Wednesday, July 9, 2014

31 Deal or no Deal

Danny checked on Lily often the week following her abduction as far as he could tell and as far as she would tell him she could remember nothing after leaving the club and before standing in the old tobacco barn naked holding the small knife. Danny tried to ask her about her interactions with Niath now that he knew that the she demon was awake and talking in there the girl would tell him nothing about it. He wanted to know and he knew how to find out but the Lily’s will had already been violated so many ways and he was sure it would be again, on this he would leave it alone. She seemed to have control for the most part.
The Warlock had spent most of his time double checking everything. The glyphs on the beltline to create the wall, making sure that the Demons understood the role they were to play in the city once they were loosed. His double checking and constant questioning became all the more frantic because each time he tried to contact his brothers spirit it was getting that much harder to get him to care enough to come back to a focused point of consciousness that they could communicate. Once he was back to himself Renault was fine, the specter was focused and very much wanted to have the process completed it was just all the more complicated to get his attention. When Asmodan only had to say his name before he now had to mentally shout out into the sky and wait to see if he could get a response. Then came the day he had to get Lily to open the tower for him.
“You want me to what?”
“Come on, really? I explained all this to you almost as soon as you had the bitch securely nested inside. You need to make the Mold not hostile to me; I need the top floors to myself.”
“I don’t know that I can do that.”
“Then make Niath do it, I know she has to have some sort of influence. She knows it too. She can hear me in there can’t she? How tight of a chain do you keep her on?”
“I don’t like going to her for things.”
“Then don’t, let her loose I will cut the deal with her. Let me talk to her.”
“No it’s my body I call the shots here.”
                Danny had been trying to broach this topic several times over the last week, each time Lily changed the subject or left the room or just ignored him. By this point he was tired of the whole process and was ready to just try removing the demon and going from there. As the thought crossed his mind he decided to play the gambit and see what it got him.
“Lily I know that this whole thing has sucked for you. I know that she has screwed with you and that you have had to deal with Volnam and Renault and a mile long list of stuff that no one should have to deal with. I know that going into that building is also probably something that you don’t want to do and honestly I don’t think you should have to. It will take me a few hours to get ready but tonight I will remove Niath from you and you will be free of that whole side of it.”
                With that said the warlock turned to leave the hallway outside her door and head upstairs to the room that he had reduced Niath to her basic essence in the first time. He hoped that she would stop him before he made it to the elevator but she did not. As he stood waiting for the elevator to come to his floor he glanced down the hall to see if she was coming and was annoyed to see that she was not. Getting back off the elevator he made his way to the workroom and began to focus his mind on the crystal sphere that the she-demon had been locked up in previously. There wasn’t actually any preparation that he needed to remove Niath he was relatively sure he could just rip the demoness out and force her back into the sphere but he wanted Lily to think about things so that she could honestly decide that she wanted the demon out or she wanted to help Danny take the tower.

Niath said nothing until the Warlock had entered the elevator and headed back upstairs. The Succubus still wasn’t exactly sure what he could and couldn’t sense with regards to her inside the humans mind. He acted like he could sense nothing but he was too powerful to be that stupid in the succubus’ opinion.
“You wish me gone then? Do we not have a good time?”
“Um less than a month ago I woke up staring at a mutilated naked man. I was also naked and covered in his blood and I was holding the knife that mutilated him. No Niath that is not a good time.”
“For you maybe. Do you forget that that man hit you with his car abducted you and took you to an old building in a desolate field to have his way with you. He planned to enjoy cutting you almost as much as I enjoyed cutting him, ohh if only the Warlock were not so good at finding things. I was only getting started I had not worked my way up past his waist line yet.”
“See that that right there. That whole situation the crystal that Danny has now, when he learned about that he was disgusted by them. He carries one now one that he made himself.”
“That is not my fault that is not your fault that was his action; he created that stone, inflicted that punishment out of his feelings for you.”
“What? He has no feelings for me; he never got past his wife.”
“The Warlock may not have the feelings for you that you would like him to have but there is no denying the look on his face when he entered through the wall of the building to save you.”
