Wednesday, February 12, 2014

26 Sex bomb deployed

Asmodan hoped to see something on the news that night regarding the Two Hanover Square building and spent a large portion of the evening news flipping back and forth between channels eventually he decided that it was just going to take more time he gave up the remote to Lily who sat the remote down and looked at him one eyebrow arched.
“What exactly was it you were looking for?”
“Oh uh… Just news about that building downtown I was looking into.”
“Yeah I get that part but why would a building you are interested in all of a sudden be in the news. What I am getting at before you try and deflect again is, What did you do to it?”
“Yes really what did you do? You better not have hurt anyone.”
                Asmodan looked up at the ceiling for a minute. Then down at Lily his stare must have been an intense one because he could practically smell the fear begin to permeate the air around her.
“No I didn’t hurt anyone, well I don’t think so. I didn’t take into account allergic reactions to mold.”
“Allergic reactions to mold?”
“Yeah well see I need the building for the ritual to reanimate Renault but I can’t get it. So I set up a mold in the vents once the air quality is seen as unsafe I can get access to the building with no trouble.”
“Just plain mold?”
“What kind of mold then?”
“Why do you keep prying? You know you really don’t want to know. I’ve been honest I didn’t set up anything that will actually hurt or kill anyone.”
“Unless they are allergic right?”
“Yeah and I guess now that I think about it. Some commercials have stated that some heart problems might be an issue.”
“You have seen commercials for the mold you used?”
“No but… Man I have to use the bathroom. I will be right back.”
                Asmodan went to the bathroom. While he was there he took a few breaths and laughed to himself. Then he didn’t go back to the rec room he headed up to the fourth floor and locked himself into his vault or a few hours of meditation.   The meditation turned into sleeping and he ended up spending the night in the vault it was some of the best sleep he had had in weeks. The Vaults design to cancel out energy from the outside and completely seal off the inside from the outside world let him get into some the calmest deepest sleep he had had in a long time.

The following night he didn’t even need to remember to go to the rec room and check the news Lily called him in. The look on her face was someplace between anger and joy. She wanted to scowl at him but she couldn’t stop trying to hold back laughter. Apparently police were called to Two Hanover because of what was described as wild public displays of attention by people in the restaurants but from there it spread to just about every person on every floor. The only people who weren’t affected with the insane PDAs were the people who left when they noticed that things were not normal. The heavy petting eventually turned into outright sex. There are reports of sex everywhere, in elevators on conference room tables in hallways. The first round of police that was sent in to break it all up ended up pulled into the twenty nine floor orgy. More police were called in and were also caught up in the fun. Asmodan listened as Lily explained and watched as the news showed people being brought out covered in blankets and towels some women had suit jackets wrapped around them. Everyone seemed to be in a great mood as they were brought out of the building. Asmodan was also laughing as he watched the looks on people faces as they came out. This had to be the largest group of genuinely happy people anywhere on earth he thought to himself. Volnam who was watching from further back in the room was also cackling to himself.  He laughed out something about slutmold and kept on doing the demon version of a giggle. They all watched the news as one smiling face after another was pulled out of the building. There were some people in there that came out grinning that Asmodan was certain hadn’t had sex since he was born. Finally after what was thought to be the last person was escorted out of the skyscraper. Men in yellow environment suits began to move into the building and the reporter started talking about how the CDC was now going in to see what caused the odd actions of the buildings occupants. Danny turned off the television at that point he already knew what they would find.
“So the Warlock doubles as cupid huh?”
“Nah that wasn’t love. It was just open and innocent lust.”
“Are they all going to be alright?”
“Sure they will. They might be tired and sore for the exertion.”
“Hey look out there.”
                Lily pointed to the windows at the corner of the room. Asmodan got there first Lily second and Volnam third landing on the hand rail that led into the tub. As they watch the air seemed to be growing thicker darker like a fog was rolling in.
“What is that?”
“It is an unintended side effect of the mold I think.”
“What? Mold doesn’t make fog. No but earth makes fog in response to Demon presence.”
“Volnam has been here forever now why would there just now be fog?”
“Idiot female.”
“Shut up Rat.”
“Both of you please… The mold is imbued with demonic essence its basically half demon but half demon that covers the insides of a four hundred foot tall building which makes it a very freaking large half demon.”
