Thursday, May 22, 2014

30 Mezzphogus

Asmodan led the demon back into his private suite and once there the Demon began an almost ceaseless torrent of questions. He asked about Asmodan’s lineage his parents his upbringing how he was approached by Volnam. He was asked about his training the methods used the topics covered the experience he had had so far. The questions didn’t seem like they were going to end until Asmodan finally got tired of it and said that was done and began to fire questions back at his interrogator. In that time he learned that the bruise colored demon was hardly a demon at all but a construct built by a long dead Warlock that had worked for them ever since. When asked the creature explained that he was constructed from all demonic material and formed with demonic magiks around an already tainted soul and so for all intents and purposes he was a demon just not one that came about by the traditional means and because of that he was not bound to many of the inherent flaws like predispositions to destructive behaviors he was bound to his purpose which Asmodan learned was to be a bodyguard for the most part. Mezzphogus served the Warlocks that was almost all there was to the core of this demon. When asked about the books mentioned by the Demon out in the meeting hall the Demon explained that the truly powerful of the Warlocks created and maintained the Codex Destregeth, the Soul volumes of the Warlocks. They were many books in one book and the Demon would not elaborate much past that. He did explain that they were the teaching tool used by a current Warlock to train a new Warlock. The idea of one teaching another confused Asmodan because he had always thought that one Warlock had to die for there to be another.
                There was a brief argument when the frustrated Demon commented that Asmodan was no Warlock at all, that aside from his ability to use the commanding voice he was little more than a Human wizard that was acting as a Demon warlord. Asmodan returned fire with the fact that if Mezzphogus had been a better guardian the Warlock’s wouldn’t have died out and he would have had a proper teacher. Then they got to the topic of what had actually happened to the last master that Mezzphogus had served.
“Anton was my last master, I do not know the time in your years that I served him. He kept me here, and in all the time that I served him he did not take me to the material plane. “
“What happened to him?”
“He set out to battle an arch demon and did not return.”
“Did that demon have a name?”
“Master Anton referred to it as Flame and Shadow though many arch demons have much longer and more descriptive names.”
“So that’s it for information about my last Warlock ancestor? He went to see a Demon about a thing and never came back?”
“Unfortunately that is so. Had he taken me with him it might have been different.”
“You are that much of a bad ass?”
“As far as can be told so far I am close to indestructible.”
“That’s a hell of a claim for anything to make.”
“It has been tested extensively, as far as any of your predecessors can tell I cannot be killed.”
“Well most demons can’t be killed.”
“Many demons can be killed you just do not have the knowledge to do it.”
“That’s not true; I know that with enough fire, enough heat you can take one out.”
“You can for a time but it will eventually grow back that is not death.”
“No. I killed one with fire, a Casaganoth.”
“Had you reduced it completely to dust eventually it will wonder the abyss again.”
“Dead enough for me.”
                Mezzphogus sighed or did what made a sigh sound however many hundred miles away his voice was echoing in from but it got there just the same. Asmodan could feel the frustration and the disappointment radiating off of this thing in waves.
“Look I know that I’m not what you were hoping to find, if you even feel hope. But there are lots of things that I’ve had to do that I did not want to do. If you know a better way lay it on me I am open to options.”
“There is a mindset that comes with a set upbringing that you were denied. I do not think that it can be overcome. You are too old to begin the training.”
                Asmodan burst out laughing. The demon did not understand the joke and stared at the human. Asmodan didn’t feel like explaining it to him and moved on.
“So what now then? Can’t you do it? Teach how it’s supposed to be or something?”
“I was not made aware of the material; I was never allowed to sit with the book and study. Nor would I have wanted to my task is protecting the Warlock.”
“So do you plan on continuing your task?”
“I am not sure. You are not really a Warlock.”
                The not Warlock glared at the not Demon for a minute then looked away in frustration. After a few more seconds of thought Danny finally decided that he was done wasting his time.
“Fine I’m not really the Warlock or a Warlock, whatever. Get lost I have things to do. Didn’t even get a sword out of it lying Imp.”