                As she mentioned the look on Asmodan’s face Niath gave a perfect recollection of the look on the Warlocks face, As she let the image sit in focus in Lily’s mind the succubus also pointed out that details like the fact that though she stood there naked in a body under the influence of a Succubus in the heat of her most beloved work there was not an ounce of lust in the Male’s face something that Niath seemed a little let down by.  There was only worry, concern and compassion then when he turned his face to the man who had taken Lily every dark and violent emotion that a man has was evident in his face. Niath could actually point out the markers for each and every one of these darker emotions in every line and contortion on the Warlocks face.
“Lily do not be fooled by this Male that you know, I happen to know from intimate experience with the Warlock that when he is set in a task he can be very unemotional and extremely detached in his work.”
                Lily could feel a shudder through the part of her soul that the succubus resided in. As much as the demon liked to chide that Asmodan was an amateur in the art of torture and that the few days the succubus spent alone with him and his retribution for her deceit in making him think that he had freed his wife from death. The succubus was terrified of ever having to deal with the Warlock in that aspect ever again. Lily was sad that her friend was capable of something so horrible as to have an actual demon scared of him in his wrath.
“So you want me to help him or you want me to let you help him?”
“I only suggest that I would have much more fun with you and your prudish ways than I would have with him and that damned Imp of his. Who knows, maybe once his brother is returned to him we could travel a little bit. Maybe with him… Maybe without him. I could show you how the truly rich and powerful of your world see things.”
“How is that?”
“Because I can make the truly rich and powerful want to keep you with them, Offer you anything you want to keep you near.”
“So if I am willing to be some rich old guy’s sex toy then I can have anything I want?”
“Have you had to engage in intercourse so far?”
“Well… No.”
“What would make you think you would have to in the future? All though eventually you will find that you need to.”
“And why is that?”
“I am succubus like everything my power comes from somewhere. Think about that.”
“So when are you gonna be running on fumes?”
“I was just about out of power when the human abducted us. Now that I had time to feed from him-”
“You promised that we didn’t actually have sex with that guy.”
“We did not; I fed on his pain and his fear. My appetites can vary slightly. I am still a demon we do naturally have the ability to feed on the darker more sour aspects of humanity. Some would rather surround themselves with the pleasures of the flesh as oppose to the torments of it. But... If you would rather I flay a person from time to time rather than have world ending sex now and again that is up to you I suppose.”
                Lily sat in silence for a few minutes she didn’t like the situation she was in but lately she never did. She knew that Niath was a key to a charmed life and who ever really got a chance to live one of those? She also knew that Asmodan would take Niath from her to get what he needed. The Warlock had proven that he would do whatever he needed to do to get what he wanted. Morals, rules, laws he had already proven that all of those meant little or nothing to him. Lily knew that he wouldn’t hurt her if he could help it but she didn’t doubt that he would inconvenience her to get what he needed. He might give her some discomfort if he had to. Then she thought about some of the ideas that Niath had dangled in front of her. Traveling with the kind of power over people that Niath had could be wonderful. She could do whatever she wanted see whatever she wanted. That was why Niath had said what she had said though and Lily caught on to it at the moment. The Demon had said exactly what it knew it needed to say so that Lily would not let the Warlock extract her. Alone Lily was weak and she knew it, with Niath Lily could do whatever she wanted and she knew that too. Tears rose in her eyes as she tried to tell herself that she didn’t need the demon that she could get rid of it and be fine. She wiped them away and tried to get a grip on herself some of that control that Asmodan seemed to be able to pull up and wrap his emotions in when he needed. She found some of that control then and she found something else with the control she found a small measure of power she wasn’t sure where she found it she knew that the idea didn’t come from the demon because something like that Niath would never seed into her thoughts.
“Yes Lily?”
The human could feel the discomfort in the succubus as she responded. She liked that discomfort she didn’t know if it was genuine or not it probably wouldn’t be hard for the succubus to trick her mentally the demon had an untold number of years to practice at these sorts of things. Lily wasn’t even sure that her sudden big idea wouldn’t come back to stab her in the back later but it made her feel like she had control now and she drastically needed to feel like she had some level of control.
“A bargan?”
“Really? And what are you proposing to me?”
“Has life here within me been better or worse than life in the… wherever it is that you are actually from?”
