappointed, only three days? I had hoped for more stamina from a being as powerful as a Warlock.”
                Asmodan waved a hand and set her tossed droplets of the freezing fire across her abdomen waist and legs. The screams began again he just worked on blocking them out. Finally he decided on an experiment. He understood a hate engine and he understood a soul stone he was going to go with the process for a soul stone which is for mortal souls and he was going to play with the process a little.

                Volnam was sober for the most part when he regained conciseness. He stood up and looked around; there was still the venom that filled the bottom of the hole he had been trapped in. The damage to the walls from the fire he had used in his fight with the whoredemon. He remembered his message to Asmodan. That idiot human had better not have ignored it the Imp thought to himself. He moved to the exit of the cave and looked around after he veiled himself. There was nothing that he could see but that didn’t mean anything. He always assumed that something was watching him in the Miasma; even if nothing was he was sure that on some level the miasma itself watched him. He remembered what Asmodan had told him about the Miasma when he was here. Volnam had tried several times in the past and tried again now, he focused and reached out to the Miasma attempted to draw it into himself. The endless drifts of the orange brown fog stuff continued to swirl and shift of its own accord. Volnam laughed at himself inwardly and moved back into the cave. Once he was inside he mentally began to call out to Asmodan to summon him back.

                Renault moved from the back of the car that Algie had sent them home in and through the air into the room that he knew Asmodan was in with the Demon. As he entered the room he beheld his brother standing in the center of the room his left arm out to his side palm open and aimed at what looked like a crystal ball on the workbench next to the hole in the wall and his right hand balled in a fist with his index and middle fingers pointing outward. The specter noticed a faint chanting and then watched something that looked like a green laser as thick as a baseball bat reach from his outstretched fingers and burn its way into the Demons chest. She screamed and convulsed and went still as he watched she shriveled and sank in on herself, the green slowly changed shade and eventually was a deep orange. The Orange light retracted back into Asmodan’s hand and as it did a light that seemed to pulse from red to purple and back again began to snake its way from his left palm it was not solid like the laser like thing that had come from the right hand. This light looked like a living snake that wormed its way lazily through the air until it touched the crystal sphere where it began to leak through the surface and accumulate in the bottom like water filling a fish bowl. At the rate it was filling there was more light stuff than there was space in the sphere, but it managed to all fit. The snaking trail kept pulsing back and forth from purple to red as Asmodan walked towards the sphere once he was within a few feet of the sphere it looked like he was forcing his way towards it, like the snake was trying to push him back. Renault watched his brother began to sweat with the effort of forcing it inside the sphere finally his hand laid flat upon the crystals surface. Asmodan sank to his knees in exhaustion only when he was finished did he notice that his brother had been watching him. He nodded his chin towards the crystal which was now pulsing in sync with the light and the light inside seemed to be spinning like a small hurricane with no place to go. It didn’t seem like just light anymore it looked like a glowing, color changing fine sand as it spun and twisted on itself.
“Her… Her essence… the thing that they have that is like a soul.”
                Asmodan gasped his explanation out and leaned back from his knees to his bottom.
“Please send for Lily, I will need her help to get to bed in a few minutes.”
“Are you OK?”
“I’m just tired, haven’t slept since I sent you both away.”
                Renault nodded and moved down into the building to find Lily. She was probably in her room or headed that way. Asmodan felt the itching in the back of his head he knew what that meant. He laid back and looked at a clear spot on the floor spoke off the spell that he had worked out as the fasted simplest way to summon the Imp. Their connection at this point so strong that he needed nothing but words and the flick of a hand to complete the task, there before him stood his little demonic tutor.
“You understood the warning?”
“No. We got here, she beat the crap out of me and jumped through the wall. Next time instead of some crazy hallucination try. She is a DEMON!”
“She escaped?”
                Asmodan climbed to his feet and headed for the door as Lily was opening it.
“What is this?”
                The Imp asked out loud as he walked towards the glowing pulsing crystal sandstorm. The Warlock didn’t answer the Imp but instead motioned for Lily to help him he explained that his ribs were most likely broken on his left side. She helped him steady himself and began to walk him from the room. They were into the hallway when he began to hear Volnam laugh maniacally.
“Yes, yes, excellent, yes, very good.”

They had made it to his room Lily helped him take his robe off he slid his pants off himself. Lily noticed that they weren’t the normal jeans they were slacks, probably expensive ones. He had been ready to put on a nice shirt and take her anywhere she wanted to go if the wanted to go somewhere. He lay back in his brand new bed. Lily was headed towards the door his clothes folded over her arm. She heard Danny gasp once probably more from realizing that he was in the bed he had picked out for Monique than from any broken ribs. She pretended not to hear him when he began to cry quietly then she closed the door.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