Mezzphogus turned and headed for the exit and met with the Imp standing in his way. The two stood facing each other for a few seconds and Mezzphogus turned to look back at the human.
“Anton lives on in you, your offspring will be the offspring of Anton I will safeguard you so that the next generation might not be twisted. We will find the book then with it we will find the other lost artifacts.”
After he spoke Mezzphogus moved to stand beside the entrance to Asmodan’s rooms and remained there silently. He did not move his gel like skin flowed or pulsated or however Asmodan could work best to describe it and his mist legs still poured to the ground where it seemed to vanish but beyond that he might as well have been a statue.
                Asmodan asked Volnam what the Imp had done to change the demons mind and Volnam explained to the bewildered human that he had shown him some of the things that Volnam had encountered in Danny’s head. When Mezzphogus was shown the face of the person who Volnam had encountered in the depths of Danny’s mind, the face that defended him. The blue demon-construct changed his mind. Volnam ventured the guess that the face was Anton and that was why he was going to stick around.
“You lied about the sword.”
                The Warlock mentally accused the Imp. Volnam looked up at him and gave a little hiss. The Imp was moving quite awkwardly. Most of the Imps bones having been shattered only a short time before, they were mending at the quickened rate that most damage done to his kind did.
“Did I?”
Asmodan glared at the Imp another few seconds then looked over at the not demon demon standing at near the entrance.
“I know you don’t like me or aren’t impressed with me or whatever and I have plans and frankly I don’t really care at this point, but the Imp said that you brought a sword was that even true or was he lying to me?”
                The Blue hulk didn’t seem to move at all but below its chest where Asmodan would have put its belly button the gold tip of what looked like it could have been a sword pommel was slightly exposed and then hidden again.
“Man… so there is a sword?” Asmodan half whined.  “Whatever… you know I could make you give it to me.”
                At that Mezzphogus turned to stare at the human.
“Are you a swordsman or some other form of martial warrior?”
“No I-“
“It would reject you even if you were to force me to hand it over to you.”
“Can I at least try?”
“If you had been trained you would not need it you would have a shard blade.”
“If I was trained I would have gotten a sword?”
“You would have learned to form one from collected soul shards.”
                Asmodan’s nose crinkled when he heard mention of the shards.
“You know about soul shards then?”
“Volnam explained them to me.”
“And you do not like them?”
“It seems like a horrible thing to do to a mortal soul.”
“What’s Interesting?”
                The demon had chosen that point in time to go back to his statue impression.

Once all of the changes had been made to the valley and all the demons had been sorted and noted so that Asmodan could review notes on the castes and physical appearances of the demons he would have access to when the time came. He opened a portal and Volnam, Mezzphogus and Himself moved back through into the mortal plane.

Lily was on the dance floor with a writhing mass of bodies trying to get near enough to rub some part of themselves onto some part of her. She could see the ones further out in the crowed getting close to manic in the need to try and work their way closer into the press of bodies to get nearer to her but those closest to her were too busy pressing in tighter to each other to get in with her but Niath was also active in this experiment and as they grinded almost painfully into each other to get nearer to her she moved in time with them and the music and no one seemed to touch her at all except when she intentionally moved in or out in time to let them touch her on purpose. She had learned that as long as she was thinking about it at the time of the touch each time she passed the lust powered spell out to the person she touched it would pass out to all of the others in a massive chain reaction little electricity she shocked and sparked their lust each time she left a thigh out long enough to touch another thigh or pressed her bottom back into the hips of someone behind her. This close she didn’t need to see any of them she knew where they all were even with the pounding music she heard and smelt everything there were other intellects that she had learned to use that she couldn’t even actively explain to someone else and through these she seemed to just understand what was going on around her and she moved with it perfectly. Niath was there in the back helping her loving this. If it was up to the Demoness Lily would never leave the clubs she would move from one to the next and only leave to have the most disgusting sex that a mortal could probably not mentally survive. Lily’s time around Volnam had proven helpful if only to insure that she had a rock solid mental constitution and Niath had all but given up on taking control of the body against Lily’s will. The Succubus was pleased however to note that on occasion the human had entertained the idea of giving control for a limited time just to see what it was like. She often did allow Niath to share the reins as she did now. Niath helped her control the crowd and as she did she was fore enough in the mind to feel everything around her. Succubae were demons of experience and this was what they needed even if it was not as extreme as what they would create for themselves it was more than she had had freely in a very long time.  Each pulse she sent out into them she sent blind lust and desire she let them all know how virile they were or how desired they were by the men around them if they were female. If she wanted she could turn this entire establishment into a massive blind orgy on the floor with her moving amongst all of them, well maybe not if she wanted. Lily wouldn’t allow it and Niath knew it. Using glamor and misdirection she choose another female to be the center of attention and lithely moved amongst the crowd until she was free to move to the bar. There was too much time spent in the upkeep of a mortal body constantly have to eat and drink to maintain health to have the energy needed to continue with the things one wanted to do was a hassle. When Niath offered to show Lily how to use alternative means to fuel her body Lily refused the Mortal was very smart about how she talked to Niath she never made promises or deals even though Niath was aware of the fact that even had they made a deal the Human could just break her word and do what she wanted regardless of anything she agreed on.