“What are you going to do about it?”
“Until I am done with things, Nothing.”
“Will it go away on its own?”
“No I don’t think so stop with all the damn questions please. I’m not a pro at this I am making a lot of it up as I go.”
“What will people do?”
“They will deal with it. It’s not magic in nature, its nature in response to magic it doesn’t like. People in London had crazy for forever didn’t they?”

                The following week was absolutely miserable. Every person in Raleigh who had been there for a few years knew what humidity was, it was hot and sticky and it made most people miserable but as the fog settled in the Breezes that made the humidity bearable when one was outside also died away. It began to rain in sort spurts regularly usually two times a day sometimes more which kept the humidity up and since the heat did not let up the water from the rain came back up into the clouds which were just above the fog. There was maybe a fifteen foot wide gap in the sky between the High fog layer and the low heavy clouds. Meteorologists from all over the country had begun to study the phenomenon. If there is something that molds like it is damp dark conditions. The slutmold as Volnam constantly called it had begun to work its way from the vents into the hallways and walls of the building as well and from the exterior vents out onto the walls of the building. People who watched closely could make out a faint light emanating in the dark fog from the building where the concentrations of the mold were the thickest. Buildings around Two Hanover had to be evacuated as the odd side effect of the mold began to have its way with the patrons who were within almost a hundred feet of the building. People called for the burning of the building but the people in charge stated that the mold was resistant to fire and the small parts of it that were damaged regenerated very quickly. Soon groups of people were caught trying to get close to the building and were routinely run off by authorities.
Asmodan finally had to take himself to the building. He picked his way through the shadows up to one of the walls and placed his hand on it. It was warm and moist to the touch the mold seemed to react to his presence it seemed to thicken under the touch of his hand. Mentally he called out to it. The Warlock knew that it wasn’t a mind really but it was a collection of beings and he knew that the essence that he had imbued those beings with was demonic and telepathically active it might be what was causing the people around it to go at each other like wild monkeys. When he felt like he was connected with a large enough portion of the whole he commanded them to stop their replication to spread no further. He impressed on them the need to only stay on the building. He waited for some sign that they got the hint and when nothing came back he sent out a stream of impressions most of which broke down to the childhood game of “the ground is lava” he worked his way around to other sides of the building which took time since there were police around as well as barricades and other people from agencies that had acronyms that he didn’t know. Asmodan was not a really sneaky guy he knew enough to stay in the shadows when he could and how to try and walk quietly but past that he relied on his magic and his mind. When he needed someone to look one way so that he could move past them he caused something to move or caused the person to think that they heard something then he would quickly dash to the next hiding spot. Things were made worse but the layout of the building itself. It was not free standing on all four sides. Stores extended out from either side along the street one side going to a Starbucks the other an Asian food restaurant then a hotel he had to work his way down the block and back up the other side to get to the rest of the building. He tried to command the mold back from the building that extended from the skyscraper itself but he knew that stopping it from spreading was something that he might be able to do but making it retreat was something that was probably far beyond it. Mold couldn’t just get up and walk away, it expanded that’s it. As he made it to all the parts of the building that he could and replayed the same types of messages he was pretty sure he should get the top of the building too but figured that he was talking with the ground level and that’s the level he didn’t want to spread. At several points the Warlock tried to look into a window when he was near one and he was never able to peer through the thick layer of mold that covered the outside and he was sure also covered the inside as well.
“Hey what are you doing over there?”
He turned and looked at the person shouting out at him. It was a pair of officers with respirators on. They were standing really close to each other Danny noticed, a little too close to each other.
“Umm what are you two doing over there?”
One of the cops called him out of the bushes and out into the street which was blocked off in either direction.
“No one is allowed near that place. It could make you do who knows what.”
“I know what it can make me do.”
“Really now, how’s that?”
One of them asked. One was shorter than the other and lean the other was stocky, which Danny saw as odd wasn’t the shorter one usually the stocky one and the taller one the lean one?
“I’ve seen on the news. I came alone because then I wouldn’t have to worry about jumping my partner’s bones you know what I mean?”
                As he asked if they knew what he meant Asmodan raised his eyebrows like he was in on a secret. The shorter of the two was immediately furious.