23 Verge of giving up

                Asmodan found the directions on the floor of his study and mentally checked around for Volnam. He hadn’t seen the Imp in almost a week he knew the little demon hated going into the Abyss and avoided it as much as possible, he also knew that the Imp wasn’t on the material plane or at least not anywhere near him he would be able to tell. His tutor might have dropped them off and headed back into the Abyss to check on something that was written in the pages. The Warlock pulled the packet of paper from a scroll tube and began to read over them. As he read them he almost laughed to himself, this was too easy. It was basically a gate spell and a summoning spell rolled into one which was what a summoning spell already was. The thing that was odd to him was the name, if he was summoning Monique to him then it should be a variation of her name but it was not her name. After he read the last of the actual spell he came upon a section of writing that seemed to be instructions on why the spell was the way it was and in that section he found that the name listed in the spell was for the creature that would be bringing her to him. It was odd but so was the situation. These things we not supposed to happen. When someone died that person was supposed to stay that way. Asmodan would have to expect things to be different for what he was planning on doing. He looked over the instructions again for any components that he might need to get his hands on for the working of the spell and seeing that there were none he set about memorizing the spell, he had time he wouldn’t be able to cast this one in particular for a few more days it called for a full moon and by now he was attuned to those things enough to know off hand that the moon would be full on the fifteenth today was the twelfth.
                The next say was spent in a mad dash across Raleigh he ordered a bed and had it delivered that day along with any other thing he could think of needing for Monique’s home coming. There was food, clothes, trinkets even bath towels. He moved through the Crabtree valley mall with Lily at his side constantly stopping to get her advice on what she thought he should have on hand should it be needed. She was even consulted on the feminine hygiene necessities that he should have in the bathroom. They got everything there was not an item or idea that he let slip past him. Finally after questioning Lily to the point of her snapping at him that there no possibility of them needing anything else for her homecoming Danny relented and they headed home to meet the delivery men. The furniture and bedding was taken upstairs and placed where he directed and he paid handsomely to have them take away all the things that had been replaced to get rid of. The driver tried to tell him several times that they would only haul away the old mattress but when Danny pulled out the cash and started waving it around the stocky tanned fellow that seemed to be in charge of the small crew of men that had been sent with the delivery finally agreed walked over talked to his crew and everything was taken downstairs. Danny noticed as the Men nodded approvingly at this night stand or that book shelf, the Warlock was certain that most of the stuff being removed was not going to be taken to a dump but he didn’t care. Let them have it.
Asmodan meditated he focused and he worked at recreating the image of what his bedroom had looked like back before, when his life had been perfect and she had been with him. When the image was complete he began to place everything back the way it was when she had decorated it. when the new furniture was organized as close to the way she had had it as it could be he began unpacking the clothes he had bought or her he remembered how she had folded her shirts and pants what order dresses were hung in that socks were on the left side of the drawer and that panties were on the right. When he was done it was late at night.
Lily had checked on him a few times and he looked at her like there was a horn growing out of her head whenever she distracted him. Finally he had told her she could have the rest of the day off and to go do something fun. Lily didn’t like the look he had while he was doing all of this. He didn’t look happy or relieved he looked stressed and tight. Danny looked like he world was about to be turned upside down and he was trying to force himself to think it was a good thing. After she had thought about it for a while she decided that he was probably terrified that something might go wrong, she knew he had been building up to this for years now. He had told her that this was one of the only reasons he had decided to take the road to becoming a Warlock in the first place.  The sun had gone down and Renault had found her he moved along silently behind her. She noticed that he felt like walking this time. She took a moment to wonder how he decided when he was going to float along a few inches above the ground and when he was going to walk like everyone else. Was on instinct and the other an act of will? If so which was which? She looked back at her specter companion and asked him.
“Are you excited?”
                Renault looked at her slightly confused.
“Well once Monique is back aren’t you next on the roster for resurrection?”
                The ghost seemed to perk up a little when she said that. He must have forgotten or felt like he had been forgotten over the last week or so. He nodded to her that he was next and he seemed to be getting more excited as he thought about it. As she looked at him the grey blue hue that he was normally began to brighten and more color began to spread through his limbs his face. She hadn’t noticed him flush with color before.
“I didn’t know you could do that.”
                Renault gave her another confused look.
“Well you are all colorful now.”
                The phantom looked himself over and shrugged. He didn’t seem to know he could do that either. A look of concentration passed over his face for a second and his color seemed to deepen and then solidify. He didn’t look like a ghost at all now. He looked like a living breathing person with the exception of the fact that he didn’t breathe. There was more proof when a female jogger who had been headed towards Lily watched a man appear on the sidewalk in front of her out of thin air. Lily hadn’t even noticed her coming but she and Renault both jumped when the woman let out a terrified scream and turned in a dead sprint in the opposite direction. The scream was enough of a distraction that the ghost lost his focus and went back to his invisible state. 
“Now there’s a trick. Does Danny know you can do that?”
                Renault shook his head no.
“But I am going to show him.”
                The mental communication caught Lily off guard she knew that Renault was capable of it but she spent so much time consciously closed off to it that she hadn’t been communicated with in that manner in a few months. She didn’t know how to close out some people and let others in at the same time so she just closed out everyone at all the time. Mostly to keep Volnam from harassing her, the down side was that Renault who could only communicate mentally was locked out all the time. She nodded back to him and continued her walk. Sometime around midnight they had returned home and she had gone to sleep.
                Danny could not sleep, He paced, he rode the elevator, he stood in the underground parking deck and stared at his car then he repeated the process. Twice during the night he opened a portal into the Void and called to Volnam mentally searching for him each time he thought he felt the Imps mind but each time it was too foggy or muddled of a connection for the Imp to communicate back. Either the Imp couldn’t converse with him or the Imp was too far away for the connection to be a solid one. Danny did not want to randomly open gates in the abyss to see if he could get closer there was no way to know what he would open a gate into. Like Volnam opening the gate for the car to escape through he could open a gate in front of a marching army and have them start marching into his house, or alert a more powerful being than he might be able to deal with to his presence, none were things he wanted to deal with at the moment. The Warlock found himself standing in front of his new bed and considered climbing in and trying to go to sleep and decided that he would wait till Monique was with him and the bed could be slept in by both of them the first time. Finally he went to the recreation room and laid back in one of the recliners and eventually dozed off around five thirty in the morning.
                When the Warlock woke up he almost panicked, shock was clear on his face. Standing before him was his brother. Not the specter of his brother but his brother in the flesh and blood. Danny threw himself up to his feet and threw his arms around his brother to hug him but they passed through him. On reflex his brother attempted to hug him as well. The brothers’ arms both passed through each other. Danny felt the bone numbing chill as he passed through his brother and his brother him. Danny stepped back and stared.
“What is this?”
He motioned with his right hand up and down at the ghost.
“I was walking with Lily last night and as we were talking it just happened. I can turn it on and off like a switch. When I look like this other people can see me.”
“You just do it?”
                In reply, Renault just sort of had all the colors fade out of him and he was the blue grey that he normally was. Then just a quickly he seemed to fill back up with color and at the same time he looked like he took on substance he seemed substantial and not ethereal at all. Asmodan reached out a finger and touched him or tried too, the finger sank through his exterior and the Warlock quickly withdrew it before the cold could really bite him.
“At this rate you will end up figuring out a way to resurrect yourself.”
“That would be nice. I will probably just end up a really hardcore poltergeist or something.”
                Danny looked his brother straight in the once again life like looking eyes and told him with total conviction.
“You will live again.”
                There was no doubt or question in the statement. Asmodan was going to bring his brother back. Renault hoped for life again but a large part of him had resigned himself to the fact that he was dead and that was all there was at this point, a smaller portion of him had even accepted the fact that eventually that giant dragon thing would eventually get him and he would end up who knew where or what. There was something in the way Asmodan said it, Renault couldn’t doubt him.
                The rest of that day was spent isolated and in meditation. Danny had gone over the incantation countless times it was as committed to memory as his own name. As many times as he went over the spell he went over her smile her hair the pointless dumb things that they did together that don’t ever matter until someone is gone forever and you would do anything to do that pointless thing again with them. Before he sealed himself in his vault he had set a small cantrip the magical equivalent to an alarm clock when the moon was on the rise it would alert him, and it did. He rose from his sitting position and moved out into his largest workroom. This room was the largest that he had on the fourth floor. There was a table and work bench against the wall furthest from the door. The walls had been painted a dark charcoal almost black it was lit by bronze colored wall lamps when he was designing it he had pictured a kind of alchemists laboratory. He never did learn any alchemy, at least not yet. The table and workbench were both clear of any actual work but the bench held some things that he had been told by Volnam that he would need eventually but didn’t have the space for among them were a large solid crystal ball several crystal beakers, flasks, bottles and a few large silver decorated chalices. Danny stared at the bench for a few minutes then paced around the outside edge of the room. The nervousness was almost overwhelming he wished that Volnam was here to tell him that the whole process he was about to go through was beneath him at his current level of power. If he messed something up what would happen to Monique? Would she be caught and taken back to heaven? Would she be trapped in the abyss or would he just have to cast it all again? Asmodan left the room and changed into the robe he brought back with him from the Abyss it would help him accomplish his goal; it was glyphed for so many things some of which were to aid in the focus of the wearer. He had pants on underneath the robe and a shirt folded on the table on the far side of the room so he could change as soon as he was done. Finally it was time, He began working the ritual.
                Niath had spent what felt like forever but was probably only a handful of hours on the material plane preparing herself she knew she needed to deceive the mortal for a short period of time maybe a portion of the night then escape. She had been working on forming her body for the human. She knew what his dead wife looked like and had pretended to be her several times now in his dreams but that was different his mind wanted to see her so when Niath was pretending to be her in the dreamscape his mind assisted in the ruse. This time she would have to be able to pull it off on her own. Once she was in his presence the smaller details would work themselves out as her castes natural talents felt out what he wanted and finished changing her to match. The Demoness found herself more drained than normal as she had been constantly keeping that damned Imp practically drowned on the toxins from her tail. A few naughty favors for an associate had landed her a mostly still white gown which she put on. Slowly her tail was reabsorbed as were her wings. Hard hoof molded and flowed into soft foot, breasts shrank and changed in shape as did the rest of the curves finally she was sure she looked like a slightly better version of a boring mortal. She was excited and a little frightened. If she was caught, the mortal who she was mostly sure was a powerful wizard but secretly worried that he was in fact the Warlock would be a dangerous enemy to have very dangerous. Niath had just finished mentally going over herself again when she felt a tingle in the air as the spell began to pull at her as the tingle grew she watched as the air in front of her began to split in a clean line and slowly separate like a curtain.
                Volnam was literally soaking in Succubus venom. The Demon whore was soaking it down through the thin crack between the lid and the sides of the hole he was in. Several times he had tried to call fire and burn his way through the lid but even if he could manage the spell she was ready and he was stoned. He knew he would not win, she would know he was coming through before he was out and she would be ready for him while he was still trying to figure out what direction she was in. for the last several hours for the Imp did measure time in minutes hours and days now though he would never admit it to Asmodan, Volnam had been focusing on one task he had spent so much time on the one task that there was not much else his poison muddled brain could handle. The Imp wizard had been working up this level of focus for that simple fact that it was the one plan the he could come up with that even an idiot could pull it off and at this stage of mental functioning he was sure that he wasn’t much better than an idiot. He tried to stretch his legs but could not, they were cramping the up side was because of the venom soaking into him the cramping also felt kind of good. Some part of his mind picked up on the change in the environment and he knew that Asmodan must be working whatever summoning the felharlot had delivered to him.
                The Gateway was open. Asmodan stared through it to the crystal cave where he had beaten the two Casaganoth; the cave made sense it was a place that he had a connection to. He began to panic when there was no one there she should be there. Danny’s adrenaline began to flow with the panic. Had he failed did only the gate portion of the spell work? Had he left Monique on some far flung portion of the abyss to be harassed and worse by denizens of the lower planes? He was about to step through himself and look for her, when from the left side of the portal she stepped into view. She looked timid, frightened a little haggard and beautiful. He was at a loss for words before he could think to stop himself he stepped through the portal into the Abyss and grabbed her in a deep embrace the instant they touched he half expected to have himself burnt like the last time, the burning sensation did not come. All that came to him was the return of the same warm soft embrace. In that instant he felt something hard inside himself begin to break away. There were so many emotions welling up inside of him, there was no hate no rage no anger none of the things that had been his primary driving forces for so long they felt like they were breaking apart before his love for his wife.
                She asked into his neck as they stood there with each other.
                He half muttered half sobbed back into her hair.
“Can we leave this place?”
                She shocked him with the question he had not realized or if he had he had already forgotten that they were still in the Abyss.
“yeah… yeah lets go.”
                It almost killed him to let go of her then but as he turned she grabbed onto one of his hands and smiled at him. Together they turned to walk back through the portal into the material plane. As he took the first step he was slammed in the center of his brain with a mental image of Monique’s face and as he watched that image half of it peeled away and beneath it was not a bloody mess which is what he expected to see given the graphic nature of the skin of the face being torn away, instead half of the face was revealed to be the face of the succubus that he had worked with before returning to the material plane. Danny was stunned he froze mid step face locked in confusion. Monique turned to look at him concern on her face.
“What is it?”
“Huh?... ohh its just Volnam, My teacher I haven’t seen him in a while and the last time I saw him he was coming here. I was seeing if I could feel him now that I was on this side of the gateway.”
“Can you?”
“No. He’s a big boy he can handle himself. Let’s go.”

