Tuesday, January 14, 2014

21 Has she gone?

Asmodan slept well the night the car was brought home. Algie had the car registered with special license as an experimental green car. After a special inspection to make sure that it met all the requirements to be street legal, turn signals working breaks and that sort of thing he was free to drive it on public roads. Another construction crew was hired for the special task of making an underground parking structure directly under his home with a forty foot long tunnel that let the car out at the far end of the parking lot. The tunnel had a ramp that had the car up at street level just before he made it onto the street. Asmodan went over the distance a few times to make sure that he and anyone on the street would have just enough time to see each other and avoid a collision before he was actually on the road with them.
During the time it took for the construction he waited to hear or feel something from Monique he wanted to bring her through as soon as he got back that fact that he hadn’t was eating away at him but he just could not focus on the task the way he knew he was going to need to with Oristhnx out and free the demon knew him what if when he was trying to dray her through the void and then to the material plane the cat attacked he knew the feline demon was patient and expert at ambush. The cat could have killed her soul if that worked that way. The Warlock wasn’t sure if it did work that way, as he thought about it he wondered if he would be bringing her back as a ghost or with a body. As he reasoned it out he decided it would have to have something to do with the fact that when he sent his spirit self to the abyss it was made physical, maybe when he brought her through from there to here the body would be maintained. The fact that now that he was ready and sure it would be safe for her to make the trip he had heard nothing from her. He tried reaching out to her but received no response. The Warlock considered attempting to call to her again with the same spell he had used to get through to her the first time. He considered it then he let it go he didn’t want that prick Angel getting involved again. He leaned back against the wall of his newly finished parking garage and stared at the ceiling the thought of Kephrael made his blood start to boil then he considered the possibility of the Archangel finding out about their plan and stopping it and Asmodan never getting to find out about it and his rage was almost out of his control visible wave of pale green energy began to radiate off of him. He noticed that his car seemed to reflect them differently than it did the regular light in the garage from the lamps. With focus and breathing he calmed himself down.
The frustrated Warlock decided that he wanted to blow off some steam and opened the door to the car.
“So am I finally going to get a ride in it?”
He turned to see Lily coming in from the stairs that had been added near the elevator on the first floor. It was night and she was off and she had changed out of one of her pant suits and into some sleeping pants made out of some sweat suit material and a red and white north Carolina state wolf pack football shirt, he looked at her for a second then state UNC was better and told her to get in. he sat down and she pulled at the handle and the door didn’t budge the handle didn’t even move until he tapped the knob and willed it to open for her. Then he sent another command telling it to always open for her from the passenger side.

“Do you understand what this is?”
He asked her as she lowered herself into the seat.
“From what I have put together from everything going on, it’s not a Prius?”
“Nope.” He half giggled to her. “It sure isn’t a Prius…”
“So if it’s not a Prius it must be a magical demon car right? Cause that what you do is magical demon stuff?”
“Yep that’s what I do. I’m going out to blow off some steam, don’t talk to me I won’t be able to hear you and don’t freak out or scream you are safer in here then you would be in a tank. Besides if you do freak and start screaming it won’t matter because I won’t be able to hear you and neither will anyone outside the car.”
“Why not?”
                Lily asked but it didn’t matter because he was already gone. As he finished his sentence he dropped his hand onto the knob and the pod that it sat at the bottom of closed around his forearm the grip was firm but not uncomfortable, it was like a well-made glove would feel. He had the restraints activate as the he the car began to move for the exit. He found that since he could have the right wheels spin forward while the left spin backward he could turn in place like a tank so he could park anywhere which he liked. Asmodan didn’t think he was going to be parking anywhere tonight.
He was at seventy before he was out of the tunnel and turned onto the road and sped away inches in front of a sedan that was already cruising down the road in his lane. He was at ninety on the surface roads as he made his way towards the freeway onramp. It was strange he felt Lily’s hand touch his arm but he also felt her sitting in his lap or on his back. He felt her feet resting on his floor, her back against his seat back. None of this contact affected him in a sexual way he supposed it could if he wanted it too but it was just too unimportant or too trivial compared to the feel of the concrete or asphalt as it passed beneath him. The feel of the air as he ripped through it as it passed over and under and around him. The sound it made as it slammed back into itself once it was passed him. The wind screamed at his passing. So did the people he blew past cars at such speeds that the drivers almost swerved of the road at the shock of it. instantly he was there with the wind screaming past him and then he was gone a pair of quickly vanishing tail lights that didn’t so much give off a bright red light as it was that they emanated a dull reddish orange glow it almost had the same haze that came from Volnam’s eyes when he was fuming about something.