“Turn around, put your hands behind your back. You can spend the night with the CDC guys decontaminating you were close enough to that junk.”
“Actually I touched it with my right hand. Want me to show you?”
Both cops moved back cautiously then the short one drew his sidearm.
“Get down on your knees and wait.”
“Umm you two were practically holding hands when I first saw you there is no way I’m getting down on my knees.”
“Get down on your knees now!”
“You!” The Warlock commanded.
Asmodan unleashed a controlled blast of force knocking the two back against the pavement. He then turned and sprinted around the side of the building. As soon as he found the main entrance he forced his way inside. Another blast of force broke the lock and chain that held the building sealed. Once he was inside he shoved the doors closed again and them moved away from them. He heard the two officers outside the door. They were talking back and forth but he couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying. His heart beat was up and he was breathing a little harder than normal. Apparently running from the cops without an invincible car could get him a little excited. He finally took a minute to look around the room. There were elevators and a main desk it was really big but everything had a shiny look to it, it was all softer looking than it should have been some shapes looked droopy in places where the mold had gotten thick enough to hang on itself. Everything had a glow about it; it was much stronger inside than it was outside. The heat in here was oppressive and he was already soaking through his clothes in sweat. Asmodan also noticed that the mold was affecting him in other ways. Physically he was way past aroused, it had nothing to do with anything that he could look at or fantasize about, his anatomy was just ready to go. He tried to block off the psychic bombardment and realized that it was only partially mental. The mold itself either the smell or something else was causing it. He was having a hard time of it at this point, self-control was slipping. He took a minute to try and settle himself down and realized that he wasn’t going to last long in here. He was close to breaking down and punching the munchkin into oblivion and probably dying of dehydration or something. Asmodan slid up to the door which was still slightly open and saw that the two Officers now had four or five men from the CDC with them he couldn’t see exactly how many at this point. The Warlock noticed that he was starting to rub the side of his own leg at this point and gave up on trying to not get caught. In the back of the his mind he could feel an itch similar to what he felt when Volnam wanted to speak with him but this one was different. He opened himself up to it to see who or what it was and found that it was the Mold itself. It didn’t directly communicate in the sense that it was using words it was like when he had practiced contact with an animal where it was just feelings and impressions of things what he got across was that the mold still had some of Niath’s resentment towards him and it was turning up its mojo on him on purpose. Where it made the others in the building way more open to carnal pleasure it was trying to supercharge him into getting himself in trouble. Mold isn’t very smart the Warlock thought to himself making someone who has no one to have sex with really really want sex isn’t really a way to get him into trouble. He glanced out the crack in the doorway again and that’s when he smelled or somehow was made aware of a female outside in the group of people.
The two officers were explaining what had happened and that the assailant had run around this side of the building they were sure that he went inside. The CDC agents did not look like they wanted to go into the building. They were putting their helmets on anyway and checking the seals when the door to the building opened up and the man they were going in to look for can rushing out. One of the CDC agents a red headed female with her hair in a bun, which was some time in her thirties screamed and ran as she saw the man running straight at her. She took off in one direction while everyone else kind of scattered in a panic. The man chasing her was calling out.
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”
As they sprinted down the street.  Asmodan could smell the shampoo in her hair, he was supremely aware of the soft pale skin of her neck and the natural cradle formed where the neck met the shoulder. The Warlock was so pissed off at himself, his sex drive had total control over his body even while his mind was flipping out and commanding the rest of him to stop. Head number two was in command of the situation and they were gaining on the scared woman who was trying to get away from him.
“Go faster I’m about to catch you! Don’t let me catch you!”
“Stop chasing me!”
                She screamed back at him. The Warlock at this point his arms out stretched to grab her were trying to do just that.
“Can’t… not in control of…”
Finally the shorter of the cops got close enough to use his Taser. The Darts slammed into Asmodan’s back and upper thigh locking him up solid. The Warlock called out a strained “Thank you!” as he slammed face down on the street. As the Taser did its job Asmodan shook slightly on the ground. Thankful that he didn’t get his hands on the woman and glad that the natural man in him didn’t use magic, this whole experience could have gone much differently. Between the mental stress of fighting himself and loosing, the assault of the mold on his mind and body and the Taser taking all other control from him the Warlock passed out.