Lily ordered a drink and ran her hand down the man’s arm when he handed it to her there for getting the drink for free. She then turned to lean back against the bar and watched the people dancing they were one large organism one arm movement here unconsciously causing a movement there. She understood all of it in a way that no one else present could have. She could see or smell or by some means she couldn’t explain see all the clouds of pheromones from each person as they mixed and swirled were inhaled and exhaled and changed into something else as they all moved around the room and connected every person in the place. This was what Lily understood of what she saw. What Niath took in was the living thing and where she could push or pull to excite just a little too much and from the living thing that was on the floor in front of them cause the growths and the cancers to appear where two might move off together and possibly go home for a night of passion she could make it happen too fast and cause it to take place here with everyone else and have them involved with it, to have her involved with it. She needed too so bad, it had been too long she needed that release; it was part of what she was as a creature. Lily flatly denied her at every turn, she loved the attention and sometimes the petting and fondling she enjoyed every step of every act leading up to actually taking the other person but she always shut her playmate and her body mate down cold. How Niath could have ended up bonded to the body of what has to be the largest flirt in all the planes of existence? Niath suggested that maybe if they seduced Asmodan that would be ok since the damned and cursed warlock was a friend and not a stranger and Lily dismissed it out of hand. She could enjoy this… all of this without turning herself into a slut she had told the Succubus. To which the Demoness instantly replied that the point of life was being a slut, she argued that slut was a term used by mortals to describe those that were getting more enjoyment out of life. But that time as in all times like it since they had been communicating openly with each other Lily said no and then walled the demon off in the back of her head.
She continued watching the crowd move and sway in time with the music she did the same slightly as she leaned back both elbows on the bar as she drank her cranberry vodka, she listened to the ideas and suggestions of her mental roommate. She could feel the needs the succubus suffered from. She understood that eventually she was going to have to let her have her way at least to some extent. To Lily it was a private thing between two people and she couldn’t handle the idea of doing it with someone else in the back of her head or even in control of her body as she did it. The thought of someone else having sex but using her body? Even with everything that had happened since she began working with Danny the fact that there was a demon living in her head. The Idea of have help or input or… it was too much for her that one act needed to be just her. Lily knew that the succubus the freaking sex demon would not just sit back and leave that one alone. At the same time though look at everything that the she-demon had done for her, She could do anything get anything people would just hand it over to her smiling the whole time. She could almost see a one night stand to pay for everything she had been able to-. There it was. She caught it as it was happening; Niath was trying to influence her again. Lily thickened the walls around the succubus in her head locked her up tight and decided to call it an early night and head home.