“It is a hard question to answer directly. There I have the freedom to do what I want when I want to do it.”
“And at any given time any horrible thing can happen to you from any number of things right?”
“Do not assume that I am some week spirit to be controlled by anything that passes me mortal I have power I have experience and I have the will to use both.”
“Don’t start puffing yourself up that’s not what I am looking for here.”
“And what are you looking for then?”
“We help Asmodan do what he wants we get him the top floors of this building, then we go on our way. You are mine and swear never to work against me in anyway and we go live a charmed life.”
“Absurd. You think I am a fool. I would willingly just give up freedom and the possibility to do what I want in the material world on what? The threat that you would have me sent to my own home plane?”
“No not on the threat that you get sent to your own home. Think about it if I tell Asmodan no, what is he going to do with you? Once he has done it, who is going to get you as his own demented plaything? How long will Volnam keep you like that until he what? Drops the ball and it breaks and maybe you get away before they imprison you all over? When you lost to Asmodan you lost a lot in a big way. You do know that Warlocks have to be killed right? They don’t die of old age you can’t just endure for fifty or sixty years then wait around for your freedom. I know that man, what you did; that trick making him think you were Monique? There is nothing that you could have done that would have landed you further on his dark side. How many years will I live? Think about it Niath you work to my benefit for the rest of one mortal life and then what happens?”
                Lily left that last question and waited. She knew that the Demoness was self-serving to a fault. She also strongly relied on the fact that she knew that the Succubus didn’t want to end up back were Volnam would have control over her. She was hoping against hope that by pointing out the shortness of a human life to a being that would live forever would be enough to make it a simple decision. Niath though was not yet long lived enough to think that fifty or sixty years was equal to a short nap. There were demons out there even other Succubae who had been around so long as to think of a hundred years as a drop in the bucket but playing by Lily’s that long had absolutely no appeal to her.
“No, Let the Warlock take me. His life is going to be an exciting one. Something will happen I will end up free before too long.”
Lily laughed out loud for a second she was actually to the point where she could feel the uncertainty in the she demon.
“You are bluffing Niath I can feel it. What do you have a counter offer?”
“I am a damned Sex demon I thrive off of it. I need it is what my caste does. We are not lowly torturers of flesh we do not solely inflict pain on a being we are Mistresses of pleasure and pain Mortals would and have offered up their immortal soul for a night with me knowing that in the end I take all. You would have me give my power freely to you and you have denied me my most basic driving desire. There is no deal; you will lose me unless you give me what I need to thrive.”
Lily headed out of her room towards the elevator. She opened up the rest of her mind as she went she let the Succubus see into her thoughts she let her see that she was heading straight to Asmodan to have her removed. Elevator chimed and Lily got on and pressed the button for the top floor. Niath at that point panicked and mentally attacked with everything she had. Lily’s Body locked up and she fell back against the closed door she shook with spasms. Her eyes rolled up in her head and she looked every bit like every person who had ever been seen in a movie that was about an exorcism and was fighting for their soul and control over their first and only true possession their body. The door opened on the top floor and she fell out onto the thin office building like carpet. Lily hadn’t been completely taken off guard though she knew that the Succubus would have to attempt something like this if she was pushed far enough. Despite being lightly prepared to defend against an attack she was almost completely overwhelmed from the onset. Niath was attacking every part of her, each and every self-doubt ever thing she had ever feared or worried about in her life the size of her breast in middle school when they developed before the other girls her age the size of her hips in high school when they were fuller than her classmates and she had that awkward time finding clothes that fit just right that all girls who have ever walked the planet have had to deal with. Everything ever was being thrown at her now like it wasn’t a lifetime of issues that had come up and put down they were all presented to her as if she had to go through all of them at once in this instant. She saw loved ones faces melt from their skulls she relived every beating that Larry ever gave her, each thing that Danny had ever done to her that made her feel weak of foolish or ignorant. She felt the weakness that went with each of these incidents all of them piling up around and over her to drowned her and crush her. Lewd looks that some girls took as rude complements from the cretins on the street were assaults on her, made her feel dirty for looking a way that would invite such a disgusting look from another person and it wasn’t his fault for giving the look it was her for making him think that way. Every time that Volnam had teased prodded poked at her tried to do this very thing to her for fun because she was weak and he knew he could do it to her and she couldn’t do anything about it.