Hand in hand Danny and Monique LeNoir walked from the Abyssal plane of Agoth to the material plane on earth.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

22 Realizing the dream

22 Realizing the dream

                Volnam waited invisible near the “beach” where the boiling blood ended and the crystal landscape began. Asmodan would not tell him where the tower the succubus hid was located but he showed him exactly what region she made landfall in when she came to the area where the cave she was to leave the instructions in was located. It didn’t take him long to spot her moving towards land. Once he saw her he took off and began to gain as much altitude as he could and still keep sight of her. When she was over land he was able to spot a strap of some sort of flesh around her neck and he assumed that it was a strap that carried a satchel or scroll tube since she was supposed to be carrying the instructions for Asmodan to bring his wife through heaven into the Abyss and out into the material plane. Volnam still did not think that was a good idea, he was sure at this point that Asmodan would have a fair chance at beating an Angel but not as sure about defeating an Archangel they were supposedly what was left of orders greatest weapons against Evil and Chaos from the first conflict if one believed in those. Volnam had never seen an Archangel do battle but he had read accounts and nothing short of a Balelord or Pitfiend stood a chance against one. On they flew she was smart Volnam noted, she checked above and behind often and he was sure she was implementing some sort of infantile version of a spell to detect hidden presences. He also gave her credit for attempting to cast while on the move. He noticed that at regular intervals of time she stopped flapping her wings pulled her hands in underneath herself and stayed that way for another fixed period of time and then she would start flapping again, he decided that she was recasting her spell again as the pattern continued. Eventually out of boredom he got down a little below her and turned his neck like an owls almost completely around to watch her as she cast her spell. Volnam watched as she wove a few symbols into the air while she talked softly and figured out what type of spell and what lineage of casters it developed with there was still so much he needed for he impatient human student to learn. He climbed back up to his original position and stayed there eventually they came to the cave that the Warlock had sent him to before. The one where the floors had been cut to keep his captives. The She-demon landed and moved into the cave and then down into the lower chamber, Volnam moved silently in and to a point where he could watch her actions. It was indeed a satchel that she had been carrying but the interesting part was that she did not pull instructions out of it, she pulled blank pages from one pouch she then produced an inkwell and quill from another. She then proceeded to write the instructions herself. There was no way she was told by a heavenly messenger everything she needed to know and was now writing it from memory. Asmodan had already been told how the plan was going to go and she was supposed to be given a pre written text to hide here for him to retrieve. The Human was learning at least, Volnam could be glade that the mortal was untrusting enough to send him to spy of the demonic slut.
                Niath began to write out how the Human was going to pull her from here to the mortal world in a manner that wouldn’t disrupt her disguise, which so far had been working on him perfectly she only had to find some way to be sure that the Imp teacher that he had would not be present because the Imp would most likely see right through it. If the Imp did see through it she had two options use the tail sting everyone present, or jump out the nearest window and escape. She focused on memories and other harder to explain sensations she had gleaned from the human and imitated the mortal Monique’s hand writing fairly perfectly. She was sure that he would be more obsessed with the fact that the words were written in her hand. This human who was supposed to have so much power over demons was just as easily manipulated as any other mortal. As she wrote she thought she smelt something. Something she remembered from another dealing she managed to have with the material world. It took her a moment to put a name to the smell but once she had it she had to focus on not letting on that she had caught it. Niath smelled whiskey, spirits were an easy way to get even a strong willed mortal to succumb to whatever it was one of her kind wanted to do with them. All succubae and incubi learned about these things from their caste they all learned many of the names is whatever the most popular languages the mortals were using at the time and they learned the scents of the specific types of alcohol. Whiskey was very popular in several regions of the material plane why would she smell it here? She knew she was being spied on. Someone was in this cave with her, if they had seen her writing out the instructions she knew they would most likely be reporting to the Human and if they did she was going to lose her chance to get out of Agoth. Niath had been using this cave rather often of late and had taken the liberty of preparing it for defense should she need it, there were demons in Agoth that were much larger and much more aggressive than her and a girl could never be too careful. She stretched her wings and then her shoulders wrote another page then two and then sat everything down in a neatly stacked pile and got up. She moved over to the ramp that led to the upper cavern and the entrance then moved up to the entrance. Niath did nothing to let on that she wasn’t alone in the cave. Finally while looking out into the miasma that covered everything. She flared her wings out and back as hard and fast as she could covering as much area as she could she moved back and to the side as she did the instant she felt her left wing tap something that was not smooth crystal she stabbed it with the barb of her tail. Leaving her tail imbedded she turned and lunged at the imp who was now becoming visible. For the size of his body she had pumped him full of a massive dose of venom. There was hate in his burning yellow eyes but what else should there have been? He lost. She straddled the imp and pinned his tail beneath her knee. Demons with nasty tails learn how to deal with them young. She smiled down at him. Still staring up at her he never managed to open his mouth he just glared at her. From her position she slid up a little and down a little seeing if she could get any reaction from the shorter demon. When she didn’t, she frowned he was no fun. Then he smiled.
“And what might you be smiling abo…”
Volnam opened his mouth and emitted a massive gout of flame her face and neck were engulfed and the flames did not go out they continued to burn after he had stopped. Niath threw herself clear of the nasty little creature and as she did she felt his own tail jab at her three times in quick succession. Two got the flesh of her wing one scored a slice high on her left thigh her wing flesh was too thin to take in any of the poison that he might have injected and the tip of his tail left venom along the slice in thigh but it wasn’t near as effective as it would have been had he hit her directly and buried it in the meat. Niath kept moving away and around the edge of the room she felt something else slam into her shoulder it was extremely painful and viciously cold. She tried to move her left arm up to feel at the damage but her left hand stuck in place frozen as soon as it touched the shoulder. She turned expecting the next spell to kill her and found the Imp laying flat on his face barley moving a thin trail of her venom draining off down the ramp into the lower tunnel away from his small form. She leaned back against the wall a sigh of relief emanating from her lips but when she tried to get back up she could not. Panic gripped her when she realized that the cold he had hit her with was some kind of ice that kept growing, the ice creped from the spot on her shoulder where it had hit and grew outward. Within heart beats her hand, forearm, elbow, chest, upper abdomen, back and portions of both wings were all frozen solid and she was stuck to a huge portion of the frozen wall. The Ice didn’t stop until she was completely frozen and lost consciousness luckily demons were highly resistant to the cold and she thawed and regained a measure of awareness long before Volnam showed any signs of movement. He was barely alive but Imp venom was more lethal than succubae and their bodies could deal with almost anything that was put into them. It would take a while she had almost completely drained herself into him there would be a lot for him to have to process before he would be up again. She didn’t want to kill him now. She might need him to deal with the human at some point.
Niath opened one of the spaces in the floor that Asmodan had cut for the goats and dragged Volnam in. once the lid and locking bar were in place she slumped against the wall and stared at the hateful little demons resting place. Her thigh burned where the poison had entered the slice. Her body had healed all the rest of the slice except where the venom had entered the flesh. To her horror the flesh marred with the poison did not knit perfectly back to its original and smooth shape but instead had a dotted burnt disgusting scar. She glared at the portion of the floor that held the Imp and had a strong desire to open it back up and kill the Imp she was getting up off the floor to do just that when she got ahold of the Imp and reminded herself that a chance at a free run on the material plane was worth a few dotted scars. 
Volnam was conscious when she locked him in the floor he just couldn’t focus enough through the mind blurring effects of her venom to do anything. Mortals had narcotics they even had some relatively powerful ones but what a succubus used was far beyond every concoction the realm of science could dream up and throw into the same pot. Volnam would have gone from the fire to the creeping ice and use the time from the ice to unleash hellfire on her and have that be the end of the encounter but he had to resort to his tail because he could not wrap his stoned mind around anything close to magic, finally he just fell over. His ears still worked and in time his mind cleared enough that he could focus on hearing what was going on. He could hear the scribbling of the succubus on the parchment… no it was vellum or some sort of dried and treated flesh. Given where they were it was probably treated wing flesh from something. He hated her. Training on an even higher level of focus and feeding it with how much he really hated her at that moment, the Imp focused on the ink she was writing from and knocked it over. He heard the demoness curse and snickered to himself. Volnam waited focused again and this time pushed as hard as he could on the back of the quill forcing it down through the page and into her thigh. She cursed again and this time got to her feet.
“I’m getting out of here Imp there is nothing you can do to stop that now.”
“Sure there is open the lid I’ll show you.”
“I have seen your human student do battle, I will not give you the chance to attack me when you are ready for me.”
“I know.”
“The Human is the Warlock and he is Human you do not understand the level of connection he has for the female you are imitating you are signing your death note.”
“I know very well the connection mortals have for their mates. I do not plan on staying long enough for him to get even with me.”
“It will not matter what you plan he has beaten you already. Idiot fool of a slut demon.”
“Your time with the mortals has dulled your ability to insult.”
“I will bargain with you. Do not do this.”
“Do not do this and you will…?”
“Not tell him you had a part in it and he might not put it together on his own, he tends to blame everything where his mate is concerned on the Archangel Kephrael. He will assume the Angel stopped the mate and not look to you.”
“Not good enough.”