Raleigh North Carolina is the state capital and has many smaller towns that it had begun to absorb over the decades as the city grey to help get around the constantly expanding city there are two freeways that create massive semi squiggly rings around it. These are called the Inner and outer beltlines and they serve and a faster way to get to another part of the city without having to deal with surface street traffic. To Asmodan who for years had used public transit these beltlines might as well not have existed but that was different now. Now these two belt lines were his own personal track complete with obstacles to play with at high speeds.
At first Lily despite her best efforts was in full panic but she finally realized that whatever was going on between Danny and the car he really was good enough to do this. It was scary but she seemed to be beyond the panic and she felt insulated from the danger of what was going on outside the car. She began to watch like someone watching something on TV caught up in it but separate from it because no matter how close the murderer with the machete was to the camera he still couldn’t get the viewer on their couch. They passed cars and she looked out the rear window and she saw the panic in the other drivers faces. It was at one of these points as Danny had just blown by a guy in a blue pickup truck that she saw the flashing blue lights turn on in the car on the other side of the pickup. The lights came on she noticed but they didn’t seem to get any closer they just got further and further away. It didn’t stop there though lights up ahead began to turn on and flash. Soon as the miles screamed by there must have been five state troopers on the road around and behind them. She looked over to Danny who had the exact same calm detached look on his face that he had had since they started to drive out of the garage.
The troopers tried everything to catch them. They put spike strips down and the first time Danny waited till the last possible second and pulled a power slide that had him miss them by centimeters the next time they managed to get a strip down in front of him he decided to show them how effective it was and just drove over them. He felt the sharp tips press up against his flesh painfully so, but painful in a way that was inconvenient not actually threatening. As soon as he was over the strip he came to a complete and controlled screaming stop. Sat long enough for the trooper who deployed the spike to rush towards the car and the troopers chasing him to get closer much closer, he was curious if they would get so fixated on him that they would hit their own spike strip but these were professional high speed drivers and they were already moving to go around. Once they were actually coming to stops around him he floored it which he was vaguely sure elicited a scream of surprise from Lily. The officers who were rushing the car turned and headed back towards their own cars. He was already so far ahead of them at that point that they wouldn’t be able to catch up to him. There was only one thing that was going to ruin his clean escape… the helicopter. As long as the eye in the sky was there it didn’t matter how fast he went the thing only had to keep an eye on him and the people on the ground would know where he was if he went home they would just follow him there. As he continued to lap the beltline he started to build a plan well he thought he had but he realized that it wasn’t him it was Lily. She was talking to him and she seemed to have been doing it for a few minutes and it was just now sinking in. For the first time since they had left he closed off the joining with the car.
“What now?”
“So you can hear me, Jerk were you ignoring me all this time?”
“No I just started to hear you in the back ground that’s why I’m talking to you now.”
“Get off the freeway and head down town get into a parking deck then just hide us till they go away.”
“They just go away? Have you ever watched the State troopers for this state on TV? You’d have a better chance getting a steak away from a hungry pit bull.”
“Can’t you just make them give up? Like mentally?”
                Now the young Warlock smiled.
“Yes I can do that. In fact I think I am going to do it right now.” 
                First he began with imagery was it a Corvette they were all chasing? A European import, some kind of supercar? Could it be a raced out Honda with a body kit? Each mind that he felt that was focused on him he began planting these thoughts into their minds along with random images of each he then as he felt each minds preference for what they wanted to believe it was that they were chasing he began to reinforce that belief. He gave more images it helped that they were far enough back to not have a good look at the car to have a physical image that conflicted with the Warlock was showing them. Finally he took an off ramp and headed into the city’s downtown. Once he found a parking deck he told Lily to get out walk a few blocks and if she saw a cop and talked to him tell them she saw someone haul ass into the parking structure. He reminded her to use the same mental focuses she used when dealing with Volnam they would keep her strong. She nodded and walked out of the parking deck and headed down the street. She would have been seen by the helicopter’s spot light but Asmodan had mentally distracted the officers in the sky they thought they might have seen someone run out the side entrance on foot, it was a dark mass and they couldn’t be sure.
                As Lily walked down the street a few blocks she watched what she assumed were all the cops in the region go flying down various streets from where she was they came down her street and several streets over to her left and right. After a little more walking and thought someone was following her and finally she turned to see who and saw Renault. He nodded flexed his arms to show that he was her big body guard and began to walk next to her. They didn’t talk or she didn’t talk to him and they just walked in the direction of home. A short time after that one of Algie’s cars came for her and took them home.