The Blonde who he thought might have been a red head earlier left the bar and moved towards the door. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He had tried to dance with her twice and each time he couldn’t get near her each time he tried to approach her at the bar she managed to have people get between them there was nothing he could do to get close enough to talk to her. Now she was leaving he could catch up to her in the parking lot. He made his way to the door after her. This was better he thought, there would be no one that saw them talking in the club. He spotted her near the sidewalk looking back and forth on the street even though he knew she wouldn’t be able to see very far in the fog. He watched her from near the entrance to the club pulling a cigarette from his pocket and acting like he was taking a smoke break before heading back in. she looked back to the parking lot then back to the street finally after a moment’s thought she seemed to have decided on walking. John waited another minute to let her get on her way then headed for his car. Now there are a lot of people who don’t like hybrid cars Prius and Insight are jokes names for people who are all about speed and power and John was one such person for a very long time then one night while stalking along behind someone in the fog waiting for the most opportune moment to pounce he knew there was a narrow alleyway between two building they were coming up on. He waited keeping just far enough back that she would only see an outline should she look over her shoulder and then something passed him quickly on the left it was a grey something it was some sort of highbred car it was almost silent as it sliced through the fog. It was on him and gone and it had scared the hell out of him because he had not heard it coming it was beside him before he noticed it. Within the week Mr. Wayne had his own brand new grey Highbred he had taken it and had it repainted the same color only this time it was matte finished not glossy and he had a custom brush bar mounted to the front. He now had a whole new method for grabbing his victims it might only last as long as the freakish fog lasted but for that time he had had five successful encounters with women he had picked at various bars and clubs in the Raleigh area. As the fog spread to the Cary area he had new places to meet his ladies. He loved his little tear shaped stealthmobile.
                John pulled down into the street and slowly turned in the direction tonight’s beauty had taken. Then he sped up to thirty miles an hour he was going almost thirty five when he sharply turned the wheel flew up onto the curb smashed the shocked woman’s legs out and had her head slam back onto the hood of the car. He slammed on the breaks as soon as her head went down and he was instantly out of the car picking her up and tossing her over his shoulder like a large sack seconds later she was laid out across the back seat of the car hands cuffed behind her ankles cuffed as well and he was backing off the curb and driving down the street. It wasn’t long before the fog receded and the street lights gave way to tall trees not far outside of Raleigh in every direction but north there was countryside to get into and country side had a lot of old building in it in this case they headed to an old Tobacco Barn the farm had long since closed down and there didn’t seem to be anything but the road for miles in every direction. The barn was excellent because he himself had only noticed it when looking at the region on google maps. From the street it was blocked by a growth of trees. He drove almost a half mile past the building on the road and then turned off the road on the dirt path that used to serve as a driveway for migrant workers when they came out to work the fields. He followed it back and around there were two other farm buildings he passed also no longer used and late at night the whole place had that abandoned haunted feeling. He pulled his little Prius in next to his other car a red and black jaguar F type sat in the darkness beside the old building a heavy canvas tarp covering it. During the day it was the little grey car that was in hiding. The interior of the building was mostly empty save for a table and a work bench against one wall. Moonlight streamed in through the many cracks in the walls as the rapist grabbed his late night entertainment and carried her inside to lay her out across the table. The woman was certainly blonde he wasn’t sure why it was that he thought she was a red head when he had first spotted her coming into the club. He had her laying on her back and un-cuffed one of her feet and reattached the free end to the leg of the table he took another that was already waiting attached to the other leg of the table and reached to pull her other leg over to it.
“You don’t need those.” A soft voice called to him from above.
The shock of hearing the unexpected voice caused him to lurch and slam his head into the bottom side of the edge of the table. He cursed silently and composed himself. She did not need to address or suggest to him he was the one making the decisions. He stood up with a solidly neutral expression on his face and looked down at her. There was something different now, something wrong he realized. She was fine, there was nothing wrong with her at all, there was no bruising she was completely coherent there was no blood in her hair or on the table from where her head lay. He moved around to the side of the table where her head was and reached out and began feeling the back of her head. There was nothing wrong with it at all not a single scrape.
“Do not worry about that. You cannot hurt me Mortal man. But I do so wish you would try.”