“He will torture you forever.”

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

21 Has she gone?

Asmodan slept well the night the car was brought home. Algie had the car registered with special license as an experimental green car. After a special inspection to make sure that it met all the requirements to be street legal, turn signals working breaks and that sort of thing he was free to drive it on public roads. Another construction crew was hired for the special task of making an underground parking structure directly under his home with a forty foot long tunnel that let the car out at the far end of the parking lot. The tunnel had a ramp that had the car up at street level just before he made it onto the street. Asmodan went over the distance a few times to make sure that he and anyone on the street would have just enough time to see each other and avoid a collision before he was actually on the road with them.
During the time it took for the construction he waited to hear or feel something from Monique he wanted to bring her through as soon as he got back that fact that he hadn’t was eating away at him but he just could not focus on the task the way he knew he was going to need to with Oristhnx out and free the demon knew him what if when he was trying to dray her through the void and then to the material plane the cat attacked he knew the feline demon was patient and expert at ambush. The cat could have killed her soul if that worked that way. The Warlock wasn’t sure if it did work that way, as he thought about it he wondered if he would be bringing her back as a ghost or with a body. As he reasoned it out he decided it would have to have something to do with the fact that when he sent his spirit self to the abyss it was made physical, maybe when he brought her through from there to here the body would be maintained. The fact that now that he was ready and sure it would be safe for her to make the trip he had heard nothing from her. He tried reaching out to her but received no response. The Warlock considered attempting to call to her again with the same spell he had used to get through to her the first time. He considered it then he let it go he didn’t want that prick Angel getting involved again. He leaned back against the wall of his newly finished parking garage and stared at the ceiling the thought of Kephrael made his blood start to boil then he considered the possibility of the Archangel finding out about their plan and stopping it and Asmodan never getting to find out about it and his rage was almost out of his control visible wave of pale green energy began to radiate off of him. He noticed that his car seemed to reflect them differently than it did the regular light in the garage from the lamps. With focus and breathing he calmed himself down.
The frustrated Warlock decided that he wanted to blow off some steam and opened the door to the car.
“So am I finally going to get a ride in it?”
He turned to see Lily coming in from the stairs that had been added near the elevator on the first floor. It was night and she was off and she had changed out of one of her pant suits and into some sleeping pants made out of some sweat suit material and a red and white north Carolina state wolf pack football shirt, he looked at her for a second then state UNC was better and told her to get in. he sat down and she pulled at the handle and the door didn’t budge the handle didn’t even move until he tapped the knob and willed it to open for her. Then he sent another command telling it to always open for her from the passenger side.