                Asmodan parked in a ramp parking place going from the first floor up to the second. The Warlock parked in a spot between a truck and another car. The parking structure was only sparsely used at this hour; most of the usage it got was during the say when people had to go downtown to conduct business. It didn’t take long before the place was surrounded with cops then they began to come in in teams they went from floor to floor car to car each team looked at his on the way up they glanced in to see no one sitting there and he grinned as got to listen to them argue over what it was they were looking for. None of them gave the Prius looking car between the truck and the sedan more than a glance to see if anyone was in it as they walked past.
“If you’ve ever seen a Ferrari then you know that that wasn’t what that was. It was some kind of tricked out Civic.”
“Your nuts there is nothing you can do to a four cylinder to give it that kind of speed.”
“Shoot you can turbo charge anything now. You ever seen lawnmower racing? I’ve seen a turbo charged lawnmower that will do seventy five.”
“Maybe they squeezed a turbo charged six into it?”
“It wasn’t a Honda.”
                They walked on up the ramp and were passed by a group that was coming back down. Those kinds of arguments went on well after the sun came up and finally they started to leave by noon there was a single car parked not far from where Asmodan was parked and two cops were leaning against the trunk chatting. Asmodan couldn’t risk a nap or a loss of focus of any kind he didn’t want them to notice that anything was different and come give him a more in depth look. He was getting closed to exhaustion when he felt the mental itch of the mind speak phone ring.
“That was fun was it not?”
“Yes actually it was freaking awesome.”
“I know we watched it on the television. Algie called and asked us to turn on the news.”
“Well I will come watch the news after these two leave.”
“There are more. Two at either end of the block. They do not know how you managed to hide in here but they are sure that you haven’t left yet. They plan to catch you when you go. No vehicles have been allowed to pass this place on the street.”
“Fine I’m tired of this crap. Go up two levels and create a portal to Agoth make it big enough for the car. Don’t worry you don’t have to go in just open it and wait once I’m through close it. Let me know when it’s ready.”
                Volnam laughed and hopped off the hood of the car flapping his way up the ramp to the second and then third floor. Once he was there he began to use an intense jet of flame to carve a portal spell into the ground once it was done correctly he informed Asmodan that it was almost ready he activated the spell and from floor to ceiling and almost nine feet wide the air tore open. Volnam knew the odds of randomly opening a portal especially one this size but he was a creature of chaos so when he saw the hulking form of the Morganoth as it crouched down to peer into the portal that had opened directly in front of it.
“Warlock the portal is open and you should come very quickly.”
The Imp simply danced from foot to foot as he watched the smiling Morganoth begin to climb in to this reality from its own. He smiled bigger as he heard the beginnings of the whistling scream of Asmodan in his car as the thing built speed. The look on the Humans face as he spun around the last corner and spotted the skinless demon emerging on this side of the gateway. The shock and the wide eyes, to Volnam it was moments like this that was priceless. He expected the Human to stop and battle the demon. He did not expect the Human to increase speed and slam full into the demon. The massive demon fell over the top of the car and held onto his unknown attacker but as he held on he was also dragged back into the Abyss something the beast was not happy about.
“Close it you rat faced flying rodent.”
Once they were through Volnam closed the portal as the Warlock so politely asked him to. Volnam hopped into the sky and glided to one of the open spaces that were regularly spaced along each floor of the parking deck and watched as the police came running up the ramp after the car they just heard. Looking over his shoulder he also noticed that the police at either end of the block were rushing towards the building. This had been a fun day so far he thought as he jumped out into the sky and glided home.

Asmodan kept the car floored and kept telling it to go faster he was on a flat ridge and the Demon still had one hell of a grip on top of the car. It was cursing him in the Morganoth specific version of Abysseth. When Asmodan could see the edge of the ridge growing larger he slammed on the breaks and sent the demon sailing out into the mists. Its grip was tight but sometimes physics had to win out and at the speed he was going there was not much of anything that could have held on once he stopped. The raging demon was still screaming at him as he sailed out down and away. Danny backed up and turned around. He began heading back the way he had come and called to Volnam to summon him home when he got a chance. Ridge lines where a really bad place to be anything that could fly could see you and the once that couldn’t fly traveled along them so that they didn’t have to climb sideways or descend who know how far. His stay was short Volnam found him quickly and opened another portal for him to come through this time directly into the garage. He climbed out of the car and stumbled up the stairs into the elevator and headed for his room. While walking down the hallway he came across his brother who smiled at him.