“So how long are they going to hold me?”
“The two police officers are trying to say that you assaulted them and resisted arrest.”
“But I located footage which they are reviewing right now in which a security camera recorded you waving your hand and officers who were much too far away for you to have hit threw themselves backwards into the air in what looks like fear.”
“Wow really? Man you gotta love big brother. What about the girl I chased?”
“She knows that you were under the influence of the strange mold that is covering the building. She isn’t trying to bring any kind of charges.”
“So how long are they going to hold me?”
“I think that it will most likely come down to trespassing charges.”
“So what are we looking at here am I going to spend another night a few weeks?”
“They cleared you of any form of contamination as far as I know you will be leaving with me. I do have a few forms for you to sign and I will have this all taken care of for you. If all goes as planned you might get a fifty dollar fine maybe more.”
“Wow forget magic, Lawyers have the power.”
“This is nothing.”
                Asmodan genuinely liked Algie the large nosed man was in his normal business formal get up. He wore a dark charcoal jacket and slacks a white button down shirt red silk tie expensive looking shoes and a pocket square a shade off from his tie.
“Man I gotta start dressing like you I bet everyone calls you sir.”
“Mr. LeNoir you have money but if you started dressing like me you would run out fast.”
                The Warlock took a minute to think that statement over when Algie asked him to wait there while he checked with the people reviewing the security tape he had submitted. Within the next two hours Asmodan was sitting in the back of a limousine with Algie headed to pick up the Warlock’s car.
“So do you know anything about the mold and the fog?”
“Yeah the mold is mine and the fog is because of the mold. I guess the fog could be called mine too then I guess.”
“The fog is rather inconvenient don’t you think?”
“Yeah the fog sucks. But I can’t do anything about it for now. The mold is keeping the building empty and I need the building empty so I can use it.”
“So this will all clear up soon then I hope?”
“Hopefully in the next few months. I Still need to set some things up, well most of it is set up I need to study the stars a little bit and then put things into motion.”
“I see. But the fog isn’t going to be permanent right?”
“Oh yeah no its gone as soon as I am done well I mean it might take some time to break down or dissipate or whatever but it’s not permanent.”
“What else needs to be done with the preparation is there anything I can do to help it along?”
“Well I need like three more Imps that are at least closed to as good as Volnam is with ritual magic… and I think I need like seven pounds of Bronze.”
“Seven pounds of bronze?”
“Yeah I need to make amulets for a Goon squad.”
“Amulets for a Goon squad?”
“You and Lily are full of the questions lately. Yeah I’m going to need to set up a barrier and I know people are going to take issue with that so I am setting up a Goon squad to make sure nothing disturbs me while I am working the ritual. Once I am done with all that my brother won’t be able to walk through walls anymore. But when I sit down to eat with him he will be eating with me too. Oh and Algie when this last bit happens you and your staff are going to all want to go on vacation someplace really far away.”
“Are you going to hurt people? No wait don’t tell me I don’t want to know.”
“I am not going to hurt anyone and I am taking precautions to make sure that no innocents are hurt either but something’s might be out of my control.”
“I haven’t taken a vacation in a long time.”
“This will be good for you then. This is my stop.”
                The Warlock tapped the window for the driver to stop. The car pulled over and let the Warlock out he waved good bye and the car pulled away Asmodan watched as the car eventually vanished into the fog. He thought to himself for the hundredth time since the fog gathered he compared it to a greyer version of the Miasma that covered the regions of the abyss that he had seen. He headed to his car and drove home. As he drove he looked off into the direction of the Hannover building which he couldn’t see but could swear that he could feel. He thought about how insane it was standing inside the place if there had been a stone statue inside that was halfway attractive he was sure he would have tried to drill a hole in marble. The Warlock also remembered that the mold itself led a sort of assault on him. There was no way that he would be able to work his ritual in there if he couldn’t get the mold under control. If he tried he would end up in a big Demon Warlock orgy he thought about the number of nasty rat faced imps he was going to need to assist him with the ritual and shuddered. It sucked when what you thought was a good plan blew up in your face he thought to himself. He also realized that he was going to have to gain access to the building again and stay much longer than the first time he was inside.