“Do you understand what this is?”
He asked her as she lowered herself into the seat.
“From what I have put together from everything going on, it’s not a Prius?”
“Nope.” He half giggled to her. “It sure isn’t a Prius…”
“So if it’s not a Prius it must be a magical demon car right? Cause that what you do is magical demon stuff?”
“Yep that’s what I do. I’m going out to blow off some steam, don’t talk to me I won’t be able to hear you and don’t freak out or scream you are safer in here then you would be in a tank. Besides if you do freak and start screaming it won’t matter because I won’t be able to hear you and neither will anyone outside the car.”
“Why not?”
                Lily asked but it didn’t matter because he was already gone. As he finished his sentence he dropped his hand onto the knob and the pod that it sat at the bottom of closed around his forearm the grip was firm but not uncomfortable, it was like a well-made glove would feel. He had the restraints activate as the he the car began to move for the exit. He found that since he could have the right wheels spin forward while the left spin backward he could turn in place like a tank so he could park anywhere which he liked. Asmodan didn’t think he was going to be parking anywhere tonight.
He was at seventy before he was out of the tunnel and turned onto the road and sped away inches in front of a sedan that was already cruising down the road in his lane. He was at ninety on the surface roads as he made his way towards the freeway onramp. It was strange he felt Lily’s hand touch his arm but he also felt her sitting in his lap or on his back. He felt her feet resting on his floor, her back against his seat back. None of this contact affected him in a sexual way he supposed it could if he wanted it too but it was just too unimportant or too trivial compared to the feel of the concrete or asphalt as it passed beneath him. The feel of the air as he ripped through it as it passed over and under and around him. The sound it made as it slammed back into itself once it was passed him. The wind screamed at his passing. So did the people he blew past cars at such speeds that the drivers almost swerved of the road at the shock of it. instantly he was there with the wind screaming past him and then he was gone a pair of quickly vanishing tail lights that didn’t so much give off a bright red light as it was that they emanated a dull reddish orange glow it almost had the same haze that came from Volnam’s eyes when he was fuming about something.
Raleigh North Carolina is the state capital and has many smaller towns that it had begun to absorb over the decades as the city grey to help get around the constantly expanding city there are two freeways that create massive semi squiggly rings around it. These are called the Inner and outer beltlines and they serve and a faster way to get to another part of the city without having to deal with surface street traffic. To Asmodan who for years had used public transit these beltlines might as well not have existed but that was different now. Now these two belt lines were his own personal track complete with obstacles to play with at high speeds.
At first Lily despite her best efforts was in full panic but she finally realized that whatever was going on between Danny and the car he really was good enough to do this. It was scary but she seemed to be beyond the panic and she felt insulated from the danger of what was going on outside the car. She began to watch like someone watching something on TV caught up in it but separate from it because no matter how close the murderer with the machete was to the camera he still couldn’t get the viewer on their couch. They passed cars and she looked out the rear window and she saw the panic in the other drivers faces. It was at one of these points as Danny had just blown by a guy in a blue pickup truck that she saw the flashing blue lights turn on in the car on the other side of the pickup. The lights came on she noticed but they didn’t seem to get any closer they just got further and further away. It didn’t stop there though lights up ahead began to turn on and flash. Soon as the miles screamed by there must have been five state troopers on the road around and behind them. She looked over to Danny who had the exact same calm detached look on his face that he had had since they started to drive out of the garage.
The troopers tried everything to catch them. They put spike strips down and the first time Danny waited till the last possible second and pulled a power slide that had him miss them by centimeters the next time they managed to get a strip down in front of him he decided to show them how effective it was and just drove over them. He felt the sharp tips press up against his flesh painfully so, but painful in a way that was inconvenient not actually threatening. As soon as he was over the strip he came to a complete and controlled screaming stop. Sat long enough for the trooper who deployed the spike to rush towards the car and the troopers chasing him to get closer much closer, he was curious if they would get so fixated on him that they would hit their own spike strip but these were professional high speed drivers and they were already moving to go around. Once they were actually coming to stops around him he floored it which he was vaguely sure elicited a scream of surprise from Lily. The officers who were rushing the car turned and headed back towards their own cars. He was already so far ahead of them at that point that they wouldn’t be able to catch up to him. There was only one thing that was going to ruin his clean escape… the helicopter. As long as the eye in the sky was there it didn’t matter how fast he went the thing only had to keep an eye on him and the people on the ground would know where he was if he went home they would just follow him there. As he continued to lap the beltline he started to build a plan well he thought he had but he realized that it wasn’t him it was Lily. She was talking to him and she seemed to have been doing it for a few minutes and it was just now sinking in. For the first time since they had left he closed off the joining with the car.
“What now?”
“So you can hear me, Jerk were you ignoring me all this time?”
“No I just started to hear you in the back ground that’s why I’m talking to you now.”
“Get off the freeway and head down town get into a parking deck then just hide us till they go away.”
“They just go away? Have you ever watched the State troopers for this state on TV? You’d have a better chance getting a steak away from a hungry pit bull.”
“Can’t you just make them give up? Like mentally?”
                Now the young Warlock smiled.
“Yes I can do that. In fact I think I am going to do it right now.” 
                First he began with imagery was it a Corvette they were all chasing? A European import, some kind of supercar? Could it be a raced out Honda with a body kit? Each mind that he felt that was focused on him he began planting these thoughts into their minds along with random images of each he then as he felt each minds preference for what they wanted to believe it was that they were chasing he began to reinforce that belief. He gave more images it helped that they were far enough back to not have a good look at the car to have a physical image that conflicted with the Warlock was showing them. Finally he took an off ramp and headed into the city’s downtown. Once he found a parking deck he told Lily to get out walk a few blocks and if she saw a cop and talked to him tell them she saw someone haul ass into the parking structure. He reminded her to use the same mental focuses she used when dealing with Volnam they would keep her strong. She nodded and walked out of the parking deck and headed down the street. She would have been seen by the helicopter’s spot light but Asmodan had mentally distracted the officers in the sky they thought they might have seen someone run out the side entrance on foot, it was a dark mass and they couldn’t be sure.
                As Lily walked down the street a few blocks she watched what she assumed were all the cops in the region go flying down various streets from where she was they came down her street and several streets over to her left and right. After a little more walking and thought someone was following her and finally she turned to see who and saw Renault. He nodded flexed his arms to show that he was her big body guard and began to walk next to her. They didn’t talk or she didn’t talk to him and they just walked in the direction of home. A short time after that one of Algie’s cars came for her and took them home.
                Asmodan parked in a ramp parking place going from the first floor up to the second. The Warlock parked in a spot between a truck and another car. The parking structure was only sparsely used at this hour; most of the usage it got was during the say when people had to go downtown to conduct business. It didn’t take long before the place was surrounded with cops then they began to come in in teams they went from floor to floor car to car each team looked at his on the way up they glanced in to see no one sitting there and he grinned as got to listen to them argue over what it was they were looking for. None of them gave the Prius looking car between the truck and the sedan more than a glance to see if anyone was in it as they walked past.
“If you’ve ever seen a Ferrari then you know that that wasn’t what that was. It was some kind of tricked out Civic.”
“Your nuts there is nothing you can do to a four cylinder to give it that kind of speed.”
“Shoot you can turbo charge anything now. You ever seen lawnmower racing? I’ve seen a turbo charged lawnmower that will do seventy five.”
“Maybe they squeezed a turbo charged six into it?”
“It wasn’t a Honda.”
                They walked on up the ramp and were passed by a group that was coming back down. Those kinds of arguments went on well after the sun came up and finally they started to leave by noon there was a single car parked not far from where Asmodan was parked and two cops were leaning against the trunk chatting. Asmodan couldn’t risk a nap or a loss of focus of any kind he didn’t want them to notice that anything was different and come give him a more in depth look. He was getting closed to exhaustion when he felt the mental itch of the mind speak phone ring.
“That was fun was it not?”
“Yes actually it was freaking awesome.”
“I know we watched it on the television. Algie called and asked us to turn on the news.”
“Well I will come watch the news after these two leave.”
“There are more. Two at either end of the block. They do not know how you managed to hide in here but they are sure that you haven’t left yet. They plan to catch you when you go. No vehicles have been allowed to pass this place on the street.”
“Fine I’m tired of this crap. Go up two levels and create a portal to Agoth make it big enough for the car. Don’t worry you don’t have to go in just open it and wait once I’m through close it. Let me know when it’s ready.”
                Volnam laughed and hopped off the hood of the car flapping his way up the ramp to the second and then third floor. Once he was there he began to use an intense jet of flame to carve a portal spell into the ground once it was done correctly he informed Asmodan that it was almost ready he activated the spell and from floor to ceiling and almost nine feet wide the air tore open. Volnam knew the odds of randomly opening a portal especially one this size but he was a creature of chaos so when he saw the hulking form of the Morganoth as it crouched down to peer into the portal that had opened directly in front of it.
“Warlock the portal is open and you should come very quickly.”
The Imp simply danced from foot to foot as he watched the smiling Morganoth begin to climb in to this reality from its own. He smiled bigger as he heard the beginnings of the whistling scream of Asmodan in his car as the thing built speed. The look on the Humans face as he spun around the last corner and spotted the skinless demon emerging on this side of the gateway. The shock and the wide eyes, to Volnam it was moments like this that was priceless. He expected the Human to stop and battle the demon. He did not expect the Human to increase speed and slam full into the demon. The massive demon fell over the top of the car and held onto his unknown attacker but as he held on he was also dragged back into the Abyss something the beast was not happy about.
“Close it you rat faced flying rodent.”
Once they were through Volnam closed the portal as the Warlock so politely asked him to. Volnam hopped into the sky and glided to one of the open spaces that were regularly spaced along each floor of the parking deck and watched as the police came running up the ramp after the car they just heard. Looking over his shoulder he also noticed that the police at either end of the block were rushing towards the building. This had been a fun day so far he thought as he jumped out into the sky and glided home.