That was it though, the mistake in Niath’s assault. Yes Volnam had done this to her before and being reminded of it and that slight mental preparation that Niath might try something like it now gave her what she needed. Slowly the walls began to come up just like she learned to do to keep that bastard Imp out of her head and in the rare case where he got in when she wasn’t ready to force him back out. First she was mentally forcing doors closed and locking them then while Niath tried to break the locks she began walling up her side of the door. She had almost won almost closed the Bitch demon into her corner again when all her perceptions changed it was like the world got shifted on her somehow things weren’t right anymore. She wasn’t laying on the floor in the hallway upstairs she was naked in the hot tub water frothing away on the third floor Niath sitting in the tub across from her. She screamed and began to scramble out of the pool and then couldn’t she locked in place her legs slid back down to a comfortable position her arms drifted out with the bubbling current the water just washed over and around her.
“There, see we have not yet moved passed words have we?”
                Niath wore Lily’s face her body but instead she had her own features mixed in with them her horns were fully formed ending in thumb length sharp tips pointing up and back over her head her tail drifted lazily in the water and her wings were tucked tightly behind her back. She had her most mesmerizing smile in place and her voice was like honey. Its effect was almost as instant as the driving force that had her sit down and relax in the water. Lily knew she had to get up had to get out of this somehow. What she didn’t understand was where she was it was the rec room but it was odd there were details that were not the same, they were somehow better. Then it dawned on her, this was the rec room had she been the one to put all the finishing touches on it.
“I gave you a deal you turned it down.”
“No love you had given me an ultimatum and did not give any chance at counter offer. It was very rude and you do not have the power to back insults like that up. You are not a Warlock.”
“Love? What do you know about that word?”
“More than you I think. You have never had it, you have had a series of relationships that you have felt safe in or comfortable in but you have never been in love if you had you would never have stood for the things that you have allowed to happen to you. You are abused that is one of the reasons the Warlock has you.”
“Ask him about the Abused.”
“So what is this?”
“Our last chance to negotiate a fair bargain before I flay your mind, destroy your soul then try to escape with your body before the Imp or Warlock subdue me.”
“I think I was about to win and this is your last ditch effort to no be handed over. I think that if I figure a way out of this room I will have you.”
“Try it. But outside that door is a lifetime of mind shredding madness.”
 “If I was allowed to try it why can’t I move?”
“I just wanted you to hear me out before you willingly destroy yourself.”
“It comes back down to sex. I just want to fuck.”
Lily cringed noticeably at the statement. Niath smiled knowingly at her when she did. The two sat facing each other there in the hot tub water bubbling and frothing away around them.
“You are not religious. What is it that stops you from this simple act? It is empowering, in our case it would be so literally.”
“It should be something special between two people, not something that you do just because you can, it’s not a game.”
“Yes exactly. You are right, I agree completely. It is special it is not a game, it is spiritual it is powerful. I do not agree that it has to be between two people alone, I would take it with fifteen or fifty when I could. But if you wish to enact rules then I am open to that to an extent but if you are to have my power then I will have to feed that power. If you wish to have a chosen mate and keep the act with that person alone then at least rest assured that I can make sure that it is never boring. Well not if the male you choose is open minded enough.”
                Lily didn’t so much as hear it in the Succubus’ voice but she could feel it just the same maybe because they were in her head maybe it was something else. The she-demon was doing a very good job of hiding it but she was pleading she was dreading being handed over to Asmodan again. Lily could tell from this that the Succubus didn’t think that she had as strong of a position as she wanted Lily to believe. But she could also feel the truth of what the demon was trying to get across to her. If she wanted to use the Succubus’ power then she was going to have to feed it somehow. You can’t drive a car without putting fuel in it.
“I agree to regular sex and you agree to the deal?”
“It is the only way that your bargain can work. The longer we go without our vices the less control we are able to maintain on ourselves it is why most of the denizens of the sphere of destruction are so destructive.”
“The who are what?”
“Has the Warlock not explained this to you?”
“Danny has only really explained what he thinks might keep me safe and avoided everything else.”