“Stupid Slutmold.”
                He muttered to himself as he drove off through the fog.
“Dumb Warlock.”

                He muttered after that.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

25 Getting on with things

Volnam was carrying his new favorite bauble down the hallway to Asmodan’s larger workshop the Warlock had been using that room more often lately it had a higher ceiling and with some of the beings that he was dealing with now he needed the space. Since trapping the Succubus in the sphere broken down to her mere essence the Warlock had spent almost all his waking energy on the steps needed to complete the process of resurrecting his brother. On a whim Volnam stopped and placed his finger against the surface of the crystal and created the mental connection she could feel him touching her but she was not capable of creating a response to him. Volnam quickly worked through the process of creating a small charge of lightning and sent it into the sphere. It dissipated almost instantly into the whirling vortex and he felt her mental scream. The small skinless fox face pulled into a large grin as he chuckled to himself and continued on to the room where Asmodan was working away.
                Asmodan was pacing back and forth, clearly agitated. He held the handset of a cordless phone to one ear and waved his free right hand back and forth in front of him in frustration.
“What do you mean it’s not possible?”
The Warlock nodded as Algie who was on the other end of the phone call explained that the building which Asmodan had decided he wanted to top ten floors of was called the BB&T for a reason and that they were not going to give up their base of operations for the region.
“What is the name of the person in charge over there?”
                Asmodan quick stepped over to the workbench and jotted the name down on a piece of scratch paper and shoved it in his pocket. Today the Warlock was in a pair of dark grey cargo pants and a black long sleeve shirt that Lily had picked up for him that had an angry red face on it that was the parody of the traditional yellow smiley face and under it in bleeding red letters it said “I am your bad day.” The look was finished with no socks and bare feet.
“Get me a meeting.”
More was said on Algie’s side of the conversation.
“I don’t know who, get me a meeting with whoever can make that decision I can handle the rest. Get me meetings with anyone else that can help me get what I need. I think I can persuade them if I get them in person.”
Asmodan nodded at nothing for a few more seconds and then took the phone away from his ear and looked down at Volnam as he hit the button to hang up the phone, which he quickly placed in the cargo pocket on his left leg.
“What are you doing still carrying that thing around?”  He asked as he noticed Volnam looking obsessively into the depths of the sphere.
“This.” The Imp mentally replied as he let loose another jolt of electricity into the pulsing colors of the ball.
                Asmodan noticed how the colors dimmed when Volnam damaged them. The dimming effect lasted for a few seconds and then returned to their regular light pulsing pattern.
“So I’ve reduced her to nothing more than her essence with this?”
“Yes, her essence. She cannot have her body in this state so she is what she is made up of.”
“She in pain like this?”
“Oh yes. Even now her will and her nature are trying to arrange herself as she is supposed to be and the denial of the completion of the process should be most agonizing.”
“Good… Can I get anything else out of this? Does Demon essence do anything else for me?”
“I know that there have been experiments done on the subject but it is nothing that I have looked into.”
“Well go to that hidden Imp library that you think I don’t know anything about and get me a book on it.”
“Get you a book? Get you a book? There is not a book published on every topic that you can come up with.”
“So some great demon mage did research into a topic and didn’t write it down to show others how great he was and they weren’t? I doubt it; I think the only reason any of you learn magic at all is so that you can have power over other demons that don’t have it. And so that when the situation allows, something to brag about.”
“Not everything is written into a book.”
“Fine. Then get me a scroll.”