Asmodan kept the car floored and kept telling it to go faster he was on a flat ridge and the Demon still had one hell of a grip on top of the car. It was cursing him in the Morganoth specific version of Abysseth. When Asmodan could see the edge of the ridge growing larger he slammed on the breaks and sent the demon sailing out into the mists. Its grip was tight but sometimes physics had to win out and at the speed he was going there was not much of anything that could have held on once he stopped. The raging demon was still screaming at him as he sailed out down and away. Danny backed up and turned around. He began heading back the way he had come and called to Volnam to summon him home when he got a chance. Ridge lines where a really bad place to be anything that could fly could see you and the once that couldn’t fly traveled along them so that they didn’t have to climb sideways or descend who know how far. His stay was short Volnam found him quickly and opened another portal for him to come through this time directly into the garage. He climbed out of the car and stumbled up the stairs into the elevator and headed for his room. While walking down the hallway he came across his brother who smiled at him.
“That was pretty awesome driving man.”
“Yeah it was pretty cool. I’m bushed though, headed to bed.”
“Yeah I can see that. Sleep well.”
Danny stumbled through the door to his room and fell into bed. It didn’t take long before he was asleep. It didn’t take much more than that for him to dream at least he thought he was dreaming. He was on a plane somewhere far from anything it was just a vast empty space with solid ground to stand on. There in front of him stood Monique. She was in a soft white gown that moved slightly in some ethereal wind that he could not feel.
“I thought you had abandoned me.”
“No never I had to take care of a threat before I could move forward with things.”
                She looked frightened for a second.
“Was it one of the Angels?”
“No nothing like that the opposite actually, I took care of a large cat like demon that I had issues with earlier.”
“The Kirogoth?”
“Yes the… Yes him.”
Asmodan was curious that she knew what he was talking about and the name of the demons caste. Monique seemed to feel his unease and reassured him.
“Don’t worry, I have been watching you I’ve been waiting for you to contact me.”
“I’ve been waiting for the same with you. Do you know the process for bringing you back yet?”
“Yes I have it all written out I am working on having an agent deliver it to a place in the Abyss where you can get it. do you know anyone that can get it to you?”
“I can get it myself. I can move freely in the Abyss now.”
“Is it safe?”
“For me it is. I have some here that I have had dealings with I can get things done if I need too.”
“Is there someone that can retrieve something and put it in a place that you can get it from?”
                She looked hopeful a little excited even, it was contagious Asmodan felt the same along with a flood of other things.
“I think I know someone that I can talk into doing what we need. I have delt with her well in the past.”
“A succubus. She… don’t worry about her. She is good to her word in a deal like all demons I just need to negotiate without her coming out to far ahead.”
“I’m out of time for now I have to go what is her name?”
“Her name is-”
Monique was already gone. He woke up; Danny sat up in his bed. The sun had risen and was already a ways up the sky he looked at it for a minute it wasn’t past noon yet and he felt good. He felt excited he needed to contact Niath and tell her about the upcoming plans. It would wait a little bit though. He headed down the hallway calling out for Volnam as he was the elevator door opened and Lily leaned out.
“Good your up come down stairs there is something Algie left for you to see.”
                He replied and turned onto the elevator. She took him down into the game, hot tub, television room. There on the TV was a paused video of a black screen with little white and black dots on it. Lily grabbed that remote and hit play. Danny watched with a growing grin as state troopers tried over and over to catch or just catch up to him while he played with them throughout the night. He noticed several things that he didn’t know while he was actually on the road but he actually ran some of those cars so hard that they had to get off the road refuel and then get back on and try and catch up to the rest of them again. He and Lily both began laughing out loud as they watched the Troopers rush the car thinking that the tires had been blown only to have it take off again. Then have to rush back into their cars and take off after him again. He was going to have to do this once or twice a month it was a blast. Volnam also laughed from his perch on the back of one of the recliners. The Warlock walked over to the Imp and flicked him on the back of his bald little head.
The Imp hissed at him. What was that for? Was the implied question with the hiss.
“Morganoth in the parking garage? Were you going to just let him roam the city?”
“You did not tell me not to let things through you told me to open a gate nothing else.”
                Asmodan glared at the Imp and let it go. He knew he couldn’t win if it turned into an argument.
“I need a favor from you.”
                The Imp turned to face him fully.
“I am going forward with the resurrection plan and there are going to be some plans that a Succubus is going to bring to a cave that I used when I was in the Abyss, the same one the goats were in. I want you to watch the Succubus for as long as you can. If she changes anything in the sheets I need to know so I can punish her accordingly.”
“Resurrection plan?”
Asmodan turned to look at Lily.
“You can bring people back from the dead?”
“I never have before but one of the reasons I agreed to all of this was the promise of enough power to bring Monique back.”
“Monique… your wife?”
“Yes. Monique my wife, who the hell else would I want to bring back?”
                Lily stood silent and stared at him. He stared back at her and past her he saw Renault who was shaking his head.
“Dude, don’t be a dick. How many times has she even heard you mention Monique’s name?”
                Danny looked back and forth between the two of them and then nodded half to himself and half to his brother.
“I’m sorry Lily; I’m really on edge over all this. I mean it’s my wife, she’s been gone so long I can’t explain the… I… I can’t explain what is going on in my head as far as all this goes.”
                She just nodded and turned and went back down the hall to her room. Renault looked at Asmodan again after watching her go.

“I know.”

Saturday, January 11, 2014

20 Finishing with the Hellcat

It took some time to prepare correctly but as Asmodan finished the words. The silver mirror he had placed in on the wall of spell vault stopped reflecting his image back at him and then as he placed the black silk cloth over the mirrors surface he watched as the silk began to stick to the mirrors surface it was like the mirror had become a silent vacuum sucking the cloth tight against the surface. There were no wrinkles or creases in the material it was perfectly smooth against the surface of the mirror. The blackness of the silk became somehow deeper and then in the depths of the black the Warlock began to see details. Off to the left there was a workbench of some sort and hanging above it on a wall were all manner of hand tools. All were made of the same greenish tinted black metal. To the right there seemed to be machines or unfinished projects of some sort. He had no way of knowing for sure. The person he was looking to contact wasn’t immediately visible so he waited. Asmodan sat there staring calmly into the room that was supposedly deep inside one of the central ranges of the dark crystal mountains that make up most if not all of the demonic sphere of Agothe. Approximately twenty minutes passed when he spied movement from further back in the room the source of the movement must have noticed the window into another world that was floating a few feet off the ground in his workshop and quickly moved towards it. Once the demon had come near it stood silently and stared down at the mortal that was looking in at him.
“Master Organosnanith I hope?”
“Yes. What are you? Why are you spying on my space?”
“I was given you name as someone who is a master crafter.”
“I am.”
“I would like to contract your services if you are not currently involved in something.”
“I am always engaged in something.”
“Does your current project offer the range of possible payments that are available in the material plane?”
                The four eyes that marked out a rough square across the top portion of the demons head all squinted down as the demon went over things from the material plane that he might request as payment for services rendered.
“What is it that you want done? What is the Item you wish crafted? A great weapon? A tool for a powerful spell?”
“Nothing so crude. I want something far classier than a weapon.”
The demons eyes widened slightly.
“Have you ever assisted in the building of an automobile?”
The demons eyes narrowed again and its head tilted too far to the right for there to be a shoulder there as Asmodan saw the motion he noticed that there was not a shoulder there the head seemed to be floating a few feet in front of the body.
“I have not assisted in making anything since before your kind climbed out of the mud human. I do not even require others to assist me, in my works. I work alone and I keep all the credit for myself.”
“Hmm… Well you see I have begun the some of the work myself and.”
“I do not think that we can have an arrangement.”
The head began to move off the left side of the mirror Asmodan saw that there was a long tentacle like neck that attached it to the body of the demon.
“I’m sure that if I were to hand over the plans of what I want done and scrap what I had already started you would complete a far superior piece than I would ever dream of building.”
“You are damned right.”
The Demon replied as his head swung back into view of the mirror.
“I have not ever been contracted to construct an automobile but I have studied several. What will its source of power be?”
“I will have a hate engine for it.”
The demon made the odd four eyed frowning face again but moved passed it quickly.
“What will be in the hate engine? Hopefully no one I know.”
“A Kirogoth heart, by agreement in this case. One hundred years of service.”
“Once hundred years of service to a Human? How will it serve out the contract to you?”
“I am the Warlock.”
Asmodan stated as plainly and nonchalantly as he could.
“Are you now?”
“That would explain why any demon would consent to such a thing with you. You much talk a good game to get one to fall for that. “
“I don’t need to talk a good game I am the War…”
Asmodan couldn’t finish the Demon was nodding his head and in the back ground the Warlock could see several arms waving back and forth.
“Don’t bother I don’t believe in the myth and nothing you can do can convince me that you are anymore that a moderately powerful mortal Wizard of some sort.
“Fair enough.”
“What was the command word you were planning on using on the Engine?”
“I was planning on going with something simple like spin or rotate.”
The demon nodded approvingly and the suggestion.
“Would you be using a transmission similar to what is already being used on your world?”
“That was actually one of the items that I would be leaving at your discretion I have plans, schematics that I have drafted Ideas for appearance that I would like to see incorporated if at all possible but much of the highly technical work I had already left open to you should you accept the work.”
“And for my payment?”
I was hoping that we could come to an agreement. I’m sure that there is something here that you need that I could provide; I understand that you are located in the central spines of Agothe. I know that materials that a craftsperson such as yourself would use to truly display your skill might be hard to come by. I have spent some time there myself.”
                Orgonosnanith had already had thousands of things flash through his always working mind and nothing of any real significance rose to the surface of the flood of ideas. When the human pointed out that there materials that could be worked into other projects that were not readily available to him that narrowed the field considerably.
“I need time to think to come to a fair price. Do you have your sketches with you now?”
“Yes, I have them here.”
“Let me look them over, contact me again in… your days are measured in hours correct and a day night cycle is twenty four?”
“Very well. I will be in this spot in twenty four of your hours. I will not be late I have a clock that I built sometime back that measures your time. Do not be late.”
Asmodan picked up the roll of papers that he had laid beside his right knee and passed them through the mirror. As they passed through the surface of the mirror he kept expecting them to catch on the silk that was draped over its surface but of course they did not. Orgonosnanith who’s head had seemed to float back from the mirror reached out with an arm that seemed to be just as fluid and boneless as the demons neck and took the roll. As he walked away with them he called back over his shoulder “twenty four hours.” The Warlock watched him unrolling the sheets as he moved out of sight of the mirror.  Once he was out of sight Asmodan reached out and grabbed the silk that was hanging below the bottom of the mirror and pulled it off. The spell immediately ended and the mirror was a simple polished piece of silver again. He took it down and placed it back in the storage box it came in. He folded the silk and placed it in the same box but in a corner where it would not come into contact with the silver. There was no way that anything could happen by accident but he seemed to be leaning towards extra caution lately.

