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22 Realizing the dream

22 Realizing the dream

                Volnam waited invisible near the “beach” where the boiling blood ended and the crystal landscape began. Asmodan would not tell him where the tower the succubus hid was located but he showed him exactly what region she made landfall in when she came to the area where the cave she was to leave the instructions in was located. It didn’t take him long to spot her moving towards land. Once he saw her he took off and began to gain as much altitude as he could and still keep sight of her. When she was over land he was able to spot a strap of some sort of flesh around her neck and he assumed that it was a strap that carried a satchel or scroll tube since she was supposed to be carrying the instructions for Asmodan to bring his wife through heaven into the Abyss and out into the material plane. Volnam still did not think that was a good idea, he was sure at this point that Asmodan would have a fair chance at beating an Angel but not as sure about defeating an Archangel they were supposedly what was left of orders greatest weapons against Evil and Chaos from the first conflict if one believed in those. Volnam had never seen an Archangel do battle but he had read accounts and nothing short of a Balelord or Pitfiend stood a chance against one. On they flew she was smart Volnam noted, she checked above and behind often and he was sure she was implementing some sort of infantile version of a spell to detect hidden presences. He also gave her credit for attempting to cast while on the move. He noticed that at regular intervals of time she stopped flapping her wings pulled her hands in underneath herself and stayed that way for another fixed period of time and then she would start flapping again, he decided that she was recasting her spell again as the pattern continued. Eventually out of boredom he got down a little below her and turned his neck like an owls almost completely around to watch her as she cast her spell. Volnam watched as she wove a few symbols into the air while she talked softly and figured out what type of spell and what lineage of casters it developed with there was still so much he needed for he impatient human student to learn. He climbed back up to his original position and stayed there eventually they came to the cave that the Warlock had sent him to before. The one where the floors had been cut to keep his captives. The She-demon landed and moved into the cave and then down into the lower chamber, Volnam moved silently in and to a point where he could watch her actions. It was indeed a satchel that she had been carrying but the interesting part was that she did not pull instructions out of it, she pulled blank pages from one pouch she then produced an inkwell and quill from another. She then proceeded to write the instructions herself. There was no way she was told by a heavenly messenger everything she needed to know and was now writing it from memory. Asmodan had already been told how the plan was going to go and she was supposed to be given a pre written text to hide here for him to retrieve. The Human was learning at least, Volnam could be glade that the mortal was untrusting enough to send him to spy of the demonic slut.
                Niath began to write out how the Human was going to pull her from here to the mortal world in a manner that wouldn’t disrupt her disguise, which so far had been working on him perfectly she only had to find some way to be sure that the Imp teacher that he had would not be present because the Imp would most likely see right through it. If the Imp did see through it she had two options use the tail sting everyone present, or jump out the nearest window and escape. She focused on memories and other harder to explain sensations she had gleaned from the human and imitated the mortal Monique’s hand writing fairly perfectly. She was sure that he would be more obsessed with the fact that the words were written in her hand. This human who was supposed to have so much power over demons was just as easily manipulated as any other mortal. As she wrote she thought she smelt something. Something she remembered from another dealing she managed to have with the material world. It took her a moment to put a name to the smell but once she had it she had to focus on not letting on that she had caught it. Niath smelled whiskey, spirits were an easy way to get even a strong willed mortal to succumb to whatever it was one of her kind wanted to do with them. All succubae and incubi learned about these things from their caste they all learned many of the names is whatever the most popular languages the mortals were using at the time and they learned the scents of the specific types of alcohol. Whiskey was very popular in several regions of the material plane why would she smell it here? She knew she was being spied on. Someone was in this cave with her, if they had seen her writing out the instructions she knew they would most likely be reporting to the Human and if they did she was going to lose her chance to get out of Agoth. Niath had been using this cave rather often of late and had taken the liberty of preparing it for defense should she need it, there were demons in Agoth that were much larger and much more aggressive than her and a girl could never be too careful. She stretched her wings and then her shoulders wrote another page then two and then sat everything down in a neatly stacked pile and got up. She moved over to the ramp that led to the upper cavern and the entrance then moved up to the entrance. Niath did nothing to let on that she wasn’t alone in the cave. Finally while looking out into the miasma that covered everything. She flared her wings out and back as hard and fast as she could covering as much area as she could she moved back and to the side as she did the instant she felt her left wing tap something that was not smooth crystal she stabbed it with the barb of her tail. Leaving her tail imbedded she turned and lunged at the imp who was now becoming visible. For the size of his body she had pumped him full of a massive dose of venom. There was hate in his burning yellow eyes but what else should there have been? He lost. She straddled the imp and pinned his tail beneath her knee. Demons with nasty tails learn how to deal with them young. She smiled down at him. Still staring up at her he never managed to open his mouth he just glared at her. From her position she slid up a little and down a little seeing if she could get any reaction from the shorter demon. When she didn’t, she frowned he was no fun. Then he smiled.