                A short string of abyssal insults followed first one way and then another and both said out loud. Finally Volnam said that he would look into it and left the room Asmodan holding onto the Niath sphere. He had watched Volnam place his finger tip to the surface of the sphere before letting the lightning go and assumed it must be for some sort of communication so he did the same. He placed his right index finger flat against the clear crystal and mentally called into the tiny sandstorm. He was aware of a presence but it was not coherent enough to communicate with. As a test mostly to see if he understood his teacher as well as he thought he did he summoned magical fire into the midst of the storm and the pain that flowed from the sphere into his mind confirmed it for him. He knew Demons drank up pain and anguish like humans did cigarettes and liquor.  With this sphere he had created for Volnam a little limitless distillery. Asmodan was sure that the flavor was perfect for Volnam considering that she had beaten him and locked him in a hole in the floor. Well she thought she had beaten him, in the end Volnam had played the winning hand, he had to wait to pull it off but some demons could wait decades sometimes centuries to get even with each other. Volnam was strolling down a hallway right now and Niath was trapped in a ball the Warlock was going to have to call Volnam the winner on that one. The fact that Asmodan was actually the one to beat her and lock her up was more of a bragging point for the Imp he would claim that he had planned that all along. Asmodan laughed at the Imp and placed the sphere on the table. Took a step back and unleashed a torrent of lightning so intense that if it had not be focused so completely on the essence inside of the sphere it would have destroyed the side of the building it was raging towards. Asmodan let the instant and unrecognized onset of rage burn out into the storm in the crystal and noted when his vision cleared of sunspots that the light was almost completely gone in the sphere. He moved closer to it and saw that there was almost no substance to the sand like essence that slowly spun inside the sphere. The color did shift but there was no glow to it at all. He wondered if he had just finished killing her and shrugged if he did so what? It would be a shame to end it so soon.
Lily stood outside the door to Danny’s work room, and almost screamed when the torrent of lightning ripped through the air the sound of it was so alien without the thunder clap to go with it. It was a hard thing for her to describe but like many things had come to understand or deal with in her life around the Warlock something like that was unnatural and most unnatural things were just hard to explain. The sound came from the other workroom the one he had been using more often. She waited for him to finish whatever it was he was doing and knocked on the door.
                Danny called from the other side of the room. Lily came in and walked across the empty space of the room to stand next to him staring down at the orb on the table.
“It is really in there?”
“Yep deceiving whore is really in there.”
“She really hurt you.”
                Danny didn’t answer. He just stood there glaring at the sphere. He didn’t mean to but Lily pointing out that he had been hurt felt like she was pointing out a flaw that he had and it really pissed him off at her. Even as his anger began to change directions from the orb to Lily part of Asmodan’s mind began to call out at him that she was being empathic towards him not poking fun at him.
“Yes she did she ripped out my damn heart and showed me every stupid thing that was wrong with it. There anything else you want to point out? What do you want I’m busy?”
                Lily took a step back as he shouted at her. She could see the spit flicking off his lips, he was so mad. The outburst shook her up some and she tried desperately to hide it. She held a straight face but she could see that Asmodan had caught something in her eyes. She could see shame in his eyes for only a second before he seemed to bury it in more silent anger. He crossed his arms and nodded his head in a manner that said spit it out stupid.
“I… I came in to.”
                Lily felt herself stuttering out her words tripping on them just like she did when she was worried that he boyfriend was going to hit her and she was desperately trying to find the magical combination of words that would avert what was usually an inevitable outcome. Finally as her own anger at her feelings of powerlessness overcame her fear she managed to start over again and just spit it out.
“I came to… what do you want to eat?”
“I’m not hungry; I will call for you when I want something.”
                With that he nodded to the door, turned to one of his notebooks and began to write as if she had already gone. She did turn and scurry out of the room faster than anyone with self-respect would move and she hated herself a little more with every hurried step.
Asmodan was only writing for a few seconds after Lily had exited the room before he almost fell to the floor with complete and total body numbing cold. The Warlock caught himself before he actually fell over grabbing the edges of the table and leaning forward to keep himself upright he began to panic wondering what sort of attack it was when he realized exactly what sort of attack it was. The cold was only on him a few seconds and then it was gone. He turned furiously to stare into the cold spectral eyes of his equally pissed off brother.
“Are you nuts? What the hell man?”
“Yeah exactly, what the hell man?”
                They both stared at each other a few more seconds and then Asmodan had a short movie in his mind’s eye it was exactly how the exchange with him and Lily had gone from a third person perspective. The Specter knew his brother well enough to not redisplay the portion where the Warlock was mindlessly blasting the demon in the sphere if he had Asmodan might start thinking about the demon and focus on that and not what a prick he had just been to an innocent chick who just wanted to get him lunch. He saw the shame in his brother’s eyes again and this time he didn’t bury it in anger. He slumped back on the table.