The following days meeting with the odd Demonsmith had not gone how Asmodan had planned. In all honesty he had planned on Orgon to request mortal babies and human souls and the flesh of a religious man and all other manner of demented things that demons seemed to love so much. The list he received instead still had him rubbing his head.
One centennial Scarlet Oak tree (live)
One maple tree with a burl (live)
One ton solid black marble stone
One ton solid white marble stone
One albino male peacock (live)
Payment must be received before the completion of the project.
Asmodan knew that he was getting the equivalent of a demonic hyper car. But he wasn’t sure if he was getting ripped off or not. Some of this stuff he was sure was not going to be easy to get and he sure didn’t know how to transplant something like a hundred year old tree into the abyss and have it survive. As he thought about it he decided that keeping it alive was going to be Orgon’s responsibility as long as it was alive when he delivered it his end of the deal was fulfilled.

It took some time but between Algie, Lily and Asmodan and the all-powerful internet they located everything on the list. The trees were not hard and the peacock was simple. The solid chunks of marble were another matter. Rather than having most of the items shipped to him Asmodan traveled to them and in the late night or early morning hours he broke in to the places the larger items were stored and used power gateway spells and literally dropped the items into spaces that Orgon had prepared for them. When contacted later about his purchases coming up missing Asmodan would state that there had to be some confusion because they had already been delivered to the people who had contracted him to locate them. He let the various sellers keep their fees with the exception of the people he had found for the black marble since he felt that they were ripping him off. Them he told that if they couldn’t deliver what he had paid for then he wanted his money back. They tried to convince him that they could get another piece and that he just had to wait a little longer and then they received a call from Algie’s firm and the matter was dropped and the money returned.