“Ahh I see. It explains why some of the information I expected to find in your mind is absent. All Demons have a drive some it is pleasure others it is a drive for domination over others for a large majority it is blind wonton destruction. The Sphere… place in the abyss where I met Asmodan is largely populated with beings who are solely to compelled to destroy for no other reason than it is what they are driven to do. But… that place where they reside is comprised of a crystal that is all but indestructible and even with levels of strength that you would consider impossible they cannot scratch their surroundings. I can at least sate my desires with them. They can’t sate their strongest drives on anything but other demons that they come across.”
“Sate them on you?”
“Some have tried. This is more than a beautiful set of extra curves.”
                As she spoke Niath lifted her barbed tail up from the water and waved it from side to side slowly before letting it slide back below the surface.
“Volnam said it only got him stoned.”
“He is an Imp. There are very few creatures in the Abyss that have a more lethal sting than those rotten little spell hoarders. That also gives them a rather high tolerance to other demon’s poisons. For him my venom which would kill a mortal in a drop if I wanted it to would be no more than a very potent narcotic here. Something like a heroin overdose but it would not kill him only makes him useless until he was able to pass it through his system.”
“So you can control what your venom does?”
“Yes we are not like your reptiles our venom is not just a string of proteins or bacteria or whatever it is they are made of we are beings of magic and spirit. If I wish my venom to intoxicate and coerce someone to lay with me then that is what it will do. If I want it to flood the brains of a fool until his mind runs out through his ears and nose then that is what will happen.”
“So all your power is based on your intention at the time the power is used?”
“Of course it is, if you want to pick up your brush how much planning do you put into it? You do not you just pick it up. Assuming you have been feeding yourself and are not starved of the strength you need to perform such an action.”
Lily frowned at the succubus catching the obvious push to get the direction back to the topic that most pressed on the sex demon. Sex. Lily knew a lot of girls in her life that had a lot more sex than her and she hadn’t even considered them sluts she just never wanted to get close enough to the term that anyone might consider throwing it her way. She knew her flaws but she was always kind of proud of the fact that she didn’t just throw herself at any handsome face that happened to smile at her. It didn’t sound like that’s what Niath was pushing on her either. There was no set number of partners or encounters that the demon had thrown out as a suggestion it just seemed like the demon wanted the promise that there would in fact be sex. Lily had never planned on swearing off the activity she just hadn’t wanted to have it with the demon watching or helping or using her to do it for her or however that strange scenario would have to play out. She assumed now that the demon would have to have some hand in it to fill her sex batteries or however she wanted to explain it.
“Niath I believe that we have an agree-“
                As she was addressing the demon she could see Niath’s face light up. But she was cut off when suddenly the door from the hallway to the rec room shook twice so violently that the wall attached to it and the floor beneath it shook she watched cracks in the wall spider out and away from it. There was only a brief instant of silence and then tremors could be felt moving on down the hall. No more than a second later there was literal mind splitting pain as a massive black purple arm thickly corded with muscle smashed in through one of the windows on this mental Recreation room and reached in and across for Niath. She had seen the arm before she had seen the demon lord that it was attached to and all the demon cunning and ferocity instantly drained out of her. As the massively clawed hand of the Pit fiend reached out for her. She climbed to her feet and stood tail limp in the water arms and wings lax at her back and sides and a look that was a mix of total hopelessness and complete terror painted on her face. The face that was now completely her own, no longer a mix of her demonic features and Lily’s body this was completely Niath. The Warlock had sent his most powerful companion for her and he did it in defense of Lily. The possession was too powerful of a play to pull in an elevator and hallway where it would be seen. Niath only vaguely wondered if the Human would let the Lord have her or only hold her until he wanted to have her back for himself. Lily watched the doomed Succubus as she was lifted from the hot tub and hauled back out of the window. There was a horrible laughing that came from everywhere Lily had guessed that it had to be everywhere since this was all technically taking place inside her head as far as she could put it together. The Laughing was the worst thing that she had ever heard before in her life and she was not capable to describing it to herself. When her mind attempted to describe it further than just bad and scary and laughter she lost herself. The conscious mind that had been her way of interacting in this setting Niath had put together to talk to her simply stopped working; she passed out inside her own head.