                Niath was ecstatic. The impact of the vehicle had caught Lily completely unprepared and knocked her cold. With her out in that manner Niath was let free in the body. It didn’t take long for the she-demon to heal the damage the metal contraption did to the body. Flesh was a plaything for the powers of a succubus they reshaped a body so many times in a day that fixing damage to something as simple as a mortal body was not even something that required active thought.
John moved back down to the foot of the table. The Woman’s annoyingly calm voice seemed to be taunting him now.
 “I am not sure if I should have any confidence in you John. With my legs spread like this and secured to the table as they are how are you going to get these wonderfully tight pants off of me?”
                The man reached into the pocket of his pants and pulled out a pin knife that had been sharpened to a razors edge. He opened it and was hoping to finally see some shock or fear in the woman’s eyes and he saw only disappointment.
“Ohh dear… I was hoping that you would be bringing something a little larger out to play with.”
                He had had enough he wasn’t going to be made fun of. With his free hand he punched out savagely twice to the inside of her left thigh and once straight up between her legs.
“Is that big enough for you!” he screamed at her.
His captive didn’t seem to care that she had been struck. She lifted her head to look more squarely at him.
“I have had bigger to be honest.”
Then she lifted her left leg breaking the leg from the table with no effort at all then the right causing the whole thing to fall so that she was at an angle. Then her arms she snapped free. He stood frozen in place as she snapped his cuffs from her wrists like they were cheap plastic. As she looked at him she smiled.
“I am sure that you have shown other girls a more exciting time then this, but I do approve of the seclusion. I can be loud and I do not want to draw the attention of others that could spoil our fun. Take those off we will not need them.”

                Asmodan felt the shock and a second of fear from Lily. It had woken him up. Mentally he searched for her and he could not find her anywhere it took him time to think to contact his brother and ask him if he knew where she was. His brother only replied that she wasn’t in her room. Danny knew that she was never in her room anymore. She was always out, playing with being at least partially a Succubus. Had something more powerful gotten ahold of her? He asked Volnam and the Imp for the most part ignored him. He didn’t care what happened with the human girl. When the Warlock pointed out that she was needed for the tower the Imp went silent and then pointed out that she must be unconscious he mind was gone from him. Then finally the Warlock encountered Mezzphogus in the recreation room. The large blue mass seemed to staring into the hot tub.
“Mezz, I need your help.”
                The construct turned to look at the human for a second and then turned back to the water.
“Look I know you don’t like how I’ve turned out you doesn’t need to tell me again. She is my friend I don’t have a lot of those I need to find her-“
                A massive purple blue hand came up to silence the man and another pointed down into the hot tub. In the water there was an image of an old tobacco barn out oddly enough near the neighborhood where his house was. As the image shifted in the water Asmodan actually knew exactly where it was. He knew the field and the trees around the barn. He hadn’t known the barn was there but he defiantly knew where it was now. He looked at the blue monstrosity; he hadn’t realized how close to a panic he had been getting.
“Thank you. I’ve wronged her and I haven’t made up for it yet.”
The construct looked back at him and nodded its huge chest mounted head. Replying in its odd double voice.
“Friendship and loyalty are good. It is good to see that you have these still. There may be hope still.”
