Monday, April 7, 2014

28 b Jack Creed

It was humid, life drainingly humid. Jack leaned back in the shade of a building the sun wasn’t anything but a bright splotch faded out by the now endless fog. The people who lived in Raleigh hadn’t seen the sun or a clear sky in months. Jack was glad for it though, he owed his life and his freedom to the dense fog that never let up. He let his mind drift back to the ride in the van. The sheriff’s had just loaded him in and were driving him from the court house to begin his processing for the time he would spend in prison until he was to be executed. The people placed to guard him knew what he had convicted of they knew what his crime was and they had taunted him told him that he deserved what was coming. Jack had caught his wife in bed with his boss, and he had killed them both on the spot, violently so. He didn’t use a weapon there was no knife or gun to be shown as evidence he had jump almost from the door to the room to land on the two of them the Jonathon the owner of the restaurant that Jack had met his wife at was knocked off the side of the bed in the initial charge he had hit his head hard when he fell and must have been stunned or maybe the bastard had played dead in the hopes that he would be forgotten about if he didn’t move. Jack straddled his naked, terrified wife who was trying to push free of him, trying to get away. The whole time spouting excuses and pleas for forgiveness. They were only months into their lives as husband and wife the excitement of being newlyweds was still in the air. At least that was how he had felt. She must have felt differently. He rained down blow after blow and then finally just wrapped his hands around her throat and squeezed until she stopped moving. He didn’t cry he didn’t even show any signs of rage after the initial leap at the bed.
He let the memory fade, he let the memory of the Van and the sheriffs’ deputies fade as well. They couldn’t get him; Jack Creed was a different form of creature now. Jack didn’t have fears anymore. He had faced the fact that he was going to be killed and gotten past that, he had acknowledged that if he was ever arrested again he would most likely not make it to the police station, not after what he had done to the two in the back of the Van when he escaped. He understood that for whatever reason the fog had given him the means to escape and he would live his life hiding in the fog at least as long as it lasted. It gave him the cover he needed, the protection that he needed. Jack after having been freed ran down the street and within hours there were police cars out looking for him. Even in his orange jumpsuit the fog was so thick that as one car moved down the street officers moving slowly so they could peer out into the street to watch for other cars or to spot him on the sidewalk. They passed him and they never saw him. The fog had protected him it had made him invisible to those that hunted him. He wasn’t hunted in the fog anymore it had taken him a few days to navigate in the fog, to move out of the city and into the country he found his brother’s trailer.
Seamus didn’t want to assist a criminal, especially a murderer. But he also could not turn his brother away. Seamus sent him into the garage, he helped him get his restraints removed. His fed his brother and he gave him clothes. Jack was allowed to spend the night but after that Seamus told him he would have to go that he couldn’t come back. Seamus had gone to his brother’s wedding. He had known Jennifer he thought she was a sweet girl. He didn’t think that they had known each other long enough to get married but Jack just pointed out that Seamus was forty and still not married didn’t even have a love interest. Seamus just kept his mouth shut after that point and watched his brother marry. Marry someone that he would later kill and ruin his life over. Jack had been working on ruining his life for a long time though. The poor fool never made a good choice in his life. In the morning Seamus went out into the garage where his brother had been sleeping gave him some cash and told him to go and never come back.  For his part Jack understood. He wasn’t happy and he felt betrayed. Seamus was his only family but he understood. He thanked his brother and left the trailer park that he called home.
Jack stood on the fifty highway he looked right and saw as the fog blotted out the entire city that was the states capital and he looked left he felt the breeze of the free moving air and he felt exposed and vulnerable. He turned to his right and headed back into the city that would arrest him and eventually kill him if it had the chance. In the fog almost as soon as he was back into it he felt safer. The warm damp air clung to him and he accepted the feeling like a loved one’s embrace. He walked long miles along highways that were at this point almost completely unused people not wanting to drive where they could not see. Once he was back in the more populated portions of the city he got used to hiding from people and for a month that was all he did. He ate very little because he wanted to make the money his brother had given him last. Eventually he realized that he could get very close to people without them noticing it. The fog made him virtually invisible. He paid close attention to street lights and things that would cause his outline to be made visible. It didn’t take him long and he was a natural predator of the mists and he had no tolerance for anything else in his territory. 
There were other people criminals who used the fog to steal or attack people. They caused fear and they caused people to be in a heightened state of awareness when they were out in the fog. This made things harder for Jack so for a few weeks he made his focus destroying the competition. He did not try and scare them away or deterring them in any similar fashion. He attacked and he killed and he did it in the bloodiest most drawn out way he could think up. He painted strange symbols on the walls of buildings near the murders. When they were found people started to think that there was a madman or a monster behind the work. He decided to keep up appearances and to be sure he was thought of as a monster and not some vigilante he committed the same brutal acts on some of the others that he attacked for items or money sometimes food, if it smelled good. He didn’t kill everyone he encountered though the thought of it crossed his mind more than once. Many times he took what he wanted and left and they never knew he was there.
Right now he was not hungry he didn’t need anything the sun was high in the sky and it was very humid he lay back against the wall of a closed up restaurant. He listened to the few people who were out on foot as they walked quickly from one place to another not wanted to be out and exposed. They didn’t understand he knew, if they walked a little slower or cared to walk a little quieter they wouldn’t be exposed they would be invisible like him.  Jack laid back, legs stretched out before him and basked in his freedom. It was another wonderful day.

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