Asmodan had regular interaction with Orgon and had decided that this was probably the only demon that he had ever met that he almost liked and could vaguely trust. Orgon would not show him the work in progress but would ask the Warlock questions about aesthetics, design ideas and the feelings he wanted to invoke in other mortals when they saw him in the vehicle. There were also questions as to comfort and number of passengers. Asmodan said it needed to seat five in two rows of seats three in the back and two in the front; he described bucket seats and even provided pictures of different types that he had looked into and or read up on.
When it is considered that demons do not need to sleep many just don’t. Those that do are injured and healing or are bored. Demons don’t have to eat they do it as a pleasure or because of some internal drive that pushes them into it. Lock a demon in a room with no way out and wait a thousand years and open the door. The demon it will still be inside waiting for a chance to rip your face off. When you take away time to eat and time to sleep and give a demon something to obsess on they can work a lot more efficiently than your most dedicated Human. This is the case with the demon smith Orgonosnanith when he was asking Asmodan questions about seats it was because he was making them at that moment when he contacted the Warlock about suspension a day later it was because he was constructing it at that time. Once the first iteration of the vehicle was completed the Smith went over it with a large hammer made of the green tinted metal that he seemed to use for everything and anything that was deemed unfit was smacked dented pulled away and thrown into a smelter to be reformed back into something that didn’t madden its maker. These sessions of building the car up to almost complete and them bashing bits of it off and melting them back down to nothing happened several times before Asmodan even knew that the car had been completed once. No piece was ever taken off because it didn’t fit or wouldn’t perform correctly that would mean that Orgon had made a mistake and that was not something that the demon seemed to ever do. He was just picky and with a mind sharp enough to look at something and upgrade it in his head five or six times before settling on something else that he liked better and was usually many times better than what was fist in place for use. Almost all of the interior frames and braces of the car were made of the indestructible crystal of Agothe and to hide the material it was encased in the shaped and detailed metal work of the Demon.
When it was all but completed Asmodan was told that he needed to prepare his Hate Engine. The Warlock had hoped that he would have to hunt hard to find the Kirogoth and he hopped that it would try and back out of the deal. He wanted to fight the beast to punish it again. Once he did find it in his scryings he felt his blood boil. He wanted to strap it to a table and set on it with tools that are described on manuals of torture written by professionals of the trade from the dark ages. The Warlock knew that he wouldn’t kill the beast if he was to do it and he also knew that he could do it if he wanted to this hell cat didn’t pose a threat to him anymore.
On a whim he opened the portal directly before the draft horse sized cat it stood staring at him for a second unfettered hate in its golden feline eyes, then it slowly and soundlessly walked through the portal and stood in the room before the Warlock.
“Die mortal.”
“Shutup I hate you.”
Asmodan needed to grab a few things and bring them in to make his Engine and was about to leave the room he didn’t want the Fel lynx to get away he could do serious damage before Asmodan could find him again. He turned back to the beast and using almost a perfect control of the voice he told the demon.
The massive bluish… pinkish... Asmodan stood there and stared at the Fel lynx for a few more seconds. Was the cat’s fur changing color as he watched it? Then he remembered that Volnam had taught him that they did shimmer different colors all pleasing to the mortal eye. They could also give off pleasant scents to draw mortals in that with their natural telepathy and hypnotic gaze made it very easy for them to draw prey to them. In his time in the abyss Oristhnx never seemed to use any of these other traits or Asmodan never had a chance to notice them given the other activities that usually took place during their time together what with the torture and the feasting on Asmodan’s living flesh and all. Asmodan watched the black fur shimmer through a shade of emerald green and then turned and left the room.
As he walked down the hallway to grab a few items he needed from his spell vault he had a little bounce in his step. He quickly grabbed the items he would need and carried them back to his waiting guest. The process went exactly as it had before. Took almost the exact same amount of time. This demon was much larger and had an entire body to deal with. Just getting to the massive heart and working the giant thing free was a feat in itself. When it was done he was exhausted but excited he also noted that he was a little let down. The thing didn’t cry out once there was no scream or shriek or primal growl there was no defiance. The few times during the rite that their eyes met there was only the same deep pure hatred and the promise that eventually this would be over and if he had to wait a century to get his maw around the mortals throat again then he would wait a century. Danny chuckled to himself as he mused with the idea of at ninetynine years selling the car to someone overseas. As he went over the various parts of the binding spell there was no built in clause in it that would automatically let Oristhnx back out in one hundred years. Then again as Volnam had pointed out several times if it got out that the Warlock had no qualms with breaking his word whenever he felt like it no other demon would deal with him. Each time that argument came up Asmodan wanted to point out that any demon he came across would do exactly what he wanted it to regardless of if it wanted to or not he didn’t say it though but he thought it often.
Danny stared at the pulsing light emanating from the sides of the box. He smiled to himself, he could crush anyone who opposed him. As he thought it he didn’t really think of any reason for anyone to need to oppose him if what he wanted to do was the right thing. Crushing opposers… it was an odd and random thought to have. The Warlock picked up the box and moved down the hallway to the spell vault and delivered his prize to Orgon. The whole time wishing he felt happier or more excited about his cat in a box.
The cat in a box thought stuck with Asmodan. He stood there for the first time inside Orgonosnanith’s complex which he had for months mistakenly thought of as a workshop the mall of America would fit in here. Off over in that corner on the left. As the excited demon went over the different facets of the car Asmodan thought of a story he heard about Schrödinger's cat, this guy put a cat in a sealed box with some poison in a breakable bottle and once the box was sealed the cat could be thought of as both dead and alive because you couldn’t know if the poison broke or not. He thought about Schrödinger's cat and decided that he might call the engine of his new car Schrödinger's box.
“And here here come sit place your hand there.”
                Asmodan found himself being ushered to the driver’s seat and as the demon indicated he placed his hand down into a receptacle that was where most cars have the stick for shifting gears on a manual transmission car. Nothing happened when he placed his hand inside there was a handle there and he grabbed it. The odd semi sphere like shape felt like it was made for his hand. The contours were matched exactly to how his had naturally curled around it. This one piece was almost a chicken and egg scenario was this sphere of metal made for his hand or was his hand made to wrap around this piece of metal. As he held it though he looked up to Orgon and stated rather disappointedly.
“It’s not doing anything.”
“Of course not it’s dead. Let’s give it life.”
Reaching in through the windows with his long boneless upper arms he lifted the back seat away from the floor and the lower set of arms placed Schrodinger’s box into a place that had been prepared for it. The seat was lowered back down and latched into place. Almost instantly the whole car was different it felt different. There was almost some panic in the Warlocks face as strings of lines all over almost every surface of the car flashed for a few seconds before fading away and becoming invisible. He then realized that once the car had its heart its source of power the whole thing, almost every surface of every part was spelled for one thing or another. As Orgon was placing the engine into the back seat Asmodan was turned around to watch him and to do that he had taken his hand out of the little cubby that had been placed there for it. Orgon walked around the side of the car and climbed into the passenger seat changing shape as he did. By the time he was seated he looked physically almost completely human. His arms and head stayed the same shape but shrank. The odd color changing flesh of the demon seemed to be pulsing back and forth in alternating patterns of glowing green and glowing orange. Asmodan assumed that the demon was excited.
“There.” The demon pointed down at the open pod
“Place your hand there. It is linked to you. Any other mortal that has not been linked to it will have his life force drained and fed back into the Engine. It is an… anti-theft device.”
Asmodan placed his hand into the gap and closed his hand around the handle and his whole body lit up. He was aware of the car and its surroundings there was something else too but he wasn’t sure what it was, maybe another mind but it wasn't coherent it was scrambled. The Warlock pushed the broken mind aside there was too much else to see and pay attention too.  He was aware of Orgon speaking to him but was having a hard time focusing on what he was saying. Asmodan already had a feeling of what this was for, why it was build this way. He willed the car forward slowly and sure enough it began to move. It wasn’t the car moving though it was him moving, the Tires were like his skin and he could feel them he could feel the smooth crystal floor but saying it was like walking on the crystal would be wrong it was like four parts of his body were rolling continuously over the crystal and it was a sensation that he would have a hard time explaining to someone because there was nothing to compare it too. As he moved he could feel the non air moving against his not skin. After about fifteen feet Asmodan stopped he focused on letting go of the handle and sat back in his seat. Orgon was looking at him questioningly.
“It’s so much beyond the human experience I just need to catch my breath. You are truly a master at whatever you decide to do… Orgon when I conquer the Abyss, you are gonna have free reign to do whatever you want.”
Orgon who still in no way believed that Asmodan was the Warlock just laughed and said that he would hold him to that as part of their bargain. Asmodan sat back and took a few deep breaths he focused himself as if he were going to attempt a complicated incantation and then began to reach for the knob again. As he reached out Orgon placed his hand over Asmodan’s to stop him.
“You can join the vehicle that way but you can also control it like a conventional mortal vehicle once you have touched it to activate it.”
“Does it have gears?”
Orgon nodded his head in the negative.
“I have managed it so that if you tap the control knob and have a range of speeds in mind the acceleration peddle will move between the high and low speeds you set mentally.”
The Warlock frowned for a second and then thinking to the car as if he would when communicating with someone telepathically zero to thirty miles per hour, and reached down to tap the knob. The car sat there. Asmodan placed both hands on the steering wheel and pressed on the go peddle lightly. The car began to accelerate and seeing that the cavernous space they were in had the space in front of him he floored it. The car jumped to thirty miles an hour and did not go one fraction above it.
“Tap it again with a larger range in mind and it will accommodate you.”
Orgon said. Asmodan looked over to him and then slid his hand down to tap the knob again this time thinking thirty to seventy miles an hour. He let off of the accelerator and the car stayed at thirty and as he pressed his foot back down on it the car began to build speed again this time all the way up to seventy. Asmodan nodded to himself as he thought. Sweet mental cruise control. On a whim he reached back down to tap the knob and thought the command, Lights. Instantly two bright angular headlights threw beams into the darkness far out into the dark crystal cavern. There was much more space than the Warlock had guessed. After a few very sharp turn to see what the grip was like on the smooth surface he began to push speeds up to one hundred and one hundred and fifty. He didn’t experiment with the joining feature as Orgon called it. Driving at a hundred and fifty miles an hour was a rush that he hadn't had before he wanted to push it further but all his training with Volnam had taught him a small level of control and he knew that he could barely react fast enough at this speed when a turn was needed he would do this until he felt like it was old and then he would go to greater speeds. He hadn't noticed before because of the level of focus he was forcing onto everything else but the car was not so much growling like most high end cars did in the movies it was more like a howling.
“Without an internal combustion engine what is causing the sound that I am hearing?”
“That is the way the rotations and the wind are dealing with themselves outside the rear of the car. Your mortal ears might not be able to hear it but there is actually two different sounds one is high pitched and changes as you increase or decrease speed and the other is deeper and changes depending on how the car is interacting with the air. One can be silenced the other can be decreased. At low speeds the car will be almost silent many people will think you have an… electric car.”
Asmodan winced at that a little bit. He thought electric cars were a neat idea but he thought gay people should be allowed to get married too. That didn’t mean he wanted to marry a dude or people to think he drove an electric car. Well it was a clean energy car, he would have to just get used to being part of the green revolution.
                They drove for a few more hours Asmodan getting used to the feel of the car how it handled, how things changed at different speeds. One thing that was hard to get the hang of and he didn’t really see a need for it but practiced with it anyway was the fact that the car would go forward at the same speed as it would backward. Orgon told him that it was more practical when he was joined with the car. Finally then the test driving was done they both stood a few feet away from the front of the vehicle. Orgon had grown back to his full seven almost eight foot height and re-sprouted what Asmodan had counted as four squat legs, they looked like the legs he would have pictured on some massive four legged dinosaur only shrunk down. Orgon stood with all of his sets of arms folded as he gazed at the vehicle Asmodan could tell that he was proud of his work and he deserved to be it was amazing. The body itself was amazing it embodied everything Asmodan had said he wanted it too. It was powerful it was vicious it looked like it was springing forward as it sat parked. Hard forward moving lines moved over the body. It looked like a demon itself something horrifying if it could move on its own, but it couldn’t it was at the command of a Human. It was wide just under seven feet. The car sat very low to the ground as well a hair over three feet tall and twelve and a half feet long. It was a coupe only having two long doors but the doors did open a wide enough area that someone only needed to tilt a front seat forward a little bit to sit in the back seat where there was plenty of room for three adults to sit comfortably. There was a point in all the looking over and inspecting where the Warlock climbed into the back seat and he was thrown off by it because as he sat in the back seat the car seemed much larger than when he was sitting in the front. The car seemed almost two feet wider in the back than the front. Orgon admitted to extra dimensional space at work and Asmodan chided himself for not coming to that conclusion on his own. He had to remind himself that Orgon wasn’t just someone who swung a hammer this demon had a deep understanding of the workings of magic to do what he did; the car was covered in proof of that.
They had timed it so that when the portal was opened to get the car from the Abyss to the Material plane it was two thirty in the morning in the corner of town where Asmodan’s building was there usually wasn’t anyone around. Asmodan silently pulled the car into a parking space near the front door and got out and turned to Orgon who was still standing on his side of the gateway. He was peering out and around the edges but he made no move to come through.
“Maybe in the future you will contract me for something that will allow me to come through for a while as payment.”
“Our deal is done Mortal enjoy your new toy.”

With that Orgon turned back and waved his hand as he did it the portal closed. This confused Asmodan the portal was his he had opened it. He didn’t know that someone else could will his portal closed. He was going to have to talk to Volnam about that.