“That was pretty awesome driving man.”
“Yeah it was pretty cool. I’m bushed though, headed to bed.”
“Yeah I can see that. Sleep well.”
Danny stumbled through the door to his room and fell into bed. It didn’t take long before he was asleep. It didn’t take much more than that for him to dream at least he thought he was dreaming. He was on a plane somewhere far from anything it was just a vast empty space with solid ground to stand on. There in front of him stood Monique. She was in a soft white gown that moved slightly in some ethereal wind that he could not feel.
“I thought you had abandoned me.”
“No never I had to take care of a threat before I could move forward with things.”
                She looked frightened for a second.
“Was it one of the Angels?”
“No nothing like that the opposite actually, I took care of a large cat like demon that I had issues with earlier.”
“The Kirogoth?”
“Yes the… Yes him.”
Asmodan was curious that she knew what he was talking about and the name of the demons caste. Monique seemed to feel his unease and reassured him.
“Don’t worry, I have been watching you I’ve been waiting for you to contact me.”
“I’ve been waiting for the same with you. Do you know the process for bringing you back yet?”
“Yes I have it all written out I am working on having an agent deliver it to a place in the Abyss where you can get it. do you know anyone that can get it to you?”
“I can get it myself. I can move freely in the Abyss now.”
“Is it safe?”
“For me it is. I have some here that I have had dealings with I can get things done if I need too.”
“Is there someone that can retrieve something and put it in a place that you can get it from?”
                She looked hopeful a little excited even, it was contagious Asmodan felt the same along with a flood of other things.
“I think I know someone that I can talk into doing what we need. I have delt with her well in the past.”
“A succubus. She… don’t worry about her. She is good to her word in a deal like all demons I just need to negotiate without her coming out to far ahead.”
“I’m out of time for now I have to go what is her name?”
“Her name is-”
Monique was already gone. He woke up; Danny sat up in his bed. The sun had risen and was already a ways up the sky he looked at it for a minute it wasn’t past noon yet and he felt good. He felt excited he needed to contact Niath and tell her about the upcoming plans. It would wait a little bit though. He headed down the hallway calling out for Volnam as he was the elevator door opened and Lily leaned out.
“Good your up come down stairs there is something Algie left for you to see.”
                He replied and turned onto the elevator. She took him down into the game, hot tub, television room. There on the TV was a paused video of a black screen with little white and black dots on it. Lily grabbed that remote and hit play. Danny watched with a growing grin as state troopers tried over and over to catch or just catch up to him while he played with them throughout the night. He noticed several things that he didn’t know while he was actually on the road but he actually ran some of those cars so hard that they had to get off the road refuel and then get back on and try and catch up to the rest of them again. He and Lily both began laughing out loud as they watched the Troopers rush the car thinking that the tires had been blown only to have it take off again. Then have to rush back into their cars and take off after him again. He was going to have to do this once or twice a month it was a blast. Volnam also laughed from his perch on the back of one of the recliners. The Warlock walked over to the Imp and flicked him on the back of his bald little head.
The Imp hissed at him. What was that for? Was the implied question with the hiss.
“Morganoth in the parking garage? Were you going to just let him roam the city?”
“You did not tell me not to let things through you told me to open a gate nothing else.”
                Asmodan glared at the Imp and let it go. He knew he couldn’t win if it turned into an argument.
“I need a favor from you.”
                The Imp turned to face him fully.
“I am going forward with the resurrection plan and there are going to be some plans that a Succubus is going to bring to a cave that I used when I was in the Abyss, the same one the goats were in. I want you to watch the Succubus for as long as you can. If she changes anything in the sheets I need to know so I can punish her accordingly.”
“Resurrection plan?”
Asmodan turned to look at Lily.
“You can bring people back from the dead?”
“I never have before but one of the reasons I agreed to all of this was the promise of enough power to bring Monique back.”
“Monique… your wife?”
“Yes. Monique my wife, who the hell else would I want to bring back?”
                Lily stood silent and stared at him. He stared back at her and past her he saw Renault who was shaking his head.
“Dude, don’t be a dick. How many times has she even heard you mention Monique’s name?”
                Danny looked back and forth between the two of them and then nodded half to himself and half to his brother.
“I’m sorry Lily; I’m really on edge over all this. I mean it’s my wife, she’s been gone so long I can’t explain the… I… I can’t explain what is going on in my head as far as all this goes.”
                She just nodded and turned and went back down the hall to her room. Renault looked at Asmodan again after watching her go.

“I know.”

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