“And what might you be smiling abo…”
Volnam opened his mouth and emitted a massive gout of flame her face and neck were engulfed and the flames did not go out they continued to burn after he had stopped. Niath threw herself clear of the nasty little creature and as she did she felt his own tail jab at her three times in quick succession. Two got the flesh of her wing one scored a slice high on her left thigh her wing flesh was too thin to take in any of the poison that he might have injected and the tip of his tail left venom along the slice in thigh but it wasn’t near as effective as it would have been had he hit her directly and buried it in the meat. Niath kept moving away and around the edge of the room she felt something else slam into her shoulder it was extremely painful and viciously cold. She tried to move her left arm up to feel at the damage but her left hand stuck in place frozen as soon as it touched the shoulder. She turned expecting the next spell to kill her and found the Imp laying flat on his face barley moving a thin trail of her venom draining off down the ramp into the lower tunnel away from his small form. She leaned back against the wall a sigh of relief emanating from her lips but when she tried to get back up she could not. Panic gripped her when she realized that the cold he had hit her with was some kind of ice that kept growing, the ice creped from the spot on her shoulder where it had hit and grew outward. Within heart beats her hand, forearm, elbow, chest, upper abdomen, back and portions of both wings were all frozen solid and she was stuck to a huge portion of the frozen wall. The Ice didn’t stop until she was completely frozen and lost consciousness luckily demons were highly resistant to the cold and she thawed and regained a measure of awareness long before Volnam showed any signs of movement. He was barely alive but Imp venom was more lethal than succubae and their bodies could deal with almost anything that was put into them. It would take a while she had almost completely drained herself into him there would be a lot for him to have to process before he would be up again. She didn’t want to kill him now. She might need him to deal with the human at some point.
Niath opened one of the spaces in the floor that Asmodan had cut for the goats and dragged Volnam in. once the lid and locking bar were in place she slumped against the wall and stared at the hateful little demons resting place. Her thigh burned where the poison had entered the slice. Her body had healed all the rest of the slice except where the venom had entered the flesh. To her horror the flesh marred with the poison did not knit perfectly back to its original and smooth shape but instead had a dotted burnt disgusting scar. She glared at the portion of the floor that held the Imp and had a strong desire to open it back up and kill the Imp she was getting up off the floor to do just that when she got ahold of the Imp and reminded herself that a chance at a free run on the material plane was worth a few dotted scars. 
Volnam was conscious when she locked him in the floor he just couldn’t focus enough through the mind blurring effects of her venom to do anything. Mortals had narcotics they even had some relatively powerful ones but what a succubus used was far beyond every concoction the realm of science could dream up and throw into the same pot. Volnam would have gone from the fire to the creeping ice and use the time from the ice to unleash hellfire on her and have that be the end of the encounter but he had to resort to his tail because he could not wrap his stoned mind around anything close to magic, finally he just fell over. His ears still worked and in time his mind cleared enough that he could focus on hearing what was going on. He could hear the scribbling of the succubus on the parchment… no it was vellum or some sort of dried and treated flesh. Given where they were it was probably treated wing flesh from something. He hated her. Training on an even higher level of focus and feeding it with how much he really hated her at that moment, the Imp focused on the ink she was writing from and knocked it over. He heard the demoness curse and snickered to himself. Volnam waited focused again and this time pushed as hard as he could on the back of the quill forcing it down through the page and into her thigh. She cursed again and this time got to her feet.
“I’m getting out of here Imp there is nothing you can do to stop that now.”
“Sure there is open the lid I’ll show you.”
“I have seen your human student do battle, I will not give you the chance to attack me when you are ready for me.”
“I know.”
“The Human is the Warlock and he is Human you do not understand the level of connection he has for the female you are imitating you are signing your death note.”
“I know very well the connection mortals have for their mates. I do not plan on staying long enough for him to get even with me.”
“It will not matter what you plan he has beaten you already. Idiot fool of a slut demon.”
“Your time with the mortals has dulled your ability to insult.”
“I will bargain with you. Do not do this.”
“Do not do this and you will…?”
“Not tell him you had a part in it and he might not put it together on his own, he tends to blame everything where his mate is concerned on the Archangel Kephrael. He will assume the Angel stopped the mate and not look to you.”
“Not good enough.”

“He will torture you forever.”

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