“I don’t know… what am I supposed to do go hug her and say I’m sorry like we did in elementary school?”
“Is that such a bad Idea?”
“I’m not hugging her, she will get the wrong Idea she is damaged goods I can’t handle her the same as everyone else.”
                Renault gave his brother a confused stare. This time it was Danny’s turn to give the specter a show. He replayed how broken Lily was when he had found her in the apartment with Larry, he showed him the fight and how things ended between Larry and himself.
“You actually did that to someone?”
“You gonna blame me? Did you not see what he did to her; I should have had him break his own neck.”
“Yeah maybe you should have, what you did was… worse. Danny you are doing some evil crap man. Really I mean it, evil.”
“I do evil to evil people.”
                Asmodan said that last bit defensively and Renault knew he had him there because his brother didn’t get defensive when he knew he was right he only did that when his viewpoint was threatened, when he thought that there was a possibility that he might be wrong.
“So Lily is evil then?”
“What? No. she might be on the weak side but the strong don’t really end up in her position do they?”
“What beaten by a loved one?”
“Beaten by anyone, if you are the strong one you are the one doing the beating.”
“Well isn’t your life simple?”
“What you don’t get right now is how much of my life is literally kill or be killed. By killed I mean tortured and torn to shreds over several lifetimes by really creative beings, until they finally get bored.”
“Well then if you feel that this makes up for being a dick to hot girls for no reason then just be prepared for me to cool you off when you start getting out of line. Next time I won’t wait for her to leave the room.”
“It probably wouldn’t hurt to have someone there to chill me out when I start getting a little hot headed.”
Asmodan sighed and looked at the ceiling for a minute.
“Man sometimes I am mad before I realize I’m mad.”
The Warlock looked at the sphere on the bench beside him then back at his brother.
“I don’t know if you saw the little display before, but I didn’t even realize what I was doing with that until I was almost done.”
“I watched it. I’m learning things while I am like this I can watch a lot when I want to.”
“I want to help her; I’ve planned on helping her all along you know? I just haven’t figured out the best way to do it yet. Go ahead and look out for her if you want. When I get out of line tell me. I don’t want to accidently take it too far with her I could really hurt her.”
“OK that’s how we will do it for now then. But you still have to apologize to her.”
                There was a part in Asmodan that almost flipped out when it was suggested that he have to seriously apologize to anyone for anything and it was working its way forward in his mind when it was suddenly attacked and beat the crap out of by the part that had tried to stop him from snapping at her in the first place. He looked at his brother again and nodded. Renault seemed to dissipate into a mist and vanish at that point.
“Show off.”
“Not show off, powerful poltergeist remember.”
                After about ten minutes to make sure he had total control over himself Danny made his way to Lily he had found a way to find her mentally without actually touching her mind since he had promised to never do that without her permission. He looked for places where there was something in the nothing but didn’t bother to touch on or see what that something was. Since he didn’t usually have someone in the house other than Volnam Lily and his brother he had a one in three chance of the something that he went to being Lily. He usually guessed right with this method and this time he was right again and she was in her bed room. He knocked lightly on the door and she didn’t answer he knocked again and she didn’t answer. Finally Renault came out of the room and stopped in the hallway to look at his brother.
“She is asleep.”
Asmodan nodded and quietly opened the door. She lay on her side on top of her blankets her eyes were red a puffy she had curled herself into a semi fetal position. That was how she was when he found her in the apartment he remembered. It was how she curled up to defend herself from the beating that Larry had given her. Danny felt like a dick and he hated it; he wanted to turn and leave but stopped himself. He stood there looking down at her she began to stir he knew she would jump his case or feel violated or in some other way not react well to him  being in her room when she was asleep, for being in her room at all without her permission. He needed to find a way to fix things for her. The Warlock knew that he wasn’t going to become mister relaxed and super friendly guy overnight. She needed to toughen up, become resilient; she needed to be able to blow him off when he was out of line. It was at this point that Asmodan convinced himself that the problem wasn’t really with him it was with her. Lily was damaged after all she was the abused one of the reasons Asmodan kept her on was one of the lessons Volnam had taught him. The Abused had value because they could be saved and they would serve loyally. If he could help her that would be all the better, he knew he had promised her he wouldn’t but before he left the room he did touch her mind and he flooded it with warmth and happiness he basically called up a memory of a diner he had had with Monique when they were dating and sent each of the emotions that came with it into her mind. He didn’t form them into anything specific he just let them be fuel for her mind to form into whatever it chose. Danny left the room his brother was still in the hallway.