With that Asmodan was in his car and tearing through streets to get to the place he knew her to be. It normally would have been a thirty minute drive he was there in almost eighteen and he had forced another car into a ditch when they wouldn’t get out of his way. He flew through the ditch that separated the field from the road causing the four tires to do a little hop at over a hundred miles an hour turned it into a short range missile that covered much further than he actually needed to go to cross the six foot expanse. He stopped as soon as he could see the building and once the car had stopped sliding in the loose dirt of the field. The door was open and his form was limed in the hellish green glow of the fiery power that he preferred to shape for his use. He was fueling his power with his own essence while drawing as much as he could form the air around him. As the Warlock stalked towards the building he didn’t care if people could see him before he hit the tree line giving of the now flaring green nimbus of light. He heard a horse screaming coming from inside there was a person who had been tortured beyond its body’s ability to express but it was still trying. Danny flung a hand out in an arc and a line of liquid fire splashed on the wall and ran down to the ground almost instantly burning its way into the building the section that was eaten loose fell inward as the rest of the flames burned their way up the side of the building. When the smoke from his entrance cleared some the Warlock was wholly confused with what he saw. There were what looked like table legs forced into a wall and those legs had a man attached to them he was just far enough from the ground to have his weight on his arms where the warlock could now see that the thin parts of the table legs had been driven through his biceps into the wood of the wall. His bottom was several inches from the ground and there was no way his legs could be used to support his wright. From the waist down he had been… Asmodan had had all form of physical evil done to him but for most of it he had to feel what happened he didn’t see what was done to him. Seeing this caused bile to rise up in the back of his throat. This man’s groin had been eviscerated things had been peeled and exposed to moonlight that ought to never see any light. Cords of muscle had been cut loose and tied in what looked like the bows one would tie and place on a birthday present one half still attached to the body. As the body moved a writhed the bows raised and fell and the attached end still attempted to complete the commands of the brain above. His thighs and calves had received similar treatment. Parts of him had swirls and etchings in the flesh, nothing magical that he could tell just bored doodles of a depraved mind. He turned his gaze to see Lily standing naked covered in blood smiling looking down at her work a pen knife in her hand. She turned to look at him and cursed quietly to herself.
“Warlock know that though I hate you and that you hate me. I have saved your woman this night. I return her to you now.”
Danny threw up his hand and commanded her to wait but it was too late Lily was placed back in charge of her body and looked around in shock at herself the man in front of her and the knife in her hand. She looked around frantically and spotted Danny frozen in his tracks unsure how to react. Then he knew, she dropped the knife from shaking nerveless fingers and held her hands out to him like a confused and terrified child. Danny grabbed her in his arms in an instant.
He still heard the voiceless gasping cries from the man attached to the wall. Mentally he slipped into the man’s mind it was so frantic and thrashed, Niath had done as much playing inside the soul as she had on the flesh. It was a simple thing to look at whatever he wanted. Then he saw the car hitting Lilly he followed that string of events and found the man strapping her to the table then punching her in the groin. He looked at the woman in his arms sobbing and half limp and he almost dropped her in his rage as he looked at this man and knew what he was. Mentally he traced the thoughts the man had attached to memories of this building and finally he stopped himself. Seeing those acts through the eyes of the man who committed them would make the Warlock feel like he had committed them himself. He pulled out of the man’s mind and raised a hand towards him he was about to let loose nightmare power with things that until now he had learned about and not used but then he decided to try something else. Danny picked Lilly up in his arms and carried her naked form out to the car the door still open, he placed her in the driver seat and closed the door she knew better than to touch anything on that side of the car. He then headed back inside the building. Lilly sat in the driver’s side of the car trying to figure out from the little she had seen exactly what had happened to her. She noticed where she touch the car’s seats that the blood was literally sucked off of her skin. Where this would normally freak her out the blood was freaking her out more and she climbed into the back seat and laid down as much as she could letting the blood thirsty vehicle clean the deep purple and red vitae from her body. Then she heard a screaming begin she sat up to see the building Danny had carried her from the flames had traveled up one side and were going across the roof now. A few minutes passed and she watched a Prius float up into the air and then out past the trees to land softly on the street one wheel over the ditch then another car that was covered with a tarp floated out into the field and was sat down. A second later the roof collapsed on the building and she watched Danny’s black silhouette outlined in fire as he moved back towards the car. When he was closer she saw that he was on a cellphone. When he got into the car she could tell he was on the phone with Algie.
“Yeah it’s a Jag, if you can have someone pick it up and paint it I want to give it to Lilly she should get something other than therapy out of this.”
                Another few minutes passed as he sat in the driver’s seat and he reached into his pocket and pulled out a faintly glowing green blue gemstone almost six inches long two deep and three wide. He stared at it for a few seconds and then tossed it back to her. She didn’t catch it and it landed on her stomach. She lay back in the seat looking at it. Finally when she said nothing Danny said in a whisper over his shoulder as he started driving off towards the road.

“Lilly meet John the Rapist.”