“I didn’t want to wake her. I will make it better though.”
                Later that week Volnam did give Asmodan a collection of notes that he had collected, purchased probably stolen. They were all about experiments that had been conducted using demonic essence. Many of them were redundant it was only when he had gotten to some things that had originally written by a demon named Mandantanoth which didn’t list its cast which is odd most demons who actually write things down would list their cast and every bragging right they can remember. This one only listed that it was called Mandantanoth. The demon seemed to practice mixing essences of just about everything it could get its claws on. Imp with Morganoth, Morganoth with Succubus, Succubus with some sort of dog like creature from one of the material planes. That part of the notes caught the Warlocks attention as soon as he read it. So demonic essence could be used to alter living beings from the material plane that was an interesting idea.
                Over the course of the next week Asmodan read up on the essence notes and came up with some of his own theories he figured that it was better than pacing back and forth waiting for Algie to call him with a time and date for a meeting so that he could get his hands on the building he needed. Asmodan also had a tense apology with Lily he was tense she was surprised. She thanked him and told him she understood at least a little, having just gone through what he had with the demon and his wife not wife. They left it at that and Asmodan noticed that she kept more than her normal distance from him while he worked. Sometimes rather than go see him in a workroom she would use the intercom feature of their phones and ask him about things like meals that way. Finally Algie did call and tell the already impatient Warlock that a meeting had been set for a month out and that ended up being the straw that broke the camel’s back.  As soon as he was off the phone Asmodan headed for the elevator and then to his car. All he took with him was a notebook.
It was a short drive from his place to the Two Hanover Square building near Raleigh’s downtown area. The place had restaurants inside as well as a handful of businesses filled its twenty nine floors. He walked around the building looking at the ground and the surrounding stone in the area until he found what he was looking for a bit of mold it was a dark black in the center with a thin brown ring around its edges. He scratched some off of the shaded portion of the building near some greenery. It was early summer and North Carolina was always humid which meant mold and fungus flourished in the state. Leave moisture anywhere for any length of time and you would get mold or some form of mildew. He took his small sample and headed back towards his car. He took a minute to stare up at the building again it was massive. He knew there was bigger in the world be he didn’t need to travel to get to this one it was already in his back yard.
 It took three days of toying with the makeup of things magic was used along with some of the glass beakers and jars that he had kept. He was happy that he was getting to play out some of his mad scientist fantasies and that the room he set aside for exploring into alchemy was finally getting used for more than torturing a Succubus. Volnam often tried to pry into what he was doing but Asmodan stonewalled him when he did. He told the Imp that he wanted to surprise his teacher. Even though in this area aside from notes that Volnam had gathered for him he was largely self-taught. When he was done the new mold was purple in the center where it used to be black but the purple was so dark in color that it could pass for black if you didn’t look straight at it for too long. The thin brown ring was flecked with almost too small to see pink flecks. After a day in a sealed glass jar the mold had covered every surface of the container. The Warlock was going to get his building. The following day he drove back out to the building with Volnam and parked in a public parking deck about a block down the street. He parked on the top floor and climbed out of the car to go stand at the edge of the structure. The Warlock pulled the jar from his cargo pants pocket he sat it on the edge of the building and mentally told his invisible companion what he wanted him to do.
“Go to the top of the building, actually look for any external vent, I assume there are some on top. Open the jar and get some of the mold into the vent that’s all that needs done.”
“That is you plan magic mold. There are whole swaths of the abyss that are yours already if that is what it takes to claim property.”
“No, but we have health codes and something called a center for disease control and they can close down anything in a day if they have a reason. Just go do it and come back we will watch the news tonight and see what happens if anything.”
“Fine. I hope that this is as good as you think it will be.”
                The little haze lines in the air that Asmodan knew to be the Imp grabbed he Jar and after another second the jar vanished and then the haze lines left the wall and after a few more seconds vanished into the humid North Carolina sky.
“I’m heading home